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Is tea drinking fermented or not fermented?

茶葉按種類分為黑茶、白茶、紅茶、綠茶、青茶、黃茶六大茶類;這些茶按照發酵程度來分,又可以分為不發酵茶(綠茶、Pu'er raw tea); Mild fermentation tea (white tea, yellow tea); semi -fermented tea (green tea); full fermented tea (black tea, black tea,Pu'er cooked teaTo. Friends who like to drink tea often ask, is it good for fermented tea or not fermented tea?

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First of all, we should first understand the difference between fermented tea and non -fermented tea. Fermented tea refers to the tea that passes through the fermentation process in the production of tea, which can be divided into light fermented tea.Semi -fermented tea, Full fermentation tea and post -fermented tea. The tea tree tea sprouts are made of hair tea after withering, rubbing cutting, fermentation, drying, etc., and then refined. Fermented tea has a good stomach nourishing effect, and has certain effects on lipid -lowering and blood pressure.
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No fermentation tea, also known as green tea. Green tea is based on picking suitable tea trees as raw materials. It is made without fermentation and directly produced by making processes such as killing green, twisting, and drying. More natural substances in fresh leaves have the effects of anti -inflammatory, sterilization, and anti -aging. green tea.
Fermented tea has the effects of warming stomach, regulating human blood lipids, blood sugar, and digestion. The non -fermented tea has not passed through the fermentation process, and the natural substances of fresh leaves are retained. It has special effects such as anti -aging, anti -cancer, anti -cancer, sterilization, and anti -inflammatory. Fermented tea and non -fermented tea each have their own characteristics and effects, so there is no substantial difference in quality, and it cannot be simply speaking who is better. It still depends on your preferences and physical fitness to determine which tea is more suitable for you.