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The tea that Fujian people can't do without it even pick people. It turned out that I have been wrong for so many years?

Building good tea, there is "I would rather have no meat for a hundred days, and there is no tea for a day without tea"Tradition, and northern Fujian also has"I would rather have no food for three days, and not to have tea a day"The saying goes, drinking tea is not only a culture, but also a health habit.

However, how do you drink such a variety of tea?

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Choose tea different from "constitution"

"Tea has a good health effect, but not any physique is suitable for drinking tea.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine,Be sure to vary from person to person. "Associate Professor Li Yutao, Associate Professor Li Yutao, Diagnostic Discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fujian Universityexplain.

Cold constitution:Suitable for drinking full -fermented cooked tea, such as black tea, black tea, cooked Pu'er, etc.;

Physical constitution is hot:Suitable for drinking green tea or slightly fermented white tea and yellow tea.

Patients with long -term stomach disease:Suitable for drinking some fermented Chen tea. Because most of patients with gastric diseases are mostly poorly digested, foods that eat them can easily stagnate in the stomach and do not digest, while aging tea has the effect of eliminating diet and removing fats, which can help digestion foods stagnant in the stomach.

Easy to get angry:The fermentation degree of black tea is relatively high. When drinking such new tea, people who are easy to get angry can store it for 3 to 6 months first. When the fire is gradually receding, drink.

Specifically suitable for which kind of tea to drink, the body's response can tell you: Generally, what tea is comfortable, it means that the body may be more suitable for this kind of tea. Human physical state is not static, so the choice of tea should also change.

Don't drink a tea in a year to the end

Some people usually drink a certain kind of tea, just drink only one kind of tea in the end a year, it is not necessary.

Fujian Province Tea Evaluation Su Wenwei introduced:

summer:Green tea and white tea are cold in nature, The best can go to fire.

winter:Tianhan, drink someBlack tea with a warm natureCooked Pu'erTea with high fermentation level is warmer.

Spring and autumn:When the hot and cold alternation, drink semi -fermentedOolong Tea, Old Tieguanyin or Rock TeaThe most suitable.

You can drink tea on an hour

Some people do n’t pay attention to tea. They go to work in the morning and grab a handful of tea and make a day of brewing. Su Wenwei did not advocate this way of drinking tea.

Drinking tea like this will reduce the taste of the tea, and the tea leaves are soaked in water for a long time. The effective ingredients such as tea polyphenols and flavonoids in tea will be oxidized and degraded, which greatly reduces the health effect.

"Over the day, you can actually drink tea according to the hour.Get up earlyThe circulation of qi and blood is not smooth, and you can drink it in one or two hours after breakfastSemi -fermented tea,for exampleRock tea and oolong teaWait, it can play a role in refreshing, detoxifying, and anti -fatigue.after dinner, Boom pointHigh degree of fermentationTea, for exampleFamily Pu'er, black tea or Chen teaBecause the caffeine will gradually decrease with the storage time, drinking this kind of tea will not only affect sleep, but can help comfort and peace. "Su Wenwei said.

Some tea is more suitable for cooking

Over the years, the wind of cooking tea has become more popular in Fujian. But not all tea is suitable for cooking,Only white tea, black tea, Pu'er cooked tea, etc. with long tea leaves are suitable for cooking.After cooking, the tea soup is not only more aroma, but the effective ingredients in tea can also be better described, bringing the health effects of tea to the extreme.

White tea, the folk has the saying "one year of tea, three -year medicine, seven -year treasure". White tea is the same as Pu'er. The longer the year of storage, the more mellow and fragrant the tea taste. Not only that, during the storage process, tea polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugar, flavonoids and other health care substances have changed. For example, flavonoids with strong removal of free radical function, the content of new white tea is much higher than that of new tea.

"As the first method of tea tasting in my country, tea has a history of thousands of years. Because of the effects of detoxifying and dampness, tea often treats tea as Chinese medicine.By boiled, let the medicinal care ingredients in tea dissolved in the tea soup well."Su Wenwei said.

Reminder: "Famous Tea" may not be higher than "Rough Tea"

actually,Famous teaMost of them are expensiverareLike valuable green tea, white tea, black tea, picked the first few batches of single buds or first buds and leafs in Qingming. Because the amount is small, the price naturally grows up. From the perspective of health care, the precious tea that is too "meticulous", although it has unique flavor, but some of the impregnated substances that are beneficial to human health after brewing are less than "one buds and two leaves", "one bud", "one bud" Three leaves "tea.

"Famous tea is mainly better than ordinary tea in terms of taste, aroma, and appearance. If you just drink it as a daily drinking, you can choose according to personal economic ability and different tastes." A tea expert in Fujian said.

In addition, so -calledRough teaIn fact, it does not mean that the quality of tea is poor, but refers toNot very delicate teaEssence After the fresh and delicate tea is picked, the tea made with the remaining rough leaves is rough tea. Although this kind of tea is rough, it is clean and the tea taste is very strong.

The key is that although the content of health substances such as tea polyphenols will decrease than new tea, the content of tea polysaccharides is much higher than that of new tea. This substance is conducive to stabilizing blood sugar and lowering blood sugar. Diabetic people are more suitable for drinking rough tea if they want to drink tea.

Generally speaking, oolong tea and Pu'er tea are made from thick and old leaves. It should be noted that the rough tea has a greater irritation to the stomach, so do not drink tea on an empty stomach. It is best to drink tea half an hour after meals.

The end

Fujian Health News Reporter: Lin Ying

Edit: Qianyu

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