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Pork is made of this, the nose is fragrant

Sometimes it ’s like a naughty child. I’ m not paying attention to time. The long -awaited Spring Festival in 2018 is over. I ’m sitting in the office at this time. Big meat, especially in the New Year, still maintains their old traditions in the countryside -killing pigs. This is a big thing for them to kill the year of pigs. It must be lively, because pork is an indispensable main cuisine in their New Year's Eve dinner. In the New Year, I do n’t know if there is a perfect ingredients on your dining table. Today, I will talk to you about pork.

◇ In the eyes of food, pork is eaten like this

People often say that lean meat, pork belly, fatty meat ... all come from thick and cute pigs. Some people say that pigs are all treasures. In fact, this is not fake at all. They are all different, and they are naturally particular about eating. So in the eyes of food that knows the way of food, pigs should be like this:

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>> Common way of eating pork

1. Pork belly:Because the meat is a layer of fat and a layer of thin, there are five layers, so it is called pork belly. Its meat is tender, thin and thin, thin. The most suitable for braised pork, Dongpo meat, etc.

2. Lidy meat:The linsei is the most tender meat in the whole pig, so the price is slightly more expensive, and it is most suitable for frying, slipping, and fried.

3. Plummer meat:The plum meat is the upper shoulder meat of pigs. The piece of meat on each pig is only five or six pounds. Because the fat and lean meat are criss -crossed in the meantime, it looks like plum blossoms, so it is named. The meat is delicious and delicious, it is not greasy at all, and it is not old for a long time. It is most suitable for making pork roast, fried meat or barbecue. In addition, plum meat is also used for hot pot or stir -fry. It is also a pretty good choice.

4. The front elbow (also known as the forefoot):Its thick skin, many tendons, and heavy glue. Suitable for cooling, burning, soup, stew, braised, cricket, etc.

5. Hilde meat:Here, the meat is tender, fat, thin, thin and tender. The most suitable for returning pot meat or cold white meat.

6. trotters:The quality is better than the hind hoof. There are only skin, tendons, bones, and heavy glue. It is suitable for burning, stewing, halogen, and crickets.

7. Pig ears:The fat content of the pig's ears is not high, and the taste is crispy on the taste, so the pig ears are mostly used for cold dishes in daily cooking.

8. Pig Tail:There are many skin and less fat, heavy glue, Q bombs, the most suitable for burning, halogen, cold mixing.

>> Common pork chop bone eating method

1. Strong ribs:The essence is the best ribs on the pig. The meat on the ribs is full and uniform, so the price is the highest in all ribs. It is most suitable for sweet and sour pork ribs, crispy pork ribs, etc.

2. Front row:The front row is also called small row, located in the pig's neck, the bones are relatively large, and the meat is tender. It is most suitable for soup or braised.

3. Dragon row:The row is also called the middle row. It is located on the abdominal cavity of the pig. The large row of meat is fresh and tender. It is also suitable for soup or making sweet and sour pork ribs, garlic ribs.

4. Words:It is most suitable for soup, fried, frying, and steaming.

◇ How to identify good pork

see:It is light red, the skin is slightly dry with a moist outer membrane, and the fat is white and tender.
smell:Fresh pork has no odor. If the pork has a slight sour, ammonia, sour and mildew, you must buy it carefully.
touch:The fat is soft and elastic. The fresh pork texture is tight. After pressing the depression by hand, it will be played back.

◇ Pork, how to make it more fragrant

1. Add starch
Use your hand to fully reconcile the cut meat slices or shredded pork, and then fry the pan, so that the fried meat is white and delicious.

2. Sry
When fried meat slices or shredded pork, first mix soy sauce, salt, green onion, ginger, starch, etc. (professional name "hanging pulp") on the meat slices or shredded pork. If you add some cold water and mix well, the effect will be more ideal. After the oil is hot, pour the meat into the pot, stir fry quickly, then add a small amount of water and stir fry, and add other dishes to stir -fry. This kind of fried meat is much softer than those who do not add water.

3. Add beer
In front of fried meat slices or shredded pork, first use beer to adjust starch and mix it on meat slices or shredded pork. When the enzymes in beer play a role, the protein of the meat will decompose, which can increase the tenderness of the meat. If this method is used, if this method is used, Stir -fried beef is the best.

◇ Practice time: 8 pork delicious dishes collection

After reading the above, I believe you must want to show your skills ~ So I have carefully selected 8 pork delicious recipes for you here (don't boast me, I will be proud of it ~), show your cooking time, take the time of your cook Don't thank you ~

Dongpo meat

Ingredients: 500 grams of pork belly, 1 small handle, 1 large piece of ginger, 15ml of old soy sauce, 15ml of raw soy sauce, 300ml of rice wine, 5 pieces of rock sugar.


