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In the new version of "The Legend of the New White Lady", why do some netizens say that Jing Song wants to kill Xu Xian most?

I think the netizens are right. In the new version of "The Legend of the New White Lady", Jing Song really wants to kill Xu Xian most. This came from Jing Song's fox demon Hu Kexin to kill Xu Xian. You can see that Jing Song really wants to kill Xu Xian most.

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Why? Because Jing Song has fallen in love with the blessing of the director and screenwriter, Bai Suzhen, who has been with him for more than a thousand years. The so -called long -term love is just that, but unfortunately Bai Suzhen has no feelings for him, but he has a soft spot for Xu Xian's mortal affection. It can even be said that under the guidance of the director screenwriter, Bai Suzhen, the "silly white sweet", directly fell in love with Xu Xian at first sight. And all this Jing Song looked in his eyes, in his heart, wouldn't he want to get rid of it and regain his beloved person again.

So he first got a risk of West Lake with Xiaoqing, almost killed Xu Xian. Fortunately, he saved Xu Xian under Bai Suzhen, but he also buried the root of him on him. All this Jing Song might know. Later, the background pine pounded with Hu Xianhu, killing Xu Xian, so that Bai Suzhen returned to his side. Unfortunately, people are not as good as heaven, and Hu Kexin also has his own abacus.

In other words, it is just a routine of the director and the screenwriter. If you do not give them two adds, then it cannot prove that Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian are more loyal to the road of love, and it is even more impressive or even more affectionate. And Jing Song is going to be the black hand.

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