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Twenty keywords for the newborn of white tea, teach you to read white tea in three minutes!

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Last night, when I passed a small garden, there was a fragrance behind the wind.

Like the beauty of gardenia flowers, and the elegant elegance of Ye Laixiang, I can't remember for a while, which flower is.

He went home with such a fresh "doubt".

After arriving home, boil water, make tea, and make white peony, and the moment was unveiled, a familiar fragrance came from the moment, smelling carefully, and it was the same as the fragrance in the small garden.

Take another sip of tea soup, Yanli's flower fragrance permeates the entire mouth, and the sweet tea soup wins in the mouth, as if drinking nectar, sweet, moist, fresh, refreshing, and fragrant.

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The moonlight entered the household, the breeze was slightly brushed, the green plants by the window swayed, the fragrance of the white peony lingered, and the "one hook of crescent moon wind was shadow, and it was not the same.

However, the most happy village aunt Chen is that there is far more than white peony in white tea, but also white silver needles and Shoumei.

Their fragrance and taste will bring another comfortable and interesting experience.

As long as you look at the official love white tea and understand white tea, you can naturally experience its most innocent style.

However, it is not easy to understand white tea. The first thing to see that the officials need to do is to lay the foundation. After reading the 20 keywords below, go to drink a cup of tea and understand it. most.



White Tea Category

【White Tea】

White tea is one of the six major tea categories in China, and it is not the "white" tea that everyone thinks.

The reason why it is called white tea, because of its simple production technology, a large amount of white on the sprouts can be retained. It looks like watching snow in the Lake Heart Pavilion.

However, not all white tea on the white tea is so thick, white peony and Shoumei are in addition to white and green, yellow -brown, etc.

The reason why white tea can become a series has a lot to do with its production process.

The production process of white tea is natural, simple, do not rub and twist, only two processes need to wither and dry.

Such a simple craftsmanship, the white tea made is fresh, the tea is rich, and it is really graceful.



The reason why the white silver needle has a short picking cycle, small output, and high nutritional value is called "Queen in Tea".

The white silver needle is picked in the spring every year. It is made of the single buds on the white tea tree as the raw material.

Taking it with your fingers, the touch is soft and delicate, like touching the fluff of the little milk dog.

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【White Peony】

White peony is the same as Bai Jian silver needle. It is usually picked in spring every year. After the white silver needle is collected, the picking cycle is also short.

The appearance of white peony is characterized by one bud, one leaf, one bud and two leaves, and the leaves are embraced by the bud heads, like petals to protect the stamens, which is very beautiful and live up to the name of "white peony".

White peony has buds, leaves, and stems (except for the peony king). Its bud head is beautiful and covered with fine white millis. The delicate, short, thinner.


【Spring Shoumei】

After the spring eyebrows are picked in the white peony, it is naturally white tea that grows in spring.

Spring -born eyebrows that grow in spring, even the appearance and vitality should be with the vitality and vitality of spring.

The standard length of Chunshoumei is one buds, three leaves, four leaves, buds and leaf branches, and full body.

The buds of Chunshoumei are thin and slender. The leaves are green, oval, and sparsely distributed on the back of the leaves. An elegant and powerful feeling.


[Akira eyebrows]

Qiu Shoumei naturally grows in the autumn.

Among the white tea, Qiu Shoumei occupied most of the Qiu white tea.

The buds of Qiu Shoumei are thin, plus large leaves, so that the appearance of Qiu Shoumei standard — the thick leaf.


【New White Tea】

New White Tea is a white tea that has just been picked to this year. In short, it does not exceed the deadline of the first anniversary.

The classification of new white tea is mainly white silver needles, white peony, and Shoumei.

Whether they are in appearance, aroma, and taste, they have the freshness and freshness of the new tea period.

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【Old White Tea】

According to the "one year tea, three -year medicine, seven -year treasure", the folk generally will be more than three years. White tea with medicinal value is called old white tea.

The classification of old white tea mainly includes white silver needles, white peony, and Shoumei.

After three years of precipitation, their appearance, fragrance, and taste have also changed, which has become mature, stable, and restrained.


【San Tea】

San tea is the most primitive and most natural form of white tea.

White tea loose tea looks fluffy, the volume is large, and when the dryness meets the standard, gently hold it with your hands, and it will make a "rustling" sound.

Like the ginkgo leaves falling on the road in autumn, the wind was blown by the wind, and the sound of "fluttering" along the road.


【White Tea Cake】

The white tea cake is the form made after steaming, rubbing, and customizing a series of cakes.

White tea cake looks tight, compact, and round.

The taste and fragrance of white tea cakes also have their own unique style, which is loved.


White tea smell


The fragrance is the white taste of white tea, which is the iconic fragrance of white tea.

The degree of lightness of the fragrant fragrance has a direct relationship with the white tea with white tea.

The three major categories of white tea are sorted according to the white millimeter content, which are white mills silver needles> White Peony> Shoumei. Therefore, the flavor of the white silver needle is the most high. White peony is second, and the scent of life eyebrows is the smallest.

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【Flower Fragrance】

The fragrance of flower in white tea is the most attractive and interesting aroma.

Among the three major categories of white tea, the most rich floral fragrance is white peony, followed by Shoumei, and finally the white silver needle.

The floral fragrance in white peony is not only rich, but also rich in fragrance and strong. Every time the white peony is brewed, it seems that the door of the flower world inadvertently broke into the flower world, full of Du Ruoyuwu, Lan Yan Guifang.

Shoumei's flower fragrance often appears with herbs. These two kinds of fragrances are inseparable, and they follow each other.

The flower fragrance of the white silver needle is hidden behind the incense. When the fragrance is light, the flower fragrance can be appeared.



Most of the medicine fragrance will appear in a kind of fragrance.

However, the fragrance of the medicine in white tea is not dark. The taste of bitter Chinese medicine soup is the taste of fresh and natural herbs.

This herbal medicine is like the "herbal tea fragrance" that Cantonese and Fujian people often drink in the summer, with the natural and beautiful flavor of honeysuckle, brusch, Houttuynia cordata, and five vanilla.

Moreover, there are the fragrance of the rhizomes, such as: Angelica, Guizhi, Atractylodes ...

In short, it smells comfortable and fresh.


【Zao Xiang】

Jujube fragrance is a unique fragrance of Lao Shoumei Pizza.

Only when the place of production is good and the craftsmanship, the stored old -fashioned eyebrow cakes will be aged. This sweet and sweet fragrance is like red dates.

The reason why it appears in Lao Shoumei Cake is because when the white tea cake is suppressed, the cells in the body break the wall, a large amount of pectin substance overflows, attached to the surface of white tea.

After transformation, and the accumulation of time, Fang will slowly transide with jujube fragrance.

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White tea brewing articles

【White Porcelain Cover Bowl】

The white porcelain bowl is one of the most suitable tea sets for brewing white tea.

White porcelain covers bowls, and there is a layer of glaze layer on the porcelain. It is like a beautiful screen to perfectly isolate the tea soup with the porcelain to achieve the effect of not inhale and taste.

The tea soup brewed with a bowl of white porcelain, the taste is natural, innocent, the tea fragrance is perfect, fragrant.


【Tea volume】

The amount of tea is one of the key factors that affect the deliciousness of a tea soup.

The 110 milliliter of the bowl with 5 grams of white tea is suitable.

If there is too much tea, the material in the tea will be blends too much into the tea soup, causing the tea soup to taste too strong and bitter.

If the amount of tea is too small, the material dissolved in the tea soup will be scarce. At this time, the taste of the tea soup will be too light.


【Explosion water】

The so -called fast out of water refers to the brewing method that close the lid after the water injection is over.

White tea in the dry tea state is at its peak.

Therefore, when the white tea is brewed in the first few times, the speed of the soup must be fast, and the tea soup cannot be exposed to the water for a long time.

When the soup is made in the first few, the cup lid is calculated, and the tea needs to be completely dumped within 5 seconds.

In this way, the flavor of tea soup is fresh and sweet, otherwise, the taste of tea soup will be too strong.


【Zisha pot】

Although the purple sand pot is good -looking, it comes with the classical beauty of "Xiaoshi Lengquan stays in the early flavor, and the new Purple Mud products Panchunhua".

But the tea soup brewed with it is not beautiful.

Because its special double -pore structure is like a sponge. If the white tea is brewed with it, it will be tantamount to throwing dry sponges in water, and it will absorb the scent of the white tea and the fresh taste.

At this time, the tea soup that the tea friends drank were not as individual and energetic as they were, but they felt too weak and soft.

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White tea storage articles

【Three -layer Packaging Method】

The three -layer packaging method is the most effective and practical method when it is stored in white tea.

And it is very simple to operate, as long as everyone pays attention to details.

First of all, prepare internal dry, tidy, odorless aluminum bags, plastic paper, five -layer thick PE corrugated carton, plastic rope and transparent tape.

Secondly, put the white tea to be stored in the same type in the aluminum bag, seal the mouth of the bag with plastic rope or transparent tape; put a layer of plastic bag on the outside of the aluminum bag to seal the mouth of the bag; In the carton with the same size of the specifications, seal with a transparent tape.

Finally, the three -layer white tea can be packed on the shelf.


【Iron can tea method】

The iron can tea method is mainly suitable for short -term tea (within 6 months).

Use double -layer sealing tin iron pots, as well as two internal dry, clean, and non -odor plastic bags.

Take out the white tea you want to drink and put it in the plastic bag, seal the mouth of the bag, and then seal the plastic bag with white tea into the iron pot, cover the mouth mouth tightly.

【Refrigerator Storage Tea】

It is wrong to store white tea in the refrigerator.

The temperature in the refrigerator is very low, which will inhibit the conversion of active enzymes in white tea, and too much water vapor in the refrigerator will easily cause white tea to deteriorate. In addition, there are too many foods and vegetables in the refrigerator. White tea can easily absorb too much odor in the body.

In this way, the white tea of Bingqing Yujie will be full of dust, but it is not good.



The high -rise buildings are flat, and the ancient trees are made of thousands of years.

If you want to understand white tea thoroughly, you need to start with these basic keywords.

Know the classification of white tea, understand the aroma of white tea, familiar with the brewing of white tea, and understand the storage of white tea.

After understanding them, choose white tea that suits you, and explore the charm hidden in the depths of the white tea step by step.

Pake a glass of soup with good tea, carefully appreciate the charm of white tea, and taste the aroma of white tea.

There are one or two chickens in the rain, and Banqiao, Zhuxi Village.

The woman called the silkworm to go, watching the atrium gardenia.

Welcome to pay attention to [Xiao Chen Tea "to learn more about white tea and rock tea!

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