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Michelin released the Beijing guide, hehe is over! Isn't the United States signed a bill involving Hong Kong?

The Chinese are self -confidence in their own food. It can be seen from the annual "Salted Veste VS Sweet" Battle.
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In our gourmet country, people with different regions and taste preferences are sometimes ingrained with food preferences.
Therefore, after the first "Beijing Michelin Guide" was released last week, it is not difficult to imagine how much the Chinese food list led by the French people in the place is.
This reason is a Samsung restaurant, two two -star restaurants and 20 one -star restaurants. However, it is surprising that the Beijing old restaurant on the list is only a family (one star) in the Grand Hall (one star), and in the 20 one -star restaurants, except for the few of Datong and Jingyatang, the rest None of them are Beijing cuisine. What is even more surprising is that a Taizhou cuisine restaurant has become the biggest winner. Not only has it become the only Samsung restaurant, but two branches have also received a star rating.
This list was announced, and it was questioned by local netizens in Beijing, especially Beijing, and believed that such a list could not represent Beijing cuisine.
CCTV host Bai Yansong bluntly stated on the show: Michelin is really reliable or its housekeeping skills -tires. For Chinese food guidelines, it is good to see Lele. Don't take it too seriously.
Many self -confidence is being established, but China's self -confidence in food must be deeply rooted.
Our taste and our appetite, we are the most clear, we created a gourmet guide to guide tourists for the company that created a car life for tires. It may be possible to play well in Europe, but in China, there are still people taking it as serious news, it seems that we are too easy to lose confidence.
In fact, for the Chinese, Michelin is true and reliable is its housekeeping skills -tires. For Chinese food guidelines, it is good to see Lele. Don't take it too seriously.
The remarks of Bai Yansong also resonated with netizens.
Prior to the announcement of the "Beijing Michelin Guide", the Michelin Guide announced the list of Beijing Michelin Guide "Bayeng Recommendation" restaurant list on November 18, including Beijing's characteristic bean juice, stomach, and meat. A total of 15 restaurants in Taizhou cuisine are on the list.
This "Biden Promotion" had triggered a lot of controversy at the time. Many netizens replied that they could not agree with the list. They questioned the judges "Do you understand Beijing"?
There is a gourmet blogger directly under the Michelin Guide Weibo and asked, "Do you hate Beijing with the judges of Michelin?"
The food self -media "Beijing Food Diary" directly released a review video of a restaurant on the list of a restaurant recorded by its improvisation on Weibo, which introduced the store's relocation process, site selection, ingredients freshness, cost -effective and the live experience of eating. He said, "I don't understand where the logic of Michelin's tightness is. From the perspective of Beijingers, I personally don't recommend this shop."
Dong Zhenxiang, the founder of Datong Restaurant and the judge of the International Culinary Contest, posted a long article entitled "Breakfast and Stinky: Michelin's Selection of Chinese Restaurant". "List.
Michelin admires the niche taste of Beijing, with a certain "imagination of different states", which is also the inherent impression of engraving the boat to see the sword, saying that it is not discriminatory. Beijing's food culture has developed rapidly over the years, and it has also ranked among the trends and forefronts. Michelin's selection power is not caught, it is also understandable.
Including Michelin's selection of cultural superiority, it is more of the attitude of hunting for Beijing snacks. This will make the international community think that the level of food in the Chinese people is the stomach, water and internal organs, and this is obviously not the mainstream and elegant Chinese food.
Michelin's reasons for the selection of a unique family. In addition to its long -term operation and cultural bullying, it is also because other candidates do not have perseverance and determination to do this, so that the values and selection standards are single.
The intention of the Beijing snacks is to please the Beijing market and open the situation;But it is difficult to escape its "stinky" food thinking. The road was off, and Michelin became a dross.We look forward to the list of cultural self -confidence and understanding Chinese food culture.I also hope that Michelin's selection will have a deeper understanding of the food locally, and has a more humble attitude. It eliminates arrogance, ignorance, and prejudice. The rest is our common love for the soul of food.

Since 1926, the Michelin Guide produced by the tire brand Michelin has a history of more than 90 years. It is undeniable that it has a considerable influence, but the original intention of this guide is to encourage everyone to drive more. It is also a traveler who travels.

In 1900, the founder of Michelin Tire Company wanted to encourage everyone to drive more to travel, thereby driving tire sales.

To this end, they collected various information such as maps, gas stations, and hotels, and brought together as a small red manual. In 1923, the recommendation of the restaurant was added, and star -rated assessment was adopted since 1926. This is the earliest "Michelin Guide".

The star of the god of sushi in Japan caused controversy

According to the "Bund TheBund", the "Tokyo Michelin Guide" promulgated on November 26 also caused a lot of discussion in Japan.

