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Shoumei is a low -end white tea? After reading its 3 characteristics, you will retract the prejudice against Bai Tea Shoumei

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"Human prejudice is a mountain in the bottom of the heart."

When a movie was screened, this sentence also became a explosion.

What is prejudice?

It is a negative negative negative negative negative, unsteady, and unreasonable to hold things.

Mortal prejudice.

However, it is likely to make it under unparalleled speculation because of prejudice.

In the white tea circle, the deepest prejudice is Shoumei.

In it, we can often see some rotten stereotypes.

Bad quality, the most white tea, rotten leaves ... These are the "labels" of Shoumei.

But if you ask them, why do you think so?

Most people can't say why.

People don't know how the prejudice in their hearts came and whether there is a factual basis.

Just listen to partial faith.

It is difficult to correct these prejudices, and what is more difficult is how to avoid creating more prejudices.

That is to let more people really approach Shoumei and understand Shoumei.


Shoumei is a category in white tea.

According to different picking standards, white tea is divided into white mill silver needles, white peony and Shoumei.

However, Shoumei does not represent the quality of white tea, and it cannot directly determine that it is inferior tea.

If the quality of white tea is determined, the fundamental is the production area, technology and storage.

It has nothing to do with it.

Even if it is called Shoumei, is its quality worse than that of white silver needles than white peony?

not necessarily.

Growing in the Gaoshan Tea Garden, the white tea tree enjoys the unique growth environment

The clouds are lingering, the water vapor is sufficient, the light is soft, the temperature is suitable, and the soil is fertile.

Under such conditions, it can naturally produce good quality white tea.

When tea is picked from the tree, it needs to be carefully withered and dried.

The exquisite or rough craftsmanship can also instantly pull the distance from high -quality tea to inferior tea.

The experienced tea maker, dried tea in a timely manner in the water sieve, was 70 cm away from the ground.

In the gentle sun, the sun is withered.

After that, it is necessary to dry and dry the tea in a low temperature and slow drying method to reach the standard water content below 8.5%.

After the production is completed, the white tea is stored with a three -layer packaging method.

And control the temperature and humidity in the warehouse to be sealed, dry, dry, avoid light, cool, and no odor.

In this way, a high -quality white tea was born.

Whether it is a white silver needle, white peony or Shoumei.

As long as the conditions of good production areas, good craftsmanship, and storage are met.

Then, it can be called good tea.

If it is rash because of the name, it is determined that Shoumei is inferior tea, the most white tea.

This is a misunderstanding and a prejudice.

And prejudice began with ignorance.


The aroma of Shoumei is intoxicated

In white tea, Shoumei is a special category.

It is picked in the spring tea season. In the autumn tea season, it can still be seen.

Due to seasonal changes, light, temperature and so on.

It has created the different style of Chunshoumei and Qiu Shoumei, each with its own Qiuqiu.

For the 2020 -level Chunshoumei, in its body, Yingying can find the shadow of white peony.

The first -class spring eyebrows are collected from the late spring, with intoxicating gestures, fragrant and gentle.

Due to the cold spring this year, although the overall output has decreased, the internal quality of white tea has become rich.

The accumulation of thick hair is glowing, which is different from the fragrance and elegant rhyme that is different from previous years.

In the cover incense, in the number of brewing times, you can smell different shades, floral fragrance, and herbal fragrance.

They blend with each other, and they are wonderful.

Flower fragrance is falling, the soup is crystal clear, with fresh floral fragrance, gentle and smooth, and vomiting like orchids.

Each bite can drink the heavy aroma, back to sweetness, showing dignified and elegant.

In contrast, Qiu Shoumei is another taste.

2020 Bai Lu Tea, brewed boiling water, a sweet floral fragrance, surging.

This flower fragrance is sweet and soft, and it seems to be made from nectar.

In the nose, it became extremely gentle, extremely delicate, sweet and sultry.

The soup water is gentle and delicate.

The sweet floral fragrance was wrapped in thick soup, and the slurry was abundant.

When you first enter, you may ignore the fragrance, just because the soup is too thick.

And the rich floral fragrance had to be slow and rippling in the throat when the taste.

If Chun Shoumei is a lady, gentle and quiet.

Then Qiu Shoumei is a female hero who worships the horizon with a sword.

In the case of high quality, both are good tea and are difficult to divide.


Shoumei, well -deserved king of cost performance

Some tea friends believe that Shoumei is "cheap."

Because compared to white silver pins and white peony, Shoumei is low in price.

But tea friends must distinguish a concept, low prices are not equal to cheap.

The reason why Shoumei is low is because of large output.

Both the spring tea season and the autumn tea season are picked. Therefore, the price has come down compared to the low output silver needle.

Therefore, many old tea friends like to use Shoumei as food tea.

The reason is simple, cost -effective, colorful, and meet the requirements of grain and tea.

As long as the quality is passed, it will not be tired of drinking every day, and it is worthy of fine taste.

However, according to the momentum of recent years, the overall output of white tea is declining, and life eyebrows are no exception.

However, quality is steadily improved.

In a few years, when I came back to drink Shoumei, I was surprised to find that how expensive became expensive?

Times are progressing, everything is changing.

The house is one price a day.

Shoumei's "worth" is also slowly increasing, after all, good tea has always been scarce.

Don't miss good tea because of misunderstanding.

The title of the king of cost -effectiveness is well deserved.


Long -term collection of Shoumei cake, giving you unexpected surprises

Old white tea is a hot topic now.

The reputation of "one year tea, three -year medicine, and seven -year treasure" is too loud.

And most of the tea friends will choose a large number of longevity eyebrow cakes.

Because the number of silver needles and peony is limited, new supply is in short supply every year.

It can meet everyone's daily tea needs, but it is difficult to meet a large amount of tea.

Therefore, the advantage of Shoumei highlights.

Large output, preferential price, suitable for a large number of tea hoarding to make a team aging.

The benefits of the team's aging are just like everyone picking firewood.

Stay a large amount of white tea with the same category in a box to make them aging faster and better.

In addition, another benefit of Shoumei Package is not to take place and save space.

For tea friends with limited family tea space, they can meet the needs of a large number of tea hoarding.

More importantly, the quality of the Qiushou eyebrows with good quality will produce jujube incense after good aging.

For example, in the Qiushou eyebrow cake of 2017, after brewing, you can smell a warm jujube fragrance.

The formation of jujube incense is very complicated.

There is almost no impossible to appear in the white silver needle or white peony cake.

In Qiu Shoumei San Tea, it will not appear.

Only after the cake was pressed, the cell walls in Qiushoumei tea stalk ruptured, and the cell liquid was released in large quantities.

After reacting with the oxygen molecules in the air, jujube fragrance will appear.

This aroma, like the red dates that just came out of the pan, the aroma of steaming from water vapor.

It is not a red dates, but a brisk, sweet, and not greasy aroma.


Prejudice is often negative.

It is these prejudices that influence our thoughts in a subtle influence.

So that I have received all kinds of limitations, and the problems cannot be taken correctly.

People around them often say that Shoumei is inferior tea.

Over time, a prejudice in my heart has a rigid impression.

But whether the prejudice can destroy a tea is based on its own understanding.

If you still adhere to yourself and ignore the prestigious preex of the outside world.

So good tea, tentacles.

Otherwise, it will make the rumors more and more intense, and eventually make good tea flooded.

Don't let prejudice and destroy high -quality white tea.

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