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78+26, Zhan Mei was crazy, and the Lakers still had highlights! Zhan Huangcheng loses, God's gun is ruthless

On December 20, Beijing time, in the first battle of the league, the Lakers defeated. The Bucks, while defeating the Lakers at the home of 111 to 104, have already led the Lakers to win.

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Bucks defeated the Lakers

In this game, Zhan Mei was crazy, and he shot 78+26 with God. The Lakers still had highlights! Zhanhuang Cheng Loser, God's gun is ruthless!

In this game, James was crazy. James got a three -double data of 21 points, 12 boards, and 11 assists, and James's fullness was evident. When the strong eyebrows were poor in the first half, James led the team to chase points. James's rebounds and assists are the highest in the team. In the face of the key defense of the Bucks, James is rare to be able to play so well. After all, James is 35 years old. Continuous away games have made James a lot of heart and exhausted.

James and Anthony Davis

Brother strong eyebrows still retrieved the feel in the second half. He faced the alphabet brother many times and forcibly hit it. It can be seen that the brown brother is a rare one -pair of the inner line in the league, which is not comparable to the alphabetic superstar that is comparable to the alphabetic brother. Boom 36 points, 10 boards, 5 help 3 hats, and the stronger brown of the Lakers. The Lakers team played the best players in both ends of the offensive and defense.

Brother Brother Big Blast

In this game, the Lakers also ushered in the outbreak of the god shooter Dannigling. Green scored 21 points in 7 shots outside the three -point line, scored 21 points. Green's 3 -pointer hit the number the most, and his three -pointer hitting rate was as high as 58%, second only to the letters (5 of 8 shots, 62.5%of the hit rate) and Hill The hit rate is 60%).

As a top scorer, Green's recovery of the three -pointer's feel has largely increased the Lakers' three -pointer hit rate. The Lakers' three -pointers in the last three games were 16%, 25.8%, and 34.3%, showing a trend of upright rising, which was inseparable from the outbreak of Danny Green outside the three -point line. In the last game, Dannglin's three -pointer hitting rate was 50%, and the game increased by 8%.

Lakers Sagittarius Dannig Lynch

Danny Green found the feel outside the three -point line, which is a highlight of the Lakers. After all, the Lakers' three -pointer hitting the rate of ups and downs, while Danniglin is the most reliable shooter outside the Lakers.

James, Anthony Davis, and Danniglin scored 78 points, 26 boards, 16 aids and 4 hats today, and 10 three -pointers. The two people's players are the key to the team's opportunity to catch up with the score in the last quarter.

The Lakers lost and James became a loser. First, the Bucks, Chinhn, Aditiku and the Lakers James, are all popular candidates for MVP. The failure of the Lakers in this game will allow James to lag behind the letters in the battle of MVP. Last season, the letter brother led the Bucks to defeat the Rockets led by Harden and was elected MVP as expected. In this defeat, it can be said that in the process of competing MVP, James fell into the wind.

Bucks, Adtokunbo and Lakers James

Second, the letter brother is regarded as the first league. Facing the Lakers led by James and Anthony Davis, he is in an advantage in the direct dialogue with Zhan Mei in this game. This also shows that the position of the first person of the James Alliance has begun to shake. As a result, James can be said to be a loser. Once the Lakers and Bucks have reached the finals with the same regular season record, the Lakers will also lose their home advantage, so the results of the game in this game are related to a lot.

James needs to be stronger, especially winged players need to improve their defensive ability. The Lakers' top 3D Denniglin said in an interview after the game: "I hope the team will play the best state during the period in April, May, and June next year ..."

The Lakers Danny Green released a ruthless words

Obviously, Danny Green was talking ruthlessly. Because after the adjustment time of the 2012-2013 season, the NBA finals began in June. This means that Dannglin hinted that the team would play this year's finals. It seems that the Lakers where Danniglin is located will take the impact champion as their end goal.

Danny Green is on the court

However, if you want to win the championship, Dannglin also needs to maintain a more stable state at both ends of the offense and defense, so that you can better help James and Anthony Davis.