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White tea is cold? These four prejudices will make good tea tell the door. When buying, please brighten your eyes

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Xia Ji Yan, coupled with the drowsiness after going down the mountain, chose to nest at home for a long time, reading books and listening to music writing flowers.

Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaoguan's guy came with the summer heat, and the soft and hard bubbles pulled the village aunt Chen to go out, saying that he was going to watch a movie.

As soon as she entered the cinema, she said amazing, "Let's watch" Nezha "! Animated movie."

Animation? Still Guoman, just heard this proposal, full of mind and mind was full of the word refusal.

When I was a child, Guoman Shadow had been covered by the naive domestic animation today. I thought of the children's movies such as "Hi Yangyang" and "Bear".

At the beginning, when the fat Taiyi real man on the screen broke into the sight, the village aunt Chen couldn't help but want to escape. However, the more the plot pushed backwards. This "disappeared" mind has long disappeared, and he can't help but immersed the world's depicting the world.

When Li Jing changed his life with a spell, Wang Xiaoguan was sobbing gently, but she was not alone. The age span of the audience in the cinema was extremely large.

In this movie, Nezha is no longer the role of cutting meat and father.

He was mourning and irritable, with a evil spirit, and everyone avoided his "magic". "From me", Lie Lie Fire Flying, and the fire -tip gun mixed with the wind and fire wheel, mixed with a logical "burning".

"The prejudice in people's hearts is a big mountain, and you want to move away how you work hard."

When this line appeared, I remembered the reluctance when I first watched the cinema. There was a subtle coincidence. Most people like the village aunt Chen, and I felt that Guoman must not look good.

Yes, in the world, the greatest misunderstanding source is nothing more than the word "prejudice"?

Isn't the prejudice that the tea friends who have repeatedly explained in the private messages, isn't it the best portrayal of the word "prejudice"? The village aunt Chen explained to the tea friends again and again, and wrote an article to analyze again and again. However, the effect was very small.

The Yugong Yishan finally has an end, but it can move the "prejudice" mountain, but it is a long way.


About the prejudice of white tea: White tea came out of faint?

The faint white tea is the first "prejudice" full of comments in the background.

But is white tea really born faint?

I have asked the tea friends who think white tea are faint, some are used to Pu'er, some are used to green tea that has been brewed for a long time, and some even like to use warm water to make tea. With so many pre -conditions, white tea has become insufficient taste. The strong one.

For those who love to drink mellow bitter mouth, their taste buds have long been used to the thick bitterness of bitter tea, not to mention the white tea with soups and sour flowers, even if they drink fresh and elegant green tea, they still feel light and more than enough. The tea taste is insufficient. Essence

Human taste buds have a adaptation period.

When Li Mahua had fell in love with desserts enthusiastically, at that time, the attachment to the sugar was almost accepted all over the well -known dessert shops in each city. The beloved Macaron was so sweet that he had a sweet tongue. After drinking several white peony, he suppressed the sweetness.

The same is true of drinking tea. It has been too long for the taste buds to soak in the bitter and astringent world, and then let it come into contact with the fresh and refreshing taste. They can't taste any taste.

This is not adaptive, why is it because white tea is faint?

The most terrible thing is that some tea friends like to make tea with warm water. No matter how good the white tea is in their hands, brewing with warm water is also mediocre.

Do not pay attention to brewing methods. Use warm water to soak tea and white tea. It is difficult to precipitate. The flavor factor in the tea is dissolved into the tea soup. The brewed tea soup is naturally not the best manifestation of white tea.

Soak the 100 -point white tea level at a level 40 points, but it is disliked by others. Who knows the grievances of white tea?

There are also some tea friends. When brewing, the tea friends who throw tea at will, grab a hand with a hand and start brewing. The amount of tea and water is not proportional. Of course, the taste of tea soup will lack. How can this be the fault of white tea?

The birth of white tea is not a faint taste.

It was misunderstood by heavy tea friends, and the way of brewing was ruined at will. Fresh and mellow, it was the real appearance of white tea.


About the prejudice of white tea: White tea is simple in craftsmanship and low threshold?

The process of white tea is simple. The withering and drying build the natural style of white tea. However, this simple process has become the one of some people can be done casually.

In the eyes of these people, as long as they are individuals, they can make white tea.

"Small withering, is not just putting tea in the sun and exposed to the shrinking of tea leaves."

"Drying is simpler. It is not to make the tea more dry, or even in a special way, take the white tea to the sun longer, and it will definitely dry thoroughly."

Then they were connected to a line, scolded the tea merchants loudly, and sold the price of the leaves from the price of the leaves, which was the premium, which was unreasonable.

Is this really the case?

The white tea process is simple and the number of processes is simple, which does not represent simple process requirements.

The daylight withering, this process that seems to only need the sun and tea, hidden a lot of attention. If it is not the experience of tea making masters, no matter how good the tea green is, it is easy to wither into the lit of littering into a red spot, burnt and crispy inferiority, inferior, and crispy inferior. Tea.

The most important thing when withering is that the stacking of tea can only be thin or thick.

Looking at a large area of water sieve, there are only a few tea greens that are drying. They must be dried on it thinly. You must not stack thick and thick stalls. If you don't pay attention, the boring tea will be piled up, which will damage the tea. The quality of tea will decline a lot.