Surprisingly, the "Diger House Hashiro Jiro Shop" sushi shop, which was rated as Michelin Samsung for 12 consecutive years, disappeared from the list.

The principal behind the shop is Ono Ershiro, who is known as the "God of Japan's Sushi".

According to Michelin Fang, the "Diger House Hashuro Terminal" was "picking the stars" related to the other party's appointment without opening an appointment. When you come here to eat sushi, you must be a frequent visitor and a special channel to book.

However, this requirement does not meet Michelin's selection criteria. They hope that every restaurant they introduce is what everyone can go and taste arbitrarily.

For this result, some fans of the store believe that it is a good thing to be "picking the stars" by Michelin, which means that this top sushi restaurant can finally act in their own way without having to withstand the restraint and pressure from Michelin from Michelin. It's right.

Korean chef sued:Don't give me Michelin

In addition, chef EO Yun-Gwon, a chef from South Korea, sued Michelin because he failed to remove his restaurant from the list.

EO Yun-Gwon believes that the Michelin list uses 170 restaurants to represent Seoul's food "simply a joke" and is unwilling to enter this "cruel system."

Earlier, he wrote many times to Michelin, asking for the withdrawal of the star and exiting the list, but there was no effect at all.

Michelin's preference for French food was spit out by Europe and the United States

Because of the "Michelin Guide" in France, it was questioned that in the process of rating, he prefers French meals too much, so that the chefs in Italy, Spain, and Nordic Europe have complained about Michelin's "French prejudice".

When Michelin tried to get out of Europe, the contradiction was even more intense.
In 2005, Michelin released the "New York Restaurant Guide". Among the 39 star restaurants who received at least 1 star, but did not include the union Square Cafe of New York citizens -before that, it was once been by The New York Times was rated as a three -star restaurant.
At this time, many fans of cafes have been fiery, suspecting that Michelin has biased prejudice to New York's restaurants- The New York Times said that more than half of restaurants in 2 stars and above can be regarded as French restaurants.
In 2008, Michelin went to Los Angeles. This city is known for its diverse foods of all ethnic groups, including Mexican, African cuisine, Japanese food, Korean food, Philippine cuisine ... but they only reviewed 4 two -star restaurants, without Samsung.
Food critics madly talk about the local food culture. Later, due to other reasons such as economic crisis, Michelin quit Los Angeles after only two years.
However, in March this year, when Michelin announced his return to Los Angeles, the locals did not seem to buy it.
The local media "Los Angeles Magazine" published a report, titled "Michelin Will Rate L.a. Restaurants This Year – But Does Anybody Actually Want That?" Michelin will evaluate Los Angeles restaurants this year, but there are really people. Do you need it?
In the opening section of the manuscript, it was also full of disdain.
The announcement of L.A. -The rating has hit the local food scene with more of a can than a warm embrace.
Mona Holmes, a writer who contributed to the local food recommendation website, also ridiculed Michelin, "I can't say that Michelin has no use in Los Angeles. After all, we still have a lot of cars that need tires."
「I'm not saying that there is no use for Michelin in this city,」 Mona Holmes wrote for Eater L.A. 「We have lots of cars that need tires.」
The "Michelin Food Guide" with a history of more than 100 years is facing a brand new problem: it seems to be no longer so convincing.
After all, Michelin wants to be the most authoritative, most diverse, and most objective restaurant guide in the world, but he has forgotten that there is no set of food evaluation itself.
As some netizens said, the public mouth is difficult to adjust, and the food is actually not standard, so there is a saying that there is a saying "Peter Cream, My Honey".

This principle is actually applicable to governing the country.

There are no common development models in the world, and there are no suitable systems. However, some Western countries are self -proclaimed by saints, thinking that their systems and values are the only standards in the world. They point out everywhere with their so -called "democracy" and "human rights" standards, and even rudely interfere with other domestic politics.

Last week, the U.S. government signed the so -called "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Acts" as a law, blatantly cheering for violent criminals, and blatantly interfered in China's internal affairs with domestic law. Domineering logic. The Chinese government and the people are resolutely opposed, and the world's justice has also condemned.

The United States pulled the rubber ruler of "human rights" and "democracy", full of world -shaking, and in international affairs, "human rights diplomacy" and "democratic diplomacy". The guise of human rights and democracy covers its unspeakable danger.

Any violation of international law and international relations, interfered in the Chinese internal affairs bill, is a waste paper, which is destined to take care of it.

Just as Bai Yansong commented on the "Beijing Michelin Guide" and the United States, if you value it, it seems powerful and benefits it. If you don't take it seriously, it is a fun.

"If you take it, it really finds the feeling of global leadership. What do you do if you take it? What is it? The United States has stretched too long. If you stretch it, it is a prosthesis. "

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