1. Prepare the materials, cut onion sections, slices of ginger;

2. Boil water in the pot, simmer the pork belly, simmer the water, remove the water and wash it, and scrape the peeling impurities;

3, 15 ml old soy sauce, 15 mL raw soy sauce mix together, rice wine 300 ml;

4. Put ginger slices and green onions in the casserole;

5. Cut the pork belly with a good water into 4cm*4cm squares. The meat skin is discharged into the casserole.

6. Cover the cover and simmer slowly for an hour;

7. The stewed meat is removed, the skin is discharged in the bowl, steaming in the steamer, and steaming over medium heat for 20 minutes.

Return meat

The details of ingredients: 300 grams of skin pork belly, 1 garlic seedlings, a little ginger, 2 red pepper, half of the green onion, 5-6 peppercorns, 2 spoons of cooking wine, 2 spoons of soy sauce, 2 spoons of Douxian Douxian, 1 spoon of tempeh 1 spoon , Sweet Sauce Sauce, a little sugar.


1. Add peppercorns, ginger slices, shallots, and water boil in the pot. Add pork belly until seven mature and remove;

2. Cut into thin slices after cooling;

3. Wash the garlic seedlings, cut into sections obliquely, red pepper to Diccoding diamond -shaped tablets;

4. Heat the pan, add pork belly slices to stir -fry the oil out of the oil to show "lamp cup";

5. Start with another pot, stalling ginger and garlic;

6. Put down the Douxian Douban sauce and fried red oil;

7. Pour pork belly slices and cook in soy sauce and stir -fry;

8. Add a little sweet noodle sauce and sugar seasoning;

9. Put the garlic seedlings and red pepper until it is broken.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Ingredients: 500 grams of linsei meat, a moderate amount of fried powder, 1 egg, half a spoonful of salt, 1 spoon of sugar, half a spoon of raw soy sauce, 1 spoon of vinegar, 3 slices of ginger, 1 onion, 2 spoons of cooking oil, tomato sauce 2 Spoon, 2 spoons of cooking wine, moderate amount of starch.


1. Prepare the ingredients;

2. Moisturize the knife into thicker strips, add ginger -filled green onion soy sauce, cooking wine and appropriate amount of salt;

3. Stir in one direction and suck all the seasonings into the meat;

4. Crispy frying powder add an appropriate amount of eggs to water into a paste;

5. The concentration of the paste is based on the can be hung on the meat;

6. Pour the tuned paste directly into the meat and stir well;

7, stir -fry the oil, the meat that is adjusted at 60 % is hot. If you do n’t know how to judge the oil temperature, you can try the meat first, and you can float quickly.

8. When there is a lot of meat, you can't finish the pot. You can fry it separately, and finally go back to the pot to ensure the fried meat crispy;

9. Pour the right amount of water in the wok, add the tomato sauce, add sugar and vinegar, boil the fire;

10. Take another small bowl and thicke the starch;

11. Put the fried meat back to the pot, turn it over, wrap the sauce evenly, and get out of the pan.


Ingredients: 600 grams of pork belly, half of the green onions, 3 pieces of ginger, 1 octagonal, about 30 peppercorns, 3 spoons of rice wine, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, 40 grams of rock sugar, 1 small spoon of white wine.


1. Prepare all the materials;

2. Wash the pork belly, remove the pork hair on the pig skin, and then cut it into a piece of mahjong size;

3. Put the pork belly in the pot, add the onion section, ginger slices, star anise, peppercorns, add water without pieces of meat;

4. Heat the high heat, continue to cook for a few minutes after cooking, skim the surface of the surface, turn over low heat and cover for about 30 minutes;

5. Add rice wine and boil again;

6. Add old soy sauce, raw soy sauce, turn to low heat after boiling, cover for about 40 minutes;

7, unveil the cover, add rock sugar, and continue to cover the low heat for about 30 minutes, until the chopsticks can easily pitch the meat pieces;

8. Turn to high heat and collect the juice, keep frying, prevent the pan;

9. Wait for the soup in the pot to accept the degree of your favorite, add high liquor;

10. After frying evenly, eat it in the pan while eating hot.

Sweet and sour pork ribs

Ingredients: 500 grams of ribs, 4 slices of ginger slices, 1 spoon of braised soy sauce, 1 spoon of raw soy sauce, 2 small spoons of sugar, 1 spoon of vinegar, a little powder.


