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Sad! A drowning accident occurred in Linchuan! Two people drowned, and 2 people's whereabouts were unknown!

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At about 3 pm on June 24, a drowning accident occurred in the Qiangang River, Xiazheng Village, Xiaoya Town, Lintchuan District. Eight children in Xiazheng Village, Xiaoye Town, Xiaoya Town, accompanied the Fushe River to the Gangang River behind the village. Among them, The four are suspected to be drowning. At present, the two boys have been salvaged. What is very sad is thatThe two were unfortunately killed!

As of the reporter's release at 23:30 pm on the 24th, the remaining two children were still falling unknown and continued to salvage and search ...

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According to local villagers, the villagers found four sets of children's clothing and shoes by the river that afternoon, but they did not see the child. They suspected that the child had drowned and immediately called the police.

After receiving the alarm, the police of the Water Public Security Bureau quickly sent the police to rescue and salvage with the blue sky rescue team and firefighters. At about 17:10 and 18:40 in the evening of the day, a boy was salvaged at about 18.40. It was very sad that both were unfortunately killed! As of the reporter's release at 23:30 pm on the 24th, the remaining two children's whereabouts were still unknown and continued to salvage search.

It is reported that three of the four children are local primary school students and one preschool child.

Public Security and Fu Xiaobu remind: It's almost summer vacationThese knowledge parents must keep in mind!
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There are a few days left in June

Children’s summer vacation is about to start

The temperature is soaring all the way

Swimming is a way of cooling or cooling down by many people


Each summer has also become a high incidence of drowning accidents

Drowning accidents are too sad!

The accident is frustrated!

Data show,

Drowning is children and youth in all regions around the world,

One of the top ten main deaths,

Drowning also become elementary and middle school students,

The main killer of non -normal death.

The following "anti -drowning" knowledge,

I hope everyone will never use it,

But everyone in this section of compulsory courses should make up!

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How to save someone drowning? How to save yourself when drowning?

How can someone drown?

1. First immediately call for help, let more people participate in the first aid, and call "120" at the same time to allow professional emergency personnel to reach the scene as soon as possible. Unless you have to do it alone, do not go to the water alone to rescue.

2. When the drowning person is also awake, it can provide them with floating objects and pulling objects, such as wooden boards, ropes, branches, etc. Do not swim to save people. Even if swimmers and even swimming healthy generals do not blindly go to the water, because there are many unknown factors under the water situation, there may be many unknown factors underwater.

3. It is best to launch two or three people who have been trained, water -based, familiar, and understood at the same time. Do not force the water to save people. The people at the scene should prepare a life circle, rope, boat, etc. to prevent accidents from the rescuers. Those who launch water should not wear shoes and too much clothes, and do not dive to save people with their heads in a "tie mammoth" to avoid bumps.

4. For those who are still struggling, the rescuer should tell him to keep calm and prevent being hugged at the same time. It is usually used to approach the approach from the rear. If the drowning person is hugged, the rescuer allows himself to sink naturally with the rescuer, and the drowning person will let go. The rescuer should first hold the drowning person's head out of the water to breathe the air as soon as possible.

5. After rescue the drowning person, first clean up the sediment and debris in the mouth and nose to make the airway unobstructed; then check the drowning person:

——It, there are breathing heartbeats, controlled water, and it is about to place it on his own knee's leg, let his head facing down, pressing his back hard, forcing the inhalation of the respiratory tract and stomach to discharge.

——If the breathing heartbeat stops, immediately press the chest to press 100 times/minute, and press 30 times to give 2 artificial breathing. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation must be continued and cannot be paused until the drowning person wakes up or professional first aid personnel come. Especially for children, don't give up recovery easily.

How to save yourself after drowning?

1. Drowning. When you wait for the rescue, learn to "jellyfish drift", you may save you: relax the whole body and flutter the water on the water, the limbs are naturally drooping, and it is like jellyfish. When you need to inhale, double Press the hand downward, and vomit your head up, and then lower your head to restore the floating posture. The limbs moved, struggling desperately, and yelling, which would waste physical strength and drowning.

Site drift "may save you a life

2. Pour down the water. When floating up, the arms are paddling down like a bird flying down, and it is fast to draw down. At the same time, take the head -up and mouth -oriented posture. The exhalation should be shallow, inhale deep, and make the body float on the water as much as possible to wait for others to rescue.

3. If the swimming pool with a depth of 2 to 3 meters is drowned, the water falling can accelerate the floating ground with pedals when they touch, and the water surface can immediately call for help.

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