This thin and diluted drying consumes the manpower and mental strength of the tea making masters.

At the same time, the sunlight withering is not the end of the tea in the sun. The strength of the sun, the temperature of the air, the humidity, and the wind direction today. Details are the top priority to achieve good tea.

70 cm away from the ground, all the sunlight must be moved into the room, and then the strong tea maker, all the water sieves into the room is also panting.

The tea maker also needs to look at the degree of judging the withering of tea from time to time, and decide the time to dry today. The mild sunshine in the early morning and evening is the best choice for withering tea.

The final drying link is beyond the slowness of ordinary people's imagination.

Only when the flame is slow, it will not deprive the rich internal quality of the tea, so as not to make the fragrance of the tea disappear and the taste disappear.

Slow work can be used to work. The dryness of white tea needs to be strictly controlled below 8.5 %. Only when this standard is reached, it is the white tea recognized by the national standard. The time for storage is exempted from water vapor during the process of aging.

The white tea technology is simple, but it is not simple. It is by no means a low threshold. The good craft of a tea maker has a key role in good tea.


About the prejudice of white tea: White tea is born cold?

The saying of white tea is not known when it starts to swell, which has become a big shadow shrouded in white tea.

"White tea is white in color, it looks cold." "After drinking white tea, the stomach is very uncomfortable, it must be because of white tea cold."

People are awesome. Even for white tea, this rumor is still enough to cover up the original appearance of white tea.

But is white tea really cold?

There are new white tea, Chen white tea, and old white tea in white tea. Among them, the word "cold" can be used, only the coolness of the new white tea, not cold!

What is the feeling of Han Liang brought to people? It is a large piece of ice watermelon after eating a large piece of ice watermelon in the summer.

However, the coolness of the new white tea is the coolness of the heat and gas, the coolness of clearing heat and relieving the heat when getting angry. A glass of new white tea that relieves heat will never contain "cold" that causes diarrhea and cold limbs.

People misunderstand the cold white tea, often because of the lively tea polyphenols in new white tea.

Human constitution is different, and the degree of tolerance of tea polyphenols is also different. Some people have a fragile stomach and low tolerance. For white tea, especially the rich tea polyphenols in white tea Stimulate.

Where can I use the stomach intoxication to misunderstand the new white tea and the coolness of the white tea?

Chen Bai tea and old white tea are even more incompatible with "cold". The tea polyphenols in their tea leaves, under the precipitation of time, and other ingredients in the tea, the biochemical reactions are continuously carried out under the exchange of oxygen. The year is gradually decreased.

At the same time, the neonatal complex will gradually wrap the tea polyphenols in the tea, making it increasingly smaller and smaller.

Under the comfort of time, Chen Baicha and Lao Bai tea showed the soft and gentle side, and could even become a good helper for dampness and warmth.

The new tea is cool, the old tea old tea is gentle, and the properness of white tea has never been changed. The white tea is used to estimate the white tea with the cold tea, but it is difficult to distinguish between the flowers from the other side.


About the prejudice of white tea: The old white tea came out of the dark?

Old white tea and old white tea, in the pictures sent by countless tea friends to the village aunt Chen. Most of the time, old white tea looks dull and dark.

In the heart of tea friends, only a piece of tea cake with black hemp is the white tea that really experiences time. This is the profound imprint left them.

The tea friends who are "old in white tea are black" must have forgotten the pure green tea of spring white tea in the spring, and the autumn and natural color of the autumn tea.

Open the pictures of "old white tea" in the private mailbox. The left is dark, the right is brown, and the colors are evenly undulating. These tea is not what old white tea should be available. Their appearances appear again and again, showing the rampant of making old tea.

The old white tea of natural aging is the further aging and aging of the color system in the new white tea period.

The original green and green color will make the dark green color after the aging, and the original mottled coat of Shoumei will still be retained after aging, but the color is darker and more mature than the new tea.

Only the old white tea made through the pile, exposure, and barbecue method is the unified look of deep, gray, black, black, black, black, and unified color. It's completely different.

Barbecue -dried, chlorophyll in tea leaves is heated and decomposed, and tea brownin and tea redin occupy the main color composition of the leaves. However, these tea leaves are not allowed to be released at high temperatures. The fate, the old tea is dark and daunting.

Wal pile of white tea, the tea green stall, the sultry environment allows the chlorophyll to retreat. The original bright colors of the tea began to be red, the leaves were dim, and the old tea colors made are extremely uniform. There is a change in color.

The original "making old tea" may be the thin summer tea in the summer, or maybe the seaside tea growing at the beach, or the tea outside the roadside tea. Survage the city.


White tea is light, because the taste buds and the wrong brewing method of being soaked by thick and bitterness.

The simple threshold of the white tea process is because the prejudice is low because I do not understand the craftsmanship and guess at will.

The darkness of the old white tea is because of the rampant of the old tea to enter the market, and the real old white tea gradually entered the corner of the market.

The coolness of white tea is because of the impact of the tea polyphenols, and the mildness after the transformation of white tea was not seen.

It is difficult to move, but if you do n’t move, how can you really know white tea?

If you can't fight the prejudice, you can only integrate into the beings who are partially listening to the faithfulness.

Righteous and wrong, there is a clear day and moon.

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