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The first batch of Michelin restaurants in Mainland China actually chose to cooperate with Lafite

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In September last year, Michelin released the "2017 Shanghai Michelin Guide" for the first time. This is the first Michelin guide in mainland China. There are 26 restaurants in Shanghai beaches.

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It is worth mentioning that many of these restaurants have purchased wines (hereinafter referred to as "DBR Lafite").

It is understood that Yubaoxuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Federation, Jin Xuan, Liyuan, and the only Michelin 3 -star restaurant Tang Pavilion in mainland China are selected.DBR LafiteWine is used as a restaurant.

TanggeRothschild natural champagne Champagne Baron de Rothschild Brut
Basque Carler Cameni Los Vascos Carmenere
Two -star
Yu BaoxuanOsier Badgemium Red Wine BLASON D'Aussieres
Shangpin Porto's red wine Selection Prestige Bordeaux Rouge
one star
Jiangsu and Zhejiang FederationRothschild natural champagne Champagne Baron de Rothschild Brut
Basquise Red Wine Los Vascos Grande Reserve
Kaillo Red Wine Caro
Legende Bordeaux Red
Legende Medoc, Legende Medoc
Legende Pauillac Legende Pauillac
JinxuanLegende Medoc, Legende Medoc
Basque Ten Red Wine Le Dix de Los Vascos
LiyuanRothschild natural champagne Champagne Baron de Rothschild Brut
Basquise Red Wine Los Vascos Grande Reserve
Kaillo Red Wine Caro
Andes red wine AMANCAYA
Osier Castle Red Wine CHATEAU D'Aussieres
Legende Medoc, Legende Medoc
Legende Pauillac Legende Pauillac
Caesa Paradise Castle Red Wine Chateau Paradis Casseuil
Jane Shengai Beauty Red Wine Private Reserve Saint-Emilion

Zhou Zhi knows that the restaurant of Michelin Star is the best taste, the best service, and the highest grade restaurant in this world. Through the author's inquiry, "Public Comment Network" calculated that Tangge's per capita consumption was 1013 yuan, Yu Baoxuan was 346 yuan/person, Suzhe Zhejiang Federation was 507 yuan/person, Jin Xuan was 895 yuan/person, Liyuan Liyuan, Liyuan It is 352 yuan/person. In other webpages and articles, the author also saw a higher customer unit price from netizens. The price of the Michelin restaurant showed a Chinese saying: a point price and one point.

So, why are there so many Michelin restaurants standing at the top of the catering industry? According to the author's understanding, the most important reason is thatDBR LafiteThe extremely high brand value makes the Michelin restaurant very recognize. after all,DBR LafiteIt is the "golden signboard" with excellent quality, long history, and most luxurious quality in the wine industry. This is undoubtedly very consistent with the Michelin restaurant.

Customize the wine list for the restaurant, and promote the restaurant

Secondly,DBR LafiteAnd its general agent of China, ASC Sanpiel Boutique, attaches great importance to selling products to the Michelin restaurant.

According to the author,DBR LafiteWith ASC, products that are suitable for high -end restaurants such as Michelin restaurants are customized into tables, and different production areas and different styles, but products applied to the catering industry are specifically included in a wine list for restaurants for restaurants. Select. The price range of these products is mostly concentrated in RMB 300-800, which is the most acceptable price section of consumers in restaurants. This will undoubtedly make restaurants easier to choose products suitable for themselves. The brand and agents of the product also make the product more competitive through this detailed service.

After entering the Michelin restaurant,DBR LafiteAnd ASC will also take the initiative to use their own resources to promote the restaurant, includingDBR LafiteThe official WeChat release with restaurant information and pretty goodDBR LafiteThe style of beautiful copywriting will also be promoted through the media. Secondly, the two parties will also conduct training for how to promote the product and train restaurant employees, and sometimes have some high -standard dinner in these restaurants.

Why do Michelin restaurant prefers the selection series?

It is worth mentioning that mainland China is selectedDBR LafiteThe Michelin restaurant of its products has every wine product purchased by the Lafite series.

The reason why everyone will choose to choose a selection series is also because this product line is a star product series that consumers are very well known. Data show that the selection series isDBR LafiteAmong all product lines, the highest sales in China are currently the highest in China. Especially the legendary series, itself is also the same as the size of Lafite.

Taking the Lafite Legend Piak, which is known as "Little Lafite" as an example, all the wine grapes of this wine come fromDBR LafiteIn Piak's estate, such as Duhamron Gubao. Moreover, nearly 50 % of the plasma in the wine comes from the Lafite Castle and the Duhamilon Castle. Because of the raw liquid, the legendary Piak cannot mass production, and can only provide about 10,000 boxes of products to the market each year. Such a vein is very popular with restaurants and customers.

It is reported that,DBR LafiteIt will tend to recommend more representative star products to the restaurant. In addition to legendary Meter, legendary Piak, it also includes fist products such as Basque and Basque Tenth. After all, due to the high popularity and high cost performance of such products, it will be easier to be accepted by consumers in restaurants.

DBR Lafite and Michelin restaurant proved with actual actions: Wine is very matched with Chinese cuisine!

When I searched the above Michelin restaurant, I also found an interesting phenomenon-DBR LafiteThese restaurants where the products are stationed are all Chinese foods. Among them, Tang Pavilion, Yu Baoxuan, Liyuan, and Jin Xuan all belonged to the Cantonese Museum, while the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Federation sold Huaiyang cuisine.

DBR LafiteAs the first corporate brand in the wine industry, there are so many mid -to -high -end wines and the most representative Chinese restaurant in Mainland China. Under such market behavior proof, who dares to say that wine is only suitable for matching with Western dishes?