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The battle for the first and second guard of history: Curry's honor is crushed, is it also crushed?

Junson, the three-point Sagittarius Duoli and the former Lakers' championship, are almost recognized as the former two-control guard in the history of NBA. And Curry wants to surpass his predecessors, in terms of hard honor, it has actually been crushed!

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The important honor of the magician Jen Sen, 3 MVPs, 5 NBA championships, and 3 FMVPs, 12 NBA All -Star lineups, 2 All -Star Game MVP;

Curry has 2 MVPs, 3 championships, and 6 All -stars. Although the honor is currently crushed compared to Curry's honor, is it also crushed?

From now on, Curry has rarely the opportunity to surpass the magician in his personal career honor. After Durant leaves, the Warriors have quickly escaped from the first team to win the championship, that is, it is difficult for Curry to get the total. The champion and FMVP, especially the FMVP of Curry for human dirt. The magician won in the first season of his career. This pair of Curry was crushed.

So, since Curry's honor is crushed, is it crushed since Curry's honor is crushed?

Recently, the US media compared Curry's personal ability and strength of Curry from the magician Jensen from 13 aspects. As a result, Curry has only two advantages!

Curry is good at outer ability and overall scoring ability. There is no need to talk about the outer rays. Before the appearance of Curry, no one thought that there would be a player who broke the 3-point record of Reggie Miller and Lei Allen, but now Curry's shooting completely ruled the alliance. In the era of the magician, it was mainly the main score of the inside!

In terms of scoring ability, we must know that the average score of the magician Janson's career is only 19.5 points, and the highest single -season score in his career is less than 25 points. Curry is due to the prominent three points. Averaged 30.1 points per game, and scored the honor of the scoring king!

In addition to these two aspects, the inside scores, sports ability, defense, frame protection ability, rebounds, key balls, leadership, ball merchants, assists, influence, these aspects are all magicians dominated.

In this way, in the comparison of the US media, Curry was crushed by the Magician in terms of personal ability at 2:12, and only obtained a tie on 1VS1!

Of course, this contrast is absolutely unreasonable. First of all, the two people's offensive methods and scores are different, and the team needs the role they plays differently!

Curry is in key balls, leadership, ball merchants, assists, influences, and influence must be underestimated!

In fact, Curry's ability to handle key balls is also very good. In the last 5 minutes of many competitions, Curry also hit many three -pointers. The American media rated this. I wonder if it was the final impression of the finals. FMVP!

In terms of leadership, ball dealers, and assists, Curry is definitely not weaker than the magician. The team needs the role they plays differently, so they are different!

Finally, in terms of influence, whether it is inside or outside the field, Curry is the soul of the team, and the field has set off a small ball storm with a three -pointer outside the field, so Curry is still excellent.

Of course, the US media are mostly from the championship and FMVP as the main reference, so Curry's personal ability and personal honor must be crushed. So maybe he can surpass the magician Janson to become the first guardian of history?

What do you think?