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Hap the flowers of flowers and mousse cakes, share romance with TA!

Today, the Euchain royal familyCake Training SchoolI will share with you the practice of a hollow ball flower sour cake. It is really romantic!
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Preparation of ingredients:【Mousse cake paste】Yogurt (pure Zhen) 500g, 500g cream, 70g of white sugar, 15g of lemon juice, 6 slices of Geely Diste, 3 drops of pink pigments, 100ml milk【Qifeng Cake Black】Low gluten flour 50g, milk 45g, corn oil 45g, white sugar 50g, lemon juice 5g, salt 1g, eggs 3【Cake Decoration】Insert, flowers, pearl candy beansStep production:1. The protein egg yolk is separated into the pot of water -free and oil -free pot
2. Low -sieved low powder, salt, corn oil, milk, lemon juice pour into the egg yolk basin and stir together
3. Quickly send protein. Play at a high speed first and then change the low speed. Slowly add white sugar. (I didn't pay attention to the protein, it was a bit overwhelmed.) It was just right to hit a small bend. Preheat the oven 155 degrees
4. Take 1/3 and put it in the stirred egg yolk paste and mix well.
5. Pour the batter into the mold, shock a few times, and shake the bubbles. (Six inch molds) Put 155 degrees in the middle layer of the oven
6. Bake and remove the inverted buckle to cool
7. Dalfed slicing. stand-by
8. Yogurt+granulated sugar stir evenly until sugar. After the Geely Ding tablets are soaked in cold water, 5 tablets+20ml milk is heated. 1 tablet+80ml milk is heated and opened (mirror)
9. Francisco+3 drops of pink pink pink pink to the texture
10. Add yogurt lemon juice and mix well, then add 5 pieces of Geely Didin Geely Ding milk liquid (completely open without particles and cool it, don’t be too hot) mix well
11. Pour the hollow ball into the mousse cake liquid and put it in the cake blank
12. Eight minutes full
13. Pour a Geely Didin milk liquid (sprinkled with some. Not enough) Put the refrigerator for four hours
14. After soaking the flowers with salt water, the tin foil is wrapped in the roots. Plug in the cake.
Image 3128531