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The man found that bank vulnerabilities were repaid for 11 million proactives, and planes bought luxury cars to live extravagant lives

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What does it feel for getting rich overnight? It is estimated that many people have not experienced it. A man in Australia discovered the vulnerability of the bank and used the vulnerability to receive $ 1.6 million (about 11 million yuan). The man's initiative to report was ignored, so he rented a plane to buy luxury cars and lived a luxurious life. Recently, the media interviewed him.

Comprehensive foreign media reported on May 4th that 29-year-old Dan Sanders was a bartender, from Wangata, Australia. In 2011, he found a loophole when he went to the ATM machine, which allowed him to obtain cash anytime, even if there was no money in the bank card.

In the next five months, Sanders took a total of 1.6 million US dollars (about 11 million yuan) from the bank.

Suddenly we got rich overnight, and Sanders also lived a luxurious life. He held a luxury party, bought luxury cars for planes, and helped friends to pay tuition.

During the period, Sanders was also worried about the exposure of the matter, so he called the bank, but the other party said that the police would investigate, and the bank would not take the initiative to contact him. He said, "I have contacted the bank, and they said that this was a police officer."

In the next three and a half years, no one asked Sanders to return money. He also began to fall into anxiety. He said, "In order to solve this incident, I contacted a few media to tell my experience, and then they were valued." In the end, Sanders was sentenced to 12 prison for fraud. moon.

Today, Sanders has become a bartender and returns to the work of $ 22 (about RMB 155) per hour. Sanders said, "Sometimes I think my experience is like a reality show. I finished it and now I return to my life again."