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Should Huang Zitao's new pins street cinema be carried?

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On May 27, Huang Zitao's new film "19 -year -old portrait in summer" was released in major domestic theaters in China, but it was released on the street and produced a statement through Weibo, hoping that the theater line would increase the paddles and leave more domestic films for more Development and survival space.

According to the producer of "19 -year -old portrait in the summer", on the day of release, "Caribbean Pirate 5" topped the list with more than half of the schedule and directly crushed other domestic films, including "Dang Kou Feng Yun", "Love Love", "The Love of Eating", "The Love of Eating", "The Love of Eating", The temporary artist, especially the "19 -year -old portrait", is significantly lower than the numbers that communicated with the theaters before, which triggered the above dissatisfaction and appeal.

Should Huang Zitao's new pins street cinema be carried?

Judging from the current reports of netizens, most viewers believe that the quality and popularity of the film directly determine the schedule of the theater line.

All theater lines are based on profit, market -oriented, and analyzing from this role, a low -quality film is indeed unlikely to obtain sustainable and high volume.

What is the evaluation of Huang Zitao's "19 -year -old portrait in summer"? At present, the Douban score is 5.2 points, which is unknown how much water is.

Will the cinema row film directly determine the box office of the movie?

Definitely. However, the row rate of the theater line is not fixed. Before the movie was released, the theater line was based on the quality of the film. Caused the word -of -mouth effect, the courtyard will adjust the volume of the film.

The most typical representative is the most popular movie "Wrestling, Dad", which reflects Indian realistic issues, the initial drainage is not high, especially the Wanda Cinema line, it only gives 3%super super high. Low discharge amount.

However, with the reputation effect caused by "Wrestling, Dad", the theaters have adjusted the volume of the film uniformly in the later period. The biggest dark horse.

There are many movies to complete the volume counterattack by the film itself

In addition to the largest popular movie of "Wrestling, Dad", the 2015 summer of the cartoon "Great Saint Return" also relied on the movie itself to complete the volume and box office counterattack.

The premiere of "The Return of the Great Saint" is only 7.16%, which is far lower than Guo Jingming's "Little Times 4" and He Yan's "Gardenia Flower", but with the fermentation of word of mouth and box office, the direct row rate in the later period rises directly to to the later period to rising to the later period to the. 21%, recently received nearly 1 billion national box office.

The same is true of "Charlotte Trouble". The volume volume increased from 11.2%to more than 30%, and the average number of people rose from 35 to 74, and eventually surpassed the "Hong Kong" and "Nine -Floor Demon Tower" released during the same period to win the box office champion of the National Day.

Therefore, relying on the quality and word of mouth of the film can complete the counterattack of the volume.

Of course, there are examples that affect the box office and movie dissemination due to the low schedule volume

Although the biggest unpopular movie "Bird Chao Phoenix" last year, although the score of 8.4 points in Douban was as high as 8.4 points, even if there were a large number of heavyweight directors to vote for the movie, the producer of the film even kneeling and begging for high volume, but Because the theme of the film is too old, the theater line is unwilling to increase the volume and make a real good movie buried.

However, this film has a long -leading seat rate and reputation, but it is not commensurate with the box office.

Today, Huang Zitao's new film "19 -year -old portrait of summer" flutters the street, and the producer regards the volume as the most important reason, but as long as the real high -quality movie continues to ferment with word of mouth, it will always get the corresponding volume and box office. The evaluation of netizens is not unreasonable. The condemnation of the producer is too early, and this pot should not be carried by the cinema. What do you think?