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Installation and purchase of biological reactors

Biological reactor is a closed container or biological reaction device that cultivates microorganisms or cells. It is a special equipment for material fermentation and can be used for research, analysis or production. Next, I will introduce its installation and purchase.


1. Tighten the six loose fixed nuts and acid -base bottle caps;

2. Remove the clip of tin foil and card silicone tube bag on the filter;

3. Put on the motor. If the inside of the motor is dry, apply an appropriate amount of Vaselin;

4. After connecting to the dissolved oxygen cable, the DO electrode calibration: After the sterilization is sterilized, enter the cable with the DO electrode and enter 0 at the setzero at the setzero; control the air flow of the reactor at 1L/min, the agitation to 100R/min overnight to spend overnight to spend the night to spend the night to spend the night to spend the night. , Press the confirmation key after entering 100 in the morning at setspan;

5. When the temperature drops to the temperature required for fermentation, connect the in -out water pipes, pH cables, and the bubble cable;

6. Before putting the temperature electrode, add glycerin to the import of temperature electrodes, and then add to the emergence after inserting the electrode. Pay attention to the temperature electrode to be inserted to the end;

7. Check the output pressure of the air pressure machine, within the range of 0.7-1.0kg/cm3;

8. The silicone tube of the foaming agent should be installed on the pump in order from bottom to top.


1. The scope of the use of biological reactors, because different applications are different for biological reactors. Only by selecting the range of use can you buy a suitable device;

2. The quality of the biological reactor is the most critical problem. The biological reactor is all chemical components. If the quality is not good, the problem of leakage or explosion is likely to occur when used. Only the products can be used to avoid the emergence of these problems;

3. Pay attention to the volume of the biological reactor, because the use venue of each user is different, so there are certain requirements for the volume. For example Waste of waste affects normal use;

4. The use efficiency of biological reactors, which is a matter of focusing on buying key considerations, and high -efficiency equipment can play a greater role.

Purchase precautions

1. When purchasing a biological reactor, you must clarify related product information, such as models, materials, specifications, etc. Through comparison, the salesperson can accurately determine whether this product meets its own needs;

2. Focus on checking the quality information of the product, such as the production date, whether there is a certificate, whether there is a qualification certificate for the industry, whether the various approval certificates required for the factory, etc., it is worth buying products with these quality inspection information products. , Trusting;

3. When buying a biological reactor product, we must compare the price of the product more. There are many related biological reactor merchants in the one hundred. You can view the price of related products. Take the detour;

4. You can focus on selecting powerful biological reactor manufacturers in the market to buy its products. Big brands are powerful and more guaranteed.

In the process of installing the biological reactor, the installer must choose the correct installation technique according to the scientific method, otherwise it will cause a bad impact or achieve the expected effect; in addition If you can buy it, you can rest assured.

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