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Burning will: currently cost -effective soul attachment attribute, change with the version changes

The monarchs are good, and the misty summer fungus reports.

Although there are only 4 souls, because the attributes are not low, it has also become one of the focus of improvement. Then the cost -effectiveness of which attributes are relatively high, and it becomes a discussion point.

1. Properties with stable benefits

Here you can give attack and speed. As long as you want to touch some PVP, the speed needs to be done. Only a few cases do not require speed, such as the previous low -speed Kaido. But from the axis of the entire version, the speed is still very stable.

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The attack attributes are more widely used, both PVP or PVE, and whether you are meat or tank, you can use it, but some tanks are not so high with the income of attacking the soul. There are only some roles of pure meat that may not consider attacks.

Relatively, the attack quota that attached the soul is now lower. The income is lower. At present, more than 10,000, 20,000 versions, 400 attacks are more icing on the cake.

2. According to the attributes of characteristics

There are life, dodge, and burst. These three are relatively good. The attributes of life can be used for some flesh characters, and dodge is used for some high -flash characters. Explosion injuries are for high crit or must -explosive characters.

At present, the new and old blacks are more in line with this dodge attribute. The high -speed and high -flash new old black, as long as two or three people are absorbed, it is basically invincible, unless the opposite side can be played. Now because there are [precise sets] with gold, there are no accurate sets, only new and high -speed new old blacks, and may not be eaten.

The attributes of life are relatively moderate, because except for the character of the meat, other characters are not very impact now. For example, if a character must be explosive or high crit, no elemental damage, there can be output from point injuries. After you bring attack, explosion, speed, you find that the fourth attribute does not know what to bring. It doesn't seem to have a lot of influence.

In the end, it is the focus of explosive injuries, high crit, or must -explosive characters, and the triggering crit will have benefits. At present, there is no sign of depreciation. Therefore, if you only consider the output character, you can even raise the position of the explosive injury up.


In the end, there are some other attributes that need to be selected in specific circumstances, such as blocking and crit, but the main consideration is currently mentioned above.

In the end, there are some new districts, which is different from the preview given before. I have given up on the past and wait for the next day to see what is going on. Well, this is the end of this round, thank you for reading and worship.