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Born! The Lakers have the worst of 3 people: 2 people can be called undercover, 1 person, half -god and half ghost JR possession

On November 13, the NBA regular season continued, and the Lakers ushered in the Timberwolves challenge at home. But they were not able to defend their home, but suffered a defeat. In this campaign against the Timberwolves, the first half of the game was normal. The team has been playing according to the plan. Rondo has ushered in the back of this game. It can send a wonderful pass at the offensive end, and the team's offense is smooth. However, after the start of the second half, the wind and clouds suddenly changed, the Lakers suddenly power off, and there was no sports game in 7 minutes. The three -pointer scored only 12 points and only 12 points. The Timberwolves found the hand in the third quarter. Three points, led the team to set off a climax of 30 to 4, pulled the score to about 25 points in one fell swoop, and lost suspense in this game. The loss of this game really made many Lakers fans, especially the performance of Westbrook, Anthony, and Monks of the Lakers in this game.

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Wei Shao ushered in the 33rd birthday in this game. Therefore, Wei Shao is no longer the god turtle who entered the earth that year, and he is also a 33 -year -old veteran. From the data point of view, Wei Shao's game played well, scored 20 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, and hit two three-pointers, but his positive and negative value was the lowest-32 of the team. And if the whole game is watched, the birthday night Wei Shao faces Beverly's defensive obvious insufficient aggression, and the existence of the offensive end is not very strong, although when the team lags more than 20 points, Wei Shao has indeed strengthened Personal offensive, but it is too late to help the Lakers get rid of the predicament. At present, the Lakers are in such an embarrassing place. The problem of West Shao's organization's offensive ability is becoming increasingly prominent, and he cannot play without a ball attack. It is unlikely to let him stay at the bottom corner. And with the status of Wei Shao, Vogle did not have enough courage to let him go to the bench. This is the most headache for the Lakers, and Wizard cannot integrate into the team well.

In addition to Wei Shao, the veteran Anthony lost his shooting bag. He shot 12 times in the game and only hit one, and three -pointers were 8. Although Anthony has repeatedly rescued the Lakers this season in the fire and fire, in this game, his performance is unqualified. And when the feel is not good, several times face the defense forcibly. If you are 5 years old, I believe Anthony will be beautifully completed, but now Anthony is also a veteran, and can only say that he has more than enough power. Of course, we must not blame the playback veteran too much. I believe Anthony will find the feel in the next game and continue to contribute to us.

In the play, Monks' play was respected by everyone, but Monke felt bad in this game. The game 11 shots, only 3 hit, three-pointers were 7, and the positive and negative value was only -18. Monks are such a player. He can be super god and super ghost. This feature is a bit similar to the JR-Smith of the year, but his offensive ability is still very different from JR.

After this game, the Lakers are currently ranked 7th in the West with a seven -win and six losses. If James continues to be absent, the Lakers' record may be worse. But Worgel has no choice about this. The team has injured more than half, and the offensive attributes of this group of people are stronger than the defensive attributes, and Vogel is a coach with defense and the team of the team players. The year of anti -replenishment awareness is also very different from the year of winning the championship. It can only be said that the clever woman is difficult to cook without rice.