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How to drink white tea, this text is the most complete!

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The Yellow Emperor's inner scriptures have words: Supreme Gongzho, Never treat the disease It means that when the disease is not yet manifested, it starts to prevent and treat it, rather than treating it when it is waiting for the disease.Drinking tea, especially drinking white tea, is what's going on. White tea drinks well, and it will prevent disease.

What is white tea?

White tea, one of the six major tea, is known for its fresh freshness.

If it is compared to cooking tea, some green tea will be small fried, black tea is like a braised,And this white tea is like white roasted, retaining the most primitive tea taste.

Because people pick the tender and white -back buds with white hair, they do not stir -fry or rub it during processing, so that the white hair is completely retained in the appearance of the tea. This is why some tea soup is white.

How is the white silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrows, and Shoumei in white tea distinguish?

From the shape of the tea alone, it is enough to distinguish different levels of tea. Because of the differences in raw materials, the price of white silver needles, white peony, tribute eyebrows, and Shoumei is determined.

Baihaoyinzhen:useFuding Great White Tea, Fuding Dajian TeaSingle buds are processed according to white tea processing process;

White peony: A bud, one or two leaves of Fuding Great White Tea and Fuding Dajian Tea, and the white peony or new white tea processed according to the processing process of white tea;

Brute brine: Use the sprouts, one or two leaves of vegetable tea, and processed as a tribute eyebrow;

Savory: White tea made of fresh leaves after pumping is called Shoumei.

Because the white silver needle is the most delicate monocular bud head, the bottom of the leaf is clearly visible tea buds, so the natural price must also be proud of the Qunfang, see the figure below.

The most commonly seen, that is, the favorite of tea friends to drink white peony, the green leaf clipped silver and white heart, after suppressing it into a cake, the leaves may be slightly broken, but the tea soup is the fresh sweetness and tribute eyebrows with both white silver needles. , Shoumei's mellow.

In Fuding, Shoumei's real name is "Rough Tea Po", which is a real "grain tea". Before the tea farmers go up the mountain, they will soak some birthday eyebrows into the pot and carry them. The unique characteristics of white tea, natural craftsmanship, and special flavor make Shoumei greatly sought after.

What are the white tea?

"Chinese Tea Tree Variety" contains:Fuding big tea, spring tea, one bud and two leaves, dry samples containing about 3.5%of amino acids, 25.7%of tea polyphenols, 18.4%of the total catechins, and 4.3%of caffeine.

1. The total amount of catechins is not high, but EGCG, ECG, GCG, etc.The proportion of ester type catechin is high, The ratio of the total amount of estein/catechins in the ester type is> 0.9. For a long time, fresh leaves withered and water caused a large amount of EGCG heterogeneity to form GCG, so the absolute and relative ratio of GCG is high.Purine -alkaline that is higher than other tea, especially caffeine and alkaline content

During the storage process of aged white tea, the total amount of catechins, ester -type catechin content and proportion will decline significantly, thereby creating the more mellow and sweet taste of the old white tea. Due to the unique withering process of white tea, the ester -type catechin hydrolyze has accumulated a higher orcitic acid than red green tea.Old white tea is extended with the year, and the accumulation of non -meal acid has increased.These biochemical characteristics are important material foundations for their quality and various health care.

2. White tea has havingThe relatively high amount of amino acids and the content of L-Cateradine, 20%higher than the average level of green tea.

3. The organic acids of white tea are mainly oxalic acid, alcoholic acid, citric acid, and non -meal acid. Compared with green tea with the same tenderness,Fuding white tea has a higher level of organic acid than green tea, Effectively balance the alkali of its high purine biological alkali, and create the pH value of the suitable tea soup suitable for Fuding white tea.The long -term comfort and conditioning gastric and intestinal microbial colonies have laid an important material foundation

4. The analysis of the mineral elements of white tea shows that due to the unique soil conditions, geographical environment, quality resources and cultivation techniques, it hasHigh zinc, selenium, high manganese, high magnesium, low iron, low aluminum, low fluoride, low leadThe characteristics of the element distribution not only show the high safety of Fuding white tea, but also lays the element foundation for its health functions such as antioxidant, anti -aging, radiation, and anti -cancer.

In addition, Professor Liu Zhonghua also analyzed the total amount of tea polyphenols, total amino acids, and water immersion in white tea.Fuding white tea has richer water immersion, relatively low polyphenol content, and high amino acid content to create a lower phenolin ratioThis is the main reason why the white tea tastes elegant and mellow and durable.

Professor Gong Shuying of the Tea Research Institute of Zhejiang University shared the research report of "Impact of varieties and crafts on the quality and functional ingredients of White Tea".


It has the functions of antioxidant, antibacterial, and enhanced immunity. It is manifested as to remove free radicals and increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes. At the same time, it has a broad -spectrum bacteriostatic effect, which can increase the number of white blood cells in the organism (white blood cells are immune cells in the body).


It has antioxidant, can improve blood circulation, is beneficial to resist cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, while reducing blood sugar and cholesterol.

Amino acid

Congacide has the functions of sedation, blood pressure, improvement of memory, protecting nerve cells, enhancing anti -tumor drug effects, and inhibiting liver cancer cells. The first six major tea categories of γ-aminic acid in white tea have the functions of sedation, lowering blood pressure, improving brain vitality, and promoting ethanol metabolism.


It has diastolic blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and prevent pharmacological and physiological effects such as hypertension, headache, myocardial infarction.


Minerals in white tea are mainly potassium and phosphate, followed by calcium, magnesium, manganese, etc. Minerals play an important role in enhancing bone quality, promoting hemoglobin, promoting growth and development, and enhancing human resistance. Among them, fluorine in white tea is much higher than other plants, and it has significant effects on the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in the elderly.


Camellia in white tea accounts for 0.25%~ 0.5%, and catechin accounts for 3%to 5%. These ratios are different from black tea or green tea. In addition to antioxidant, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and antibacterial antiviral, tea pigments can also significantly inhibit the growth rate of cancer cells.

Tea polysaccharide

It has the effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, increasing coronary arterial flow, slowing heart rate, slowing heart rate, anti -inflammatory, anticoagulant, anti -thrombosis, anti -radiation and other pharmacological effects, and enhance the body's self -protection ability.


The water -soluble vitamins in white tea mainly include vitamin B and vitamin C. Vitamin can resist foot air, auxiliary DNA repair, and prevent mutation; vitamin C has the effects of preventing scurvy, antioxidant, and cancer prevention.

In 2001, Yang Weili, Hunan Agricultural University, and others published the papers "The Influence of Processing Crafts on the Main Biochemical Composition of Different Tea", and obtained the following conclusions:

The content of soluble carbohydrates in fresh leaves is 11.78%, and the content of white tea is 12.50%, which is higher than the content of fresh leaves.Fresh leaves of amino acids are 1.592%, and white tea is 3.155%The maximum of green tea among other tea, with only 1.47%.Flavonoid content white tea is 2.205%, and the highest black tea for other tea is only 0.155%Essence The caffeine content white tea is 3.86%, and the highest green tea with the highest tea is 3.38%.

Professor Yang Liwei pointed out,The most important reason is that because of the appropriate stimulation and use of the activity of endogenous enzymes in the processing of white tea, it is conducive to the formation and accumulation of amino acids and soluble carbohydrates.

How to brew white tea?

1-2 bubble: first taste

Tea is slowly flushed, the soup is orange yellow, the taste is sweet, and there is a faint sweetness of the tofu brain. It is like the early stages of struggle in life.

Bubble 3-5: Sublimation

The bottom of the leaves is getting more and more open, the soup is thick, and the aroma is stronger. It's like the pinnacle of life.

7-10 Bubble: Continue

After the peak of the taste, the taste of tea will gradually decrease slightly, and the time of soaking will be increased to maintain the continuation of the aroma of white tea.

White tea vulgar"One year tea, three -year medicine, seven -year treasure"C first.

White tea can be used as tea a year, and it can be used as a medicine for three years. After seven years of storage, the effectiveness increased, and the effect was magical. Therefore, white tea is not afraid of storage, and white tea that is stored for more than 5 years is no less effective than Chinese herbal medicines. In order to facilitate collection and storage, white tea is usually suppressed into cakes. The place where white tea should be stored should be avoided, moisture -proof, and sealing.

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