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Highlights | Innovation and Practice of Clinical Specialty Alliance: Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University is committed to creating a "high -speed road"

The Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University has grown with the footsteps of the Republic. He was born in the battlefield ambulance center of the Yimeng Mountain Liberation Battlefield and grew up in the hot land of reform and opening up. In the 70 -year history, the site was migrated three times, and the name of the hospital was changed several times, but the mission did not change. The bed, a first -class large -scale comprehensive hospital that integrates medical care, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health management.

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大学 科: Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

Clinical Specialty Alliance Innovation Grass -roots Difficulties Patients patients' treatment mode

Make up and move! Finding the positioning and assuing the social responsibility of large public hospitals is the foundation and goal of the construction and development of the construction and development of Wang Qianyan Intermediate Hospital of Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University.

Wang Qian said that Zhujiang Hospital was transferred from the military hospital. In 1979, he moved from the Fujian Government Hospital to Guangzhou and became the second affiliated hospital of the First Military Medical University. Compared with other hospitals affiliated to the University of Military Medical University, the start is late and the foundation is thin. Although the first batch of three -level hospitals in the country in 1994, compared with some deep -rooted and historic comprehensive hospitals in South China, it was not the top. "Therefore, we need to find our own development positioning, meet the requirements of national medical reform policies for large -scale public comprehensive hospitals, and use the construction of Guangdong Medical and Health Highlands to achieve curve overtaking."

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The construction of regional difficulties in patients with severe crisis is an important measure under this position. Zhujiang Hospital did two major events for this. One is to actively build a centered cure center such as chest pain centers, atrial fibrillation centers, and stroke centers. Leading hospital. "It is imperative to promote hierarchical diagnosis. Each medical institution must have its own characteristics. Large public hospitals must reflect the hospital's specialist advantage and status."

He said: "The Clinical Specialty Alliance is an important guarantee for patients with suspicion of difficulty in getting difficulty in time and effective treatment."

In January 2017, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Medical Unit". In addition to the well -known medical community and other forms, the "Specialty Alliance" was also included in the concept of medical consortia. Different areas and different medical institutions are interconnected, and several specialty alliances between regions can be formed to form a complement development model and focus on improving the ability to treat major diseases. High -level version of the body. "

The Pearl River Hospital has taken the lead in launching the "Pearl River Specialty Medical Alliance" in Guangdong Province on July 22, 2017. It has established a close cooperation of "point -to -point" in all aspects of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, and management through the same specialty of the county -level medical institutions. Assist Di County Hospital to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment, make it close or reach the level of large hospitals, so that patients can enjoy homogeneous diagnosis and treatment services with homogeneous hospitals with provincial hospitals at their doorsteps.

Wang Qian said: In fact, as early as ten years ago, it was nothing new to sign a cooperation or assistance agreement between hospitals. However, practice shows that if there is no substantial connection after the signing of the hospital and the hospital, the inter -hospital agreement will become a form. In the past, the hospitals and hospitals signed an appointment and hanging cards. The specific help and labels were not in place when they were implemented to the department and each doctor. The cooperation between the clinical departments is different. The department is the smallest structure and functional unit in the hospital. It is a specific carrier provided by the hospital. Through the connection and band of the people between the clinical specialties, the strongest and firm community of vitality can be established.

The first batch of key construction specialists of the "Pearl River Specialty Medical Alliance" are 5 Zhujiang Hospital for pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine, neurosurgery, ordinary surgery, and hepatobiliary surgery. After the preliminary pilot, it has now increased to 18 specialties including Cardiovascular Medicine. The hospitals and specialists joined by joining have also expanded from the initial dozens of more than 200 hospitals in nearly 20 provinces.

Wang Qian pointed out that practice has proved that the joint helper of large hospitals and grass -roots hospitals must be "face -to -face" between previous hospitals, to improve the implementation of the relationship between the department and the department, and even the "point -to -point" relationship between the doctors of the department. most effective. This is what Wang Qian said, "The natural interaction between disciplines." The alliance specialty should prefer to choose the urgent critical illness of the urgent critical illness at the grassroots level and the community to solve the urgent needs of society.

As one of the forms of the medical consortium, the specialty alliance is