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The most likely the most likely to obtain the general-Gan Ning, counterattack by crit, three different cavalry gameplay

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Gan Ning is one of the most prone to the generals that civilians. It is easy to draw cards, and there is a high probability that the searching is obtained. If the flower mats do not break down the Baiqi Camp and the Jin Fanjun, it will be full of red now.

It is more difficult for other generals whiteboards to fight red, and Gan Ning can often create miracles because of crit.

Huchen Gow is currently the most common combination. If you are tired of playing, you can try the cavalry. You can try these 3 gameplay.

1: Xiliang Extreme Edition

2: Tiger Leopard Stable Output

3: There is no Zhou Tai gameplay

This way of playing for a long time, but the effect is still pretty good, so I recommend it.

1: Extremely explosive gameplay

The battle report of this team was provided by the "Turtle Prime Minister". The combat method he brought was a high -profile version. When there was no good method, the low version could also play.

【Critical low -profile version】

Ganning: Sweeping Qianjun+Avoiding Real Fight

Tai Shi Ci: Folding the Royal Insult+violent no benevolence/hidden mystery

Zhou Tai: Xiliang Tie Riding+Sheng Qi Ling Enemy/I refuse to defend

【Critical High Edition】

Ganning: Broken Army Victory+Avoiding Real Fight/Sweeping

Taishi Ci: Smulets and Blims/Dangfeng Decision+violent no benevolence/Bai Lu Robbing Camp

Zhou Tai: Xiliang Iron Riding+Iron Riding Drives

【Bingshu Choice】

Gan Ning: Postermosus+God Machine+Ghost Mounted

Tai Shici: attacking it is unprepared+the magic machine+the prestige

Zhou Tai: Xingbing loves the people+defense+defense

The difference between high and low -matching is that the iron ride drives the battle method, which can provide a stable attack effect for the team. In addition, the military book has a magical machine, which can ensure that the first round must be shot. Essence

Tip: The rise of the Ganning Tiger Chen team has a certain relationship with the Shenji Book.

First battle: Gao Dai Taoyuan

The flower mat has emphasized many times. When Ganning crit, the formal formation cannot be restrained. The crit+Zhou Tai has 150%of the injury, the formal formation decreases by 70%, and the Ganning still has about 80%of the injury increasing injuries. Essence

Second battle: three potential array Lu Bu

There is nothing to say about playing Lu Bu. Gan Ning Tai Shi is not afraid of duel.

Third battle: Guan Yinping+Lejin

The cavalry fighting against the opponent against the opponent.

Fourth battle: miscellaneous group bow

There is no damage reduction method on the opposite side of the outbreak of the group bow.

Fifth battle: Gao Dao Taoyuan

The enemy has a formal array, and under the condition of our disabled, the troops are still taken away.

During the flower seat, he did not like to let Zhou Tai be the master. Because there was no need, you knew when he saw the battle. When he encountered two teams with a formal array, Gan Ning would still take the enemy quickly.

2: Stable output gameplay

This tiger and leopard riding report was provided by the "DPS Great God" and followed the three -round assault flow.

Ganning: Bloody Battle of Naked Cloths+Baiqi Robbing Camp

Tai Shi Ci: Dangfeng Destruction+Smith

Zhou Tai: Iron Rider drives Chi+Tiger Leopard Riding

Give up to protect Gan Ning. Tai Shici brings two control methods. The poor+pseudo report can cope with most enemies. If you have a certain damage, you can do a side outward.

[No folding does not work]

Flower mats often play with tiger ministers without folding. The actual effect is not bad, and the ability to wear more may decline, but the single -to -single ability will improve and the control effect is more stable.


Gan Ning 1: To cure and messy+generals+magic machine

Gan Ning 2: Destiny if you do not brave, victory+Tibetan knife

Tai Shi Ci: To cure and attack+magic machine+will be prestige

Zhou Tai: Defense and Tao+defense+defense

Ganning has two types of military book gameplay. Normally speaking, it is relatively stable with the machine. The iron riding drives+the magic machine can be the first in most cases. It is critical to play a wave of output first. It is a combat method such as death and victory.

Gan Ning's damage is mainly based on crit. In the case of 120%crit damage, a little more damage actually has a little effect. It is better to increase stability.

【Meet the Lieutenant Shield】

Playing Taiwei Dun mainly depends on Dangfeng. In the case of two general attacks, the probability of the peak is quite high.

【Various Luxun Team】

When Lu Xun mainly looked at Gan Ning's outbreak, even if the enemy had aid, Gan Ning's Baiqi Camp was also randomly attacked by the enemy, and it was highly likely to directly hit Lu Xun.

(The cavalry fighting the gunmen is not a stable win, depending on luck)

【Playing SP Group Bow】

Many groups of bows like rolls now. Yuan Shao can attack 180+ speeds at the same time. At this time, Ganning brings the advantage of "magic machine+attack". A wave of injuries to the enemy, Tai Shici is also easy to control the enemy.

3: There is no Zhou Tai gameplay

This team's war report was provided by Honghuang's white robe, which was a two -game winning streak.

Without Zhou Tai, you can replace it with Ling Tong. No matter everyone is suitable for anyone, Tai Shici can remove the folding warfare method with a front. Law.

There is really no good general, Sun Ce can also make fun. The intensity depends on Sun Ce who does not give you face.


Ganning Tiger Cavalry's gameplay can also be regarded as ever -changing. As long as there is a suitable combat method, the team strength is still good. This is the end of this Raiders. Thank you for watching the next issue.