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Scolded ugly fat pig! The girl reduced 108 pounds to become like this

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Family, the story of any obese partner's successful weight loss is a history of inspirational blood tears.

The story we are going to tell today happened in the United States.

There is such a girl named Telsah Kaufmann.

Because she was often mocked by friends as "ugly fat friends", and even the bad -hearted passersby scolded her pig head three.

Even the grewy hair could not hide her suspicion of her, and Tasha told herself that she could not continue such a life and had to make changes.

The girl couldn't swallow it, so she was determined to be a person again, Phoenix Nirvana!

Tisa began to dig out crazy weight loss and opened a Tiktok account called "Telsah123", which is specifically used to record the process of constantly thinning his body during weight loss.

You know, the 19 -year -old girl weighed 136 kg, which is 272 catties, which is really terrible.

Zhou is well known that the weight overweight is not only a laugharous discrimination on the outside, but more importantly, the health problem is worrying, and various diseases follow.

To say that the girl is also a ruthless person, not only to lose weight crazy, but even undergone stomach cutting surgery.

She shared all the secrets of weight loss in TIKTOK, including stomach cutting surgery, hoping to help more netizens with the same troubles out of the haze of life and regain beauty and confidence.

"I really feel scared, and I feel deeply lonely. Fortunately, I got enough encouragement and support from my family, but I still lack confidence." "I know this is a huge change, but I still need 100 100 %Focus, make persistent efforts! "

As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success. Tasha's success was not achieved overnight, but the result of countless efforts countless times. In fact, she was afraid that she could face herself again.

Tesha said that she would not lose weight, and the obesity brought a lot of inconvenience to her life, and many things could not be completed, and she just wanted to live as a normal and confident woman.

"Words can no longer describe my feelings. In short, this is the best feeling in the world! Looking back in the past, I have not only been in the body, but also achieved great success in spirit!" Tasha proudly said.

Today, she has a sexy and proud figure, and her appearance is good, which is very popular.

Bless this unremittingly brave girl!

—The ending

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