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Pfizer's Vaccine News Sends Stocks Soaring

Global financial markets experience surge in response to effective vaccine development

Pfizer's Vaccine News Sends Stocks Soaring

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The announcement of an effective vaccine developed by Pfizer caused global financial markets to soar. European and American stocks increased by over 5%, while traditional industries and banks experienced a surge.

This news brought new expectations for the end of the pandemic, resulting in a significant increase for companies impacted by the pandemic and a significant decline for those that had previously benefited. The certainty and credibility of Pfizer's vaccine experiment data suggests that this trend is likely to continue.

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As economic recovery leads to reduced inflation expectations, the success of the vaccine could negatively impact Bitcoin - therefore, investors should be logical and flexible. Despite Bitcoin experiencing a significant decline, billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller has claimed to hold it, while institutional attention has shifted to mainstream cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin has also gained the trust of wealthy people, indicating that a long-term bull run is still worth waiting for. Currently, Bitcoin is experiencing high volatility, with two significant declines and selling signals being detected in the market. However, the market's buying sentiment is still strong, and it is likely that Bitcoin will recover from the fall and continue to reach new highs. Bitcoin image

It is likely that there will be insufficient buying power, as the previous sharp drop has used up a significant amount of buying power. The story of the boy who cried wolf will not happen many times, so the logic of the rational investor is that this position represents more risk than opportunity. After reaching a new high, it is time to gradually lock in profits. In the present stage, one can still wait patiently for a new high to appear.


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It will continue to follow the trend and rebound strongly. The logic of holding coins remains the same, and the amount of ETH locked in the 2.0 deposit contract has a slow-growing trend, exceeding 50,000 coins.


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The news of Grayscale's acquisition and Ripple's Q3 repurchase of $46 million, as well as the announcement of a new repurchase plan, indicates a mid-to-long-term benefit to XRP's price. Ripple's repurchase will dynamically obtain XRP from the public market, not just from the official platform.


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It continues to rebound strongly and can still be held.


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The value of BCHN and BCHA, the forked coins, is currently lower, so BCH does not have a logical reason for continued short-term growth and may experience weak fluctuations.


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It experienced a smaller rebound, and its leading position may be taken over. A continued weak trend is expected.


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It has shown a positive trend following a negative trend, which often indicates continued growth.


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The Thanos upgrade has restored mining privileges for CPUs with 3GB and 4GB and has increased security while also preparing for a hard fork. The fork will activate around November 28 at approximately block height 11,700,000, and it is expected to continue growing.


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The Canopy upgrade will officially halve on November 18, and the halving time has yet to be confirmed. This has boosted market sentiment, and it is expected to continue rebounding.

Small coins and mainstream coins have started to rise, which means that market sentiment has fully erupted. This is not conducive to the sustainability of bitcoin, and it's time to prepare for a retreat after enjoying this last feast. The rational investor emphasizes that periodic pullbacks will not affect bitcoin's long-term bull market, but the bull market needs to take a breath and not always rise.

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