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The 94 -year -old Sushi God was removed! Why is the world's most "gold" list?

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Text/Golden Wrong Knife Channel Zhang Yisong

When Michelin announced the Beijing food list in 2020, the people across the country couldn't help but sigh:

What are the choices ... what kind of thing is it!

In Beijing, there are a total of 23 restaurants on the list, and the number is indeed not small, but the only Samsung restaurant gives the new Rongji of the main Taizhou small seafood; another Shanghai cuisine house has been on the two stars.

The Beijing Food List is not only without Beijing cuisine. What is even more puzzling is that the reason why this Zhejiang cuisine can comment on Samsung is: Michelin's reason is:

"What really makes people miss is the Beijing roast duck made by this new Rongji."

This award, this makes people Xin Rongji take it or not?

What is even more angry is that a few days ago, the list of more "Biden Promotion" restaurants released by Michelin, which is more to the public, not only lists a full viscera, but also the bean juice and vegetarian food are on the list:

Michelin was given a star roast duck at the bottom of the awards ceremony. The founder Dong Zhenxiang also issued a special article to attack the full list of the internal organs:

This will make the international community think that the food level of Chinese people is the stomach, water and internal organs, and this is obviously not the mainstream and elegant of Chinese cuisine.

Michelin, who was chaotic in the Chinese food list, also ran to Japan to dismiss.

In the Michelin Guide in Japan in 2020, the Sushi Store, which was named Michelin Samsung for 12 consecutive years, disappeared from the list.

The main person behind the shop is Ono Erlang, who is known as the "God of Japan's Sushi".

The reason for the "picking stars" is that sushi restaurants are not open to ordinary guests to make an appointment. They only provide non -regular or special channels with Michelin's selection criteria.

To sum up, the status quo facing Michelin, who stepped out of France, is: the criteria for judging the criteria, confusing the judgment process, and the final result are unpopular.

120 years after birth, this world's most "gold" list finally fell into the altar!

1 、Michelin is not convinced in China, it is not new at all

Some people think that Michelin is hate with Beijing, and objectively speaking, it is really wronged.

Because Michelin's soil and water from all over the world is nothing new.

At the beginning, Michelin's Star Standard wasAmerican

In 2005, Michelin entered New York. The New York Times spit Michelin's traditional high -end restaurant: "At least half of the restaurants above the two stars are French meals."

In 2008, Michelin went to Los Angeles. Los Angeles's cuisine is very diverse, including Mexican cuisine, African cuisine, Japanese food, Korean food, Philippine cuisine, Michelin also published the Michelin Los Angeles Guide for two consecutive years ...

Everything looks very beautiful.

However, the people of Los Angeles discovered that throughout Los Angeles, Michelin only rated four two -star restaurants, not even a Samsung.

As a result, the Michelin judges opened a 8 -year -old interoperability with Los Angeles gourmet.

In 2011, Jean-Luc Nare, the former director of Michelin Guide, scolded in the interview: "The Los Angeles people are too earthy, and they do not understand eating or care about real food. They only care about whom, which one to go, and which table. "

And the Los Angeles Food critic DISS BACK has no room for retention: "These proud judges are probably not willing to take a few more steps from the Ferli Village Hotel."

As a result, Michelin scolded and exited Los Angeles.

In Italy, Michelin still insisted on my own way, and almost gave the stars to the restaurant for making meals, and was angry again.Italian

arriveJapanMichelin was good at sending 191 stars in Tokyo, but the result was not to see the Japanese chef.

Because these Japanese chefs found that the master restaurant was not selected, and the apprentice's restaurant was commented on Samsung, "very ridiculous."

When the first Michelin Guide in Shanghai was announced, half of the 26 star restaurants, almost half of the list were Cantonese cuisine, including the only Samsung "Tang Pavilion", which was also Cantonese cuisine. Mr. Cai Lan's old man bluntly:

Outside of Europe, Michelin is not reliable.

However, when Michelin really came to "Gourmet Paradise" Guangzhou, it made everyone a little bit embarrassing -Guangzhou has become the least star restaurant in China. A total of 8 restaurants are selected, all of which are one star.

The angry Guangzhou people scolded: "They all say that eating in Guangzhou, there is only one star?" "Guess that there is no Samsung, but even the two stars can't choose?"

However, it is interesting that the Shanghai "Tai'anmen", who was just rated as the Michelin Yixing Restaurant, was soon exposed to the opening but did not apply for a business license. It was forced to close the shop and became the shortest life restaurant in Michelin's history.

Wenzhou's first Michelin concept restaurant was created by Michelin Star Kitchen as an executive chef and Cartier designer to build a dining environment. After just one year, he couldn't stick to it.

2 、"Hell Bulletin" in the food industry: picking a star is equivalent to destroying a restaurant