1. Put the pork ribs into the pot and add water, boil the water on the high heat, boil the water for 2 minutes, simmer the blood foam, remove the ribs and rinse it, and control the water;

2. Put the oil on the hot pot, pour pork ribs and ginger slices;

3. Stir fry ribs to slightly yellow;

4. Add braised soy sauce and raw soy sauce, stir -fry evenly;

5. Add sugar and stir -fry evenly;

6. Add warm water without ribs;

7. Boil high heat for about 30 minutes. The soup in the pot is gradually smaller. Add vinegar and stir fry;

8. Add a little water to the raw powder, pour it into the ribs, stir -fry evenly, let the ribs wrap the sauce on the pork ribs, and sprinkle with a little onion.

Secret sauce elbow

Ingredients: 1 elbow, 80 grams of rock sugar, 1 piece of ginger, 5 octagonal, 10 pieces of lilac, 2 pieces of cinnamon, 2 slices of fragrant leaves, appropriate amount of green onion section, 1 spoon of salt, 2 spoons of flower carving wine, 1 spoon of old soy sauce, 1 spoon of old soy sauce. , Sweet Noodle Sauce.


1. Prepare elbow, seasonings, flower carving wine, onion segment and sweet noodle sauce;

2. Wash the elbow and cook, boil the cold water on high heat, remove the blood water and remove it. If there are residual hair, clean it;

3. Pour oil in the pan, add yellow sauce, stir -fry the scent, amplifying the ingredients, cinnamon, pepper, green onion, ginger, pepper, cumin, garlic, fried fragrance;

4. Put the clean elbow in a large casserole and add the seasoning that I just fired;

5. Then pour the right amount of boiling water without elbow, add old soy sauce, flower carving wine, cook for about 1 hour, add rock sugar and salt, and continue to simmer with low heat until the meat is rotten (you can insert it easily with chopsticks), re -adjust it to re -adjusting it to re -adjusting it to re -adjusting it. Give the soup on the fire;

6. Take out the elbow and put it out, filter the spice impurities in the soup, and pour it on the elbow.

Spicy trotters

Food details: 1 trotters, 1 onion, 1 piece of ginger, 1 octagonal, appropriate amount of peppercorns, 2 spoons of Douxian Douxian Douban sauce, 1 spoon of raw soy sauce, 2 spoons of cooking wine, 1 spoon of white sugar, half a spoon of salt, half a spoon of salt, salt half a spoonful of salt , Chicken essence half a spoon.


1. Prepare the ingredients;

2. Half of the ginger pieces are scattered and boiled, washed the trotters, put it in and simmering.

3. Put the oil in the pot to fry the pork trotters slightly yellow and bubble, and put it out for later use;

4. Put the oil in the pot in the pot, stir -fry the low heat, fry until the sauce and oil fusion, the oil becomes red, add sugar to continue frying;

5. Put the trotters in, shake the pan, stir fry until the trotters are evenly stained with the sauce. Put in octagonal, peppercorns, green onion ginger together;

6. Add cooking wine, raw soy sauce, evenly stir -fry, drown the trotters with hot water;

7. Boil the high heat, simmer for an hour on low heat, put the salt;

8. Get the juice on the high fire, just put the chicken essence before the pan.

Fragrant braised pork ears

Ingredients: 1 pig ear, 10 grams of grass fruit, 15 grams of star anise, 10 grams of peppercorns, 5 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of fragrant leaves, appropriate amount of licorice, 10 grams of white peppers, 5 grams of dried pepper , Garlic 4 petals, 30 grams of sugar, 3 spoons of old sauce, 3 spoons of raw soy sauce, 2 spoons of salt, moderate water.


1. Add about a bowl of about a bowl of rice wine to the soup pot;

2. Put the washed pork ears and boil in cold water;

3. Cook it for 5 minutes after the fire is boiled;

4, remove the cold water and wash the floating foam;

5. Wash the floating foam and soak the ice water, so that the pig ear that soaked in ice water is more crispy;

6. 10 grams of grass fruit, 5 grams of fennel, 15 grams of octagonal, 10 grams of pepper, 5 grams of cinnamon, 5 grams of fragrant leaves, 5 grams of licorice, 10 grams of white peony, 5 grams of dried pepper;

7, a section of green onions, a moderate amount of garlic and ginger;

8. 3 tablespoons of old soy sauce, 10 tablespoons of raw soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of salt, 30 grams of sugar, boiled in the water without the water, put it in the pig ear and cook for 10 minutes, turn off the heat;

9. Soak in the soup for about 5 hours to make the pig's ears taste;

10. Just remove the block.