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Hu Qi Fang Celebric | Tap Chun

———— The energy of the demon god can be absorbed by his Xuan Tiangong, but this should be different from what Zhu Jiaxin said. He said that there is danger when inheriting. If it is not fit enough, there will be the possibility of death. But in the process of fusion, let alone death, and I didn't feel a threat at all. The amount of Xuantian's function seemed to naturally make the inheritance of this demon god quickly absorbed. Tang San stood up suddenly. At this moment, the blood in his body seemed to be completely boiling, and he really couldn't control his emotions. Even if it is the only point of the release, he wants to destroy everything here.

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"Well, that's it, eat."

"Tongtong!" Not far from him, a figure fell down, fell to the ground, and twice. The power of humans was obviously not as good as the other party. The body was bounced away, and it was obviously paused, and blood dripped at the lower abdomen. [Chinese character 1-3] Rookie's ... ESDGV ...