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Netease's new work "Warring States": What to create a youthful war mobile game?

Since 2016, a variety of industry explosion has emerged, and the plates of mobile game users have also expanded. The new generation of players who have been defined by the market as "pan -users", "marginal users, have begun to speak collectively. The trend of young and personalized mobile game players has become the consensus of the industry.

The passionate multiplayer PVP gameplay is a major element that attracts young players. However, after the National War Mobile Games, which uses this as the core gameplay, promotes the washing users in multiple rounds, has left the impression of "old set" and "outdated" for young players. Neither the old -fashioned or new works have not continued to maintain high DAU The hot state. How can we stand on the shoulders of the National War Game, make the cake bigger, achieve category breakthrough among young players, and create a war mobile game with a core war experience and comprehensively upgrade the user experience?

New opportunities in the second half: from national war to war

With the emergence of a number of multiplayer PVP games, we have gradually formed the national war category we cognitive today. However, the survey shows that most of the players who lost players have stereotypes such as "rough picture quality", "fighting national war on the head of the national war", "standing pile PK combination value", "daily heavy like working" and other stereotypes. There have been a number of mobile games after the National War of the National War, how to attract more real -time MMO players to try this category is also a topic.

At present, the National War Mobile Games is still a need for old players with the older national war, and ignores the needs of young players who have become the main audience of mobile games. For the younger generation, the essence of the national war is to ensure the quality of the picture, operating, and player ecology, and the bloody war experience. However, the existing national war mobile game is engraved with multiple end games. In addition to providing a multi -person PVP game framework, it is difficult to satisfy the aesthetic taste of younger generations who grow up in mobile Internet environments. The market urgently needs a new work method that can extract the core of the national war category, and at the same time the quality of the quality of young players in all aspects, the category upgrades from "national war" to "war" and user extension, in the "old -fashioned style" Find new opportunities in the misplace.

From the group to the individual, do you really listen to the story?

How to break through in a market with misplaced supply and demand to create an explosion of the next upgrade category? You can make breakthroughs in the "move" that you are familiar with the "move". Abandoning the routine of traditional national warfare and really understanding and investigating the psychological characteristics and game pursuit of young users may be the first step to start a thousand miles.

Unlike old players, the image of new generation of mobile game users seems to be more diverse: the expression of the individual of players replaced the unified voice of the group. The younger generation of college students, they have publicity, agree with the social networking of strangers, are keen on circle culture, and pay great attention to self -realization. Corresponding to the pursuit of the game, it is the high value, the simple excitement, the top, the rich stranger cooperation, and the opportunity to show themselves more. The freshness of the National War mobile game "Passionate Pvp" is not enough to satisfy them. They also require a healthy ecosystem with excellent gaming quality, creative gameplay, and providing a healthy ecosystem of everyone. A distinctive individual, listening to the player's story sincerely, providing them with a war game of tolerant personality, encouraging interaction, and opening freedom.

"True Old Iron" NetEase, how to create the concept of "war"?

As an old -fashioned manufacturer in the industry, Netease has launched high -quality masterpieces for more than ten years. Although it is a front -line factory, Netease still holds himself with "game lovers" and strives to get close to players and listen to the voice of the player. In the efforts of creating a war mobile game, the player's "Old Iron" also shows the observation and positive response to the new generation.

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Warring States》 Express NetEase "520 Game Love Day"

Netease's "520 Game Love Day" has a new open 3D war mobile game "Warring States Chronicle" that earns football, which is the attempt of NetEase's attempt to leverage the younger audience. At the beginning of the production of anti -traditional non -routines, the "Warring States" is based on the 10,000 -person PVP national war. War mobile game, strive to use quality to impress young players.

The "Warring States Period" with a 3D full free perspective shows a film -level picture and restores the Warring States Period with a strong charm of the Oriental. Beyond the picture quality of the traditional national war mobile game, and satisfy the younger generation of "face value is justice".

"Warring States" village scene
"Warring States" snow mountain scene scene

The young people who look at their faces also believe that "the face value is decided to be gone, and the inner decision is how long together." The open occupation and war setting of "Warring States" on the basis of subverting the traditional national war gameplay, which caters to the psychological needs of the new generation of players Zhang Yang's personality, realize self, and seek decentralized narrative: players can freely develop dual occupations, self -standing court courts Publish acceptance tasks; clear occupational positioning, combat method of warfare can make up for the difference in numerical differences; freely declare war, prepare for war, and even attack the enemy country. The trend of the war, after the period of the dynasty, players can also write a history of the dynasty.

"Warring States" is a new concept of "war" as NetEase. It reflects that NetEase does not take shortcuts and adheres to innovation efforts, and also shows its ambition to undertake young new generation users and make the plate.

It is reported that "Warring States" will open the first "unveiling" sealing test at 6.1. Players can log in to the official concept station ( to make an appointment to grab the code to experience the game first. NetEase's attempts may transform the players' young and personalized challenges into opportunities for breakthroughs and extending the battlefield.