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The villagers went to the mountain to put a cow to find a pier, opened the thatched grass to see a stele, and revealed the secret secrets of the sky.

One day in August 2004, Tao Zhao'an, a villager in Linju Community, Caihe Village, Wushan Township, De'an County, Jiangxi Province, came to the Baihe Mountain behind his house. At the foot of the mountain, Tao Zhao'an found a strange pier. I saw that the cubs around this pier were clustered, but the pier was not raw.

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Tao Zhao'an, full of suspicion, pulled out thatch, and wanted to see what was strange in it. Suddenly, he found that there was a stone monument in front of the pier. The stone stele was inserted in the pier, which was about 5 inches higher than the ground. He took off the dust on the stone monument, and he saw the words "The Tomb of Tao Gong Qian Gong" engraved on it. Thinking of the entire Tao residents of the entire Cai He in the genealogy, the residents of Tao He are the descendants of Tao Yuanming. Tao Zhaoran immediately felt that this tombstone was not ordinary, and it was likely to have a very high college entrance examination value.

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So Tao Zhaoran immediately returned to the village and told his discovery. Everyone immediately reported the situation of the county museum.

Archaeological experts of the County Museum quickly arrived at the scene. They found that the tombstone was as white as a cream, 65 cm high, 45 cm wide, and 10 cm thick. Under the erosion of the wind and rain for many years, the handwriting on the monument has become blurred, but it can still see the words "pottery" from it, and the words "the tomb of the Tao Gong Qiangong, fifteen times" and other words are still clearly argued Essence

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The discovery of the tombstone made the villagers of the Tao family of Caihe Village very excited. They copied the Qing Dynasty from the provincial museums to copy from the Tao family. This genealogy shows: "In the four years of Emperor Song Wenjia (AD 427), Tao Yuanming was 63 years old and seriously ill. He was a sacrifice in September and died of illness in November. In the inscription of the tombstone, the villagers found that there is indeed a place with the family genealogy. It can be seen that this is indeed Tao Yuanming's tombstone.

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In Caihe Village, there are many legends about Tao Yuanming. This legend comes from the record of "Jin Shu · Zhou Trees": "At the beginning, Tao Kanmei, Ding Ding, the burial, lost the cow in the family, and did not know where he was. Among them, if the land was buried, the extremely man was a man. "" Then, Tao Yuanming's father Tao Kan buried his father in the place where the old man said, and settled in the local area.

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Legend has it that the location of the Taojia Reservoir is Niu Mian Land. The mountain shape of Niu Mian Di looked like a big cow lying on the ground from a distance. According to the inscriptions in the family genealogy and the tomb group, Tao Yuanming once lived in Niu Mian Di. When he was 44 years old, a fire broke out in his former residence. Tao moved out of Niu Mianzhi and came to Caihe Village today. Therefore, the Tao family of Caihe Village is likely to be Tao Yuanming's descendants.

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In fact, in the hometown of Tao Yuanming, there has been controversy since the Song Dynasty and continued to this day. And the unearthed tombstone of Caihe Village has stirred thousands of waves. Of course, the only regret is that because the words of the tombstones are small and the long -established wind and rain baptism, the handwriting has been difficult to confirm. Therefore, this tombstone is exactly the tombstone. It was established when Tao Yuanming's death, or it was made by later generations to commemorate Tao Yuanming's tombstone. Even archeologists did not make conclusions, and became a mystery to be solved.