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The 16 red -roasted meat methods that are over meals, do n’t eat it if you eat it, learn no longer need to go to the restaurant

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Pig with pork belly; green onions; ginger; garlic; octagonal; cumin; cumin; pepper; Shaojiu; salt; sauce tofu soup; soy sauce; rock sugar; dried pepper; dried pepper;


  • The meat is treated, and the pork belly that is bought was scraped carefully with a knife before washing.

  • Wash the pork belly, scrape the skin and cut it into uniform blocks (the size is according to your hobbies)

  • Cut the shallots, slices ginger, and prepare the spices

  • Put cold water in the pot and put the meat into the pot in the pot, boil the medium heat and simmer the blood permeability

  • Remove the meat and rinse it with hot water. This step is very important

  • Put a little oil at the bottom of the pot, small heat, green onion ginger, garlic and other spices

  • Put the pork belly that controls the water, stir -fry the fragrance

  • Cook in Shaojiu, soy sauce and stir -fry the aroma

  • Add boiled boiling water

  • Add an appropriate amount of sauce tofu soup to the color after boiling the fire.

  • Put in salt and rock sugar seasonings

  • Just turn the fire to open the cover and collect the juice


500-600g of pork belly; 1000ml of rice wine; a piece of ginger desktop size; 60ml of raw soy sauce; 10-15ml of old sauce; 50g of rock sugar; a little oil a little oil;


  • Cut a large piece of meat, cut about 9-10 pieces;

  • Put a little fried meat in the pan until six sides of the golden sides;

  • The ginger and pork belly that have been taken in the boiled rice wine; (I add a piece of boiled eggs and a piece of meat. The video also introduces small cuttlefish. You can try it to fresh cuttlefish.)

  • Put in the soy sauce, the old soy sauce adjusts the salty taste;

  • Boil over low heat and simmer for 1 hour;

  • Add rock sugar and continue to simmer slowly until the meat is rotten;

  • Get the juice on the fire. Began to eat! The red roast meat with rice is delicious, remember to pour the spoon soup.


Two people (one cup); a small salt; braised pork is very casual (I used a small bowl)


  • Two hours in advance for rice.

  • Then add some water and lose a little bit more than rice. The stewed braised pork is chopped, adds to the rice, pour into the rice cooker together, and put a large spoonful of lard in the red roast meat. Then cook the rice, cook it for a few minutes.

Little potato braised pork


Material: Bringing pork belly, small potatoes, shallots, ginger, fragrant leaves, hawthorn tablets, cinnamon, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, rock sugar


  • A piece of high -quality leather pork belly

  • Cut with skin pork belly

  • Add some clear water to the pot, add meat pieces, add ginger slices and cooking wine

  • Boiled water

  • Remove warm water, wash, control and set aside

  • Add a little oil to the pot, add pork belly pieces

  • Stir -fry the oil, flourish

  • Preparation

  • Add the pot and add edible oil, add rock sugar

  • Rock sugar dissolved until amber

  • Put the meat pieces and stir fry

  • Beautiful fried sugar

  • Add ginger slices and green onions

  • Add spice

  • Add cooking wine

  • Add an appropriate amount

  • Add an appropriate amount of old soy sauce

  • Stir -fry the ingredients evenly, add an appropriate amount of warm water

  • Boil high heat and simmer slowly

  • Slowly simmer for half an hour

  • After half an hour, the soup decreases

  • Add the small potatoes that peeled in advance, continue to simmer over medium heat and stew slowly

  • Add an appropriate amount of salt and stew slowly

  • Until the soup is thick, wrapped in small potatoes and braised pork, the glittering is delicious and beautiful!

  • Small potato braised pork with super rice ✌️

Braised pork ingot egg


How much to eat pork belly; how much eggs are eaten; the right amount of sugar; an appropriate amount of old sauce; an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce; the right amount of cooking wine; an appropriate amount of salt


  • Cut the pork belly and set aside, cook the eggs with water

  • Put sugar, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, and salt in a bowl and stir well as ingredients for braised pork

  • Pour the oil at the bottom of the pan, stir -fry the meat, add water and ingredients after the meat changes, and stew with the lid

  • Put the raised eggs with a knife and put it in the pot

  • The juice can be out of the pot! Intersection Intersection In this way, a braised pork ingot egg is ready! Intersection Intersection

Signs braised pork




  • Material preparation:

  • Quail egg pork belly

  • Pork belongs are cut into pieces, and personal recommendations are more sensible!

  • Repeat warm water cleaning until the water is clear

  • Add cooking wine, rub the ginger slices repeatedly, and the meat will exudes a little impurities.

  • After cleaning again, drain the water for later use.

  • Heat the oil pan, add onion, green onion, ginger, garlic fragrance

  • Add the meat pieces and stir fry the oil

  • Put in the braised material, stir fry a little rock sugar until melted

  • Add: 5 spoons of raw soy sauce, 3 spoons of braised soy sauce, 2 spoons of oyster sauce and stir -fry until uniform color

  • Add a can of beer, 2 small bowls of warm water boiling

  • Boil and turn over low heat Sbing for 40-60 minutes

  • Quail eggs are cooked, and the shells are cooked and cooked.

  • When the red roast meat is fast, put the quail egg on fire to collect the juice. Sprinkle a little five incense powder before the pan.

  • Put on the pan and sprinkle the onion on the table.

  • Soft and glutinous, fat but not greasy. Suitable for the elderly and children.



750 grams of pork; 6-7 slices of ginger slices; 2-3 segments of green onions; 4-5 octagonal; one small amount of peppercorns; 3 grams of salt; two spoons of sugar or rock sugar; one spoon of raw soy sauce; two spoons of old soy sauce


  • Under the cold oil or sugar or rock sugar, put onion segments, ginger slices, pepper, star anise, fried flavor.

  • Control the pork belly of dried water, stir -fry evenly, pour in soy sauce, and old soy sauce.

  • Stir -fry the oil for a while, so that the red roast meat is not greasy.

  • Pour in hot water or boiling water. You cannot be cold water. After the amount of hot water is grinded through pork belly, it is better to ensure more water without a stasis. After boiling the water, open a small fire to stew.

  • Stew a small heat for an hour.

  • At this time, you can add salt. I bought a pound of pork pork belly, put 3 grams of salt, and then opened the high heat to collect the juice.

  • The soup becomes very sticky to get out of the pot ~ not greasy, very red and bright, and the entrance is melted. The color is a bit deep. But the taste is particularly good.

Braised pork pie


100g of flour; 60g of water; one -half of the yeast; eat leftover


  • The yeast is dissolved in water, adds flour, kneads into a smooth dough, and fermented to twice as large. I lost into the bread machine before I went to work, and I was fermented at noon.

  • Chop the braised pork. Then the dough was divided into two parts, red -burned meat, and rolled into cakes.

  • Put a little oil and fry until golden on both sides.

Braised meat (garlic version)


400 grams of pork belly; 2 garlic 2 heads can be put in more; raw soy sauce 15-20 ml; old sauce 5ml; rice wine/cooking wine 80-100ml; salt (optional) put on demand; 20-30 grams of rock sugar; 20 to 30 grams of rock sugar


  • The pork belly is a cold underwater pot. After boiling the water for about 5 minutes, remove it, and change the knife into a uniform piece; peel the garlic and wash it in the oil pot until the appearance is light yellow.

  • Leave the remaining oil in the pot, add a spoonful of rock sugar, stir -fry the sugar in low heat until the sugar is basically dissolved, pour the pieces of the meat until the color, the fat in the meat is forced to produce (if the oil can be used to be a little bit of the spoon);

  • Add rice wine, raw soy sauce and old soy sauce to stir -fry evenly, turn the meat in the wok into the rice cooker, add garlic cloves, and press the cooking function to complete the program.

Wine brewed braised pork


3 in Bai Kou; 500g of pork belly; 200g of Shanghai green; 200g of wine (rice wine/grocery) 200; 1 piece of cinnamon; 2 octagonal; 100g of rock sugar; ginger 30g; 15g of garlic; 2 onions; 2 spoons of old sauce; raw soy sauce 2; Small spoon; 1 small spoon of chicken powder; 5 dried chili peppers/not added


  • Preparation of ingredients: pork belly, Shanghai Qing. Special seasonings: wine brews, cinnamon, Bai Kou, star anise, rock sugar

  • The water boil, the pork belly is fixed. The key depends on personal hobbies. I like red -roasted meat rules and a whole four or four squares, so I don’t like most of the braised pork. Shrinking, it doesn't look so beautiful. As long as the surface becomes white, it can be removed, about 1 minute

  • Five -flowering meat is dried, even skin, cut into squares | Please pay attention, the meat only thin on the surface is cooked, and it is still raw inside. Question: Cook it for a while, cook it and cut it into cut, should it be okay? Answer: Of course, you can cut the square more neatly, but at the same time, the good pork belly is ended by the way

  • Put a little oil in the pot, ginger slices, pork belly, forcing some meat oil | My mother told me before that ginger slices can reduce the probability of sticking to the pot, and I don’t know if it is true. Meaty

  • Save the meat and ginger and use the oil in the pot, let's follow the sugar. Guan Xiaohuo, enters rock sugar, wait for boiling, turn into sugar oil | Originally planned to use large pieces of rock sugar, worried that it was not good for melting, and replaced it with a small single crystal sugar, be careful of the sugar paste, so it must be stirred, and it must also be stirred. By the way, you can melt rock sugar faster

  • After the rock sugar melts, pour the meat quickly, big ingredients, garlic slices, stir fry

  • Seasoning: Laosa, raw soy sauce, chicken powder, dried peppers, wine brews, shallots

  • Pour all the ingredients into the large bowl, wash the pot, inject half a pot of water, steaming the rack on the large bowl, cover it with a small heat for 2 hours | The temperature of the steam can be kept in the bowl of the bowl. It will lose water overly. Slow fire can make the braised pork soft and glutinous.

  • I have scalded with a few Shanghai green red roasted meat, which is used to relieve greasy.



500 grams of pork belly; 1 piece of cinnamon; 2 capsules; an appropriate amount of onion; an appropriate amount of ginger; an appropriate amount of cooking wine; an appropriate amount of old soy sauce; appropriate amount of raw soy sauce; a little salt


  • Washed pork belly into a one -inch square, simmered water

  • Pour a little oil in the pan, stir -fry the onion, ginger, cinnamon, and octagonal, and fry the pork belly and stir -fry.

  • Pour in cooking wine, old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, rock sugar and stir -fry, then pour in boiling water. The amount of water should not be passed by the meat. After boiling, skim the floating foam, simmer for about 1 hour on low heat, and turn into a high fire when it is about to get out of the pan. Get juice.

Potato braised pork


1 kg of pork belly; 2 potatoes; various spices in various spices;


  • If you want to make braised pork, you want to make the meat and be too greasy to make the meat, so choosing a piece of good pork belly is very important. The pork belly must be delicious. fragrant.

  • In the first step to remove, you need to simmer the water, buy a good pork belly, scrape it and wash it after the skin is burned, add some ginger slices, shallots, a little cooking wine in the cooker

  • Skin the foam after cooking. This step is mainly to remove the blood in the meat, remove the fishy, and also get a little greasy.

  • Dry or wipe the pork belly, and cut them into small pieces neatly.

  • Then put a little base oil in the pot, then put the pork belly with the neat code in the pan in the pot, and fry the skin of the meat skin to the yellow bubble. This can make the skin soft and glutinous.

  • Small heat fry until it turns yellow and get a small bubble

  • Stir -fry the meat in the pot and stir fry the oil in low heat. This step is an important getting tired step. Do not omit. Stir fry until the meat is discolored and some oil is produced, then the fishy and seasoning steps

  • Add the cut ginger slices, onion segments, 1-2 petals with octagonal (you can also add some seasonings such as cinnamon, fragrant leaves, peppercorns, etc. to see personal taste); then pour some cooking wine along the pot. Then add some old soy sauce, salt, sugar.

  • Then add hot water, do not add cold water, add the water at once, and the water is not enough. Then turn to the medium and small heat and simmer for about 40 minutes.

  • After the above steps, the soup is basically dried, and a pot of braised pork will be ready. If you want to add some side dishes, such as potatoes, dried bean horn, pour in about 10-20 minutes in advance according to the maturity time of the side dishes. Essence


Red roasted meat (can also be leftovers) 150g; two large leaves of cabbage; 1 dried tofu; 1 spoon of fresh soy sauce; 1/2 spoon of vinegar; an appropriate amount of salt; 1 peppercorns; a few peppercorns; the right amount of minced garlic; the right amount of minced garlic;


  • The practice of braised pork I made is in my lower kitchen, and I won't talk about it here. I usually make this casserole because of the surplus of braised meat made on the meal haha, and then do this again. The casserole is much easier and convenient!

  • Cut the cabbage with a knife into thin slices, cut the dried beans into diamond -shaped ◇, preheat hot water bubbles with hot water in the casserole, and pour hot water for later use.

  • Put in the wok half of the oil half less than usual, because the braised meat itself has oil sauce, and I usually use a spoonful of oil. Put the minced garlic, thirteen incense, soy sauce, then put cabbage slices, stir -fry evenly, put a little vinegar and stir well, put in dried tofu, pour the saffron meat into the pot together, put a spoonful of spoonful Water, large ingredients and peppercorns, mix well, pour into the casserole together, and simmer in small and medium heat until the soup is collected.


2-3 pork belly; three spoons of cooking wine; four spoons of soy sauce; moderate amount of rock sugar; 3-4 pieces of ginger slices; 5-6 pieces of garlic; old soy sauce one spoon


  • Cut the pork belly in the pork belly (do not cut too small, because the meat will shrink after cooking, and if you cut it too small, you will find that the meat becomes residue). Then get the pot, put three bowls of water, boil the water, put the pork belly in it, and cook until the meat is discolored.

  • Pick up the pork belly after flying water and rinse it with cold water once

  • Put three bowls of water and boil the water, put the pork belly in and cook for a while, remove the pork belly and then rinse it with cold water, drain the rinse pork belly, put it next to it

  • Slice the ginger, chop the garlic, put a little oil in the pot, boil the oil until the smoke is burned, and adjust the fire into a low heat. Pour in pork belly, and slowly explode with low heat until both sides of the pork belly have become slightly brown.

  • Great the fire, pour 3-4 spoon cooking wine, 4-5 spoon cooking wine, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, the right amount of rock sugar, stir-fry the appropriate amount of water, adjust the fire into a low heat, stew for about 20-30 minutes, about 20-30 minutes

  • After the juice in the pot is fast, the braised pork is hot in the pan

Braised meat handmade ramen

Materials ((four bowls))

350 grams of ordinary flour; red -roasted meat; 180 grams of clear water; 3 grams of salt; an appropriate amount of corn oil; 1 small Tang vegetable; the right amount of braised juice


  • Prepare

  • Pour the called flour and salt into the bread machine, and then pour the water (a little bit of water, don't pour the water all at once)

  • Use chopsticks to assist the bread machine, stir the flour into flocculent

  • Start the noodle program of the van machine, stir for 40 minutes

  • Knead the dough with plastic wrap for 30 minutes

  • Divide the sugar dough into four copies on average, and rub the growth strips (this is one of them)

  • The rubbing dough is cut into two halves

  • Put the oil on the chopping board, press the dough with your fingertips, rub from the middle to the left and right sides, and rub it into a thin round strip

  • Put the oil in the plate, then apply the rubbing thin round strip to the oil, and the code into the plate into a disc

  • Here is a portion of weight, which is equal to one -eighth in the total dough

  • Wipe another layer of oil on the fine round noodles, cover with plastic wrap 1: 30-2: 00 hours (the longer the time, the easier it is to pull evenly)

  • The two ends of the noodles with both hands are evenly stretched (the method of crashing the dough into the chopping board to stretch). A good dough can easily pull out a whole noodle (here is only a part) ~~

  • Boil the water in the pot and put it in the pulled noodles

  • Cook until the noodles float on the water to fill it into the bowl (about 2 to 3 minutes)

  • In addition, after boiling the water, sprinkle with salt and cooked Xiaotang vegetables

  • Pour on the noodles in the bowl in the bowl and mix well, then put on braised pork and Xiaotang vegetables


Pork belly (nourishment); ginger slices; cooking wine; old soy sauce; sugar (more brilliant color with rock sugar); monosodium glutamate


  • Wash the pork belly and put it in the pot directly, add water, boil the foam on the heat

  • After floating off the foam, add cooking wine ginger slices and stew it. (This dish mainly eats the original flavor of pork is the simplest order of ingredients and the order of ingredients.)

  • After stewed with chopsticks, add soy sauce and sugar (three spoons of sugar and three spoons must be a little more like this will be sticky to make people appetite)

  • Add a little flavorful flavor of flavored flavored braised pork before leaving the pot. It's really simple and delicious.

Welcome to follow, thank you for reading

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