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From tens to tens of thousands, how should I choose old white tea?

Now the tea on the market is uneven, like old white tea selling dozens of yuan per cake, and there are also tens of thousands of yuan a pound ... Is there any? Methods? Intersection I will share with the tea friends today:

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【1. Appreciate the tea shape】

The characteristics of white tea tea originated from it enough to be "natural". Because the process of white tea has only two processes, withering and drying, do not stir -fry or rub, all rely on the sun. The shape of its shape is complete, which is significant. Dry tea is gray -green or dark green. The leaves are brightened by white, and the green surface is white, so it is known as the "blue ground and white". At the same time as white silver, it also has the beauty of "green makeup".

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【2. Observe soup color】

The good white tea soup is good for orange yellow or light apricot yellow, and red, dark, and turbid. Fuding white tea has a light taste, the incense of the entrance is revealed, and the sweet breath is echoing between the throat. Soup color is related to quality but should not directly judge the quality. Whether clarification is the key to judging the quality of white tea. The white tea soup color is the best yellow, clear and bright, light yellow, dark yellow, orange yellow, or orange yellow slightly reddish red, all of which are normal soup color.

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【3, carefully smell the aroma】

The aroma of white tea is rich in fragrant, fresh and pure, and it is thin, biological, moldy, and fresh, and black tea is fermented. White tea is more and more fragrant, especially the special aroma, taste, and soup color of old white tea, which will make the population fragrance and love.

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Most of the tea customers usually use "香 大 大" to describe high -quality white tea. "Jianxiang" belongs to material enjoyment, and "honey rhyme" belongs to aesthetic experience. Characteristic, "Fragrance, Tender, Fresh, Fresh, and Fresh", such as white mill silver needles and white peony have obvious hamm and sweet fragrance.

【4, taste tea flavor】

The taste of white tea is delicious, refreshing, sweet and sweet, and the rough and thin. The taste of white tea is "sweet", but the sweetness of new tea old tea is different. The new tea is sweet and sweet, and the old tea is sweet and sweet. The new white tea mouth feels fresh and sweet, and the old white tea mouth feels golf, so the old tea is sweeter.

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The sweetness of white tea comes from amino acids and sugar inside the white tea. After the amino acid contained in white tea is soluble in water, the tea soup is sweet. After the sun is reflected by the cloud layer, the tea tree is effectively promoted through the cloud layer to effectively promote the formation of amino acids and protein, which has laid a certain material foundation for the sweetness of white tea.

【5. Observe the bottom of the leaf】

The bottom of the leaf mainly depends on the integrity, tenderness, and brightness. The tea leaves with complete and brightness are better. Observe the remaining tea leaves after brewing, and evaluate the tenderness and color of the white tea bottom as an important factors for internal quality.

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The tenderness of the leaves is uniform and neat, and the millis buds are mostly upper, with hard stalks, crushing leaves, and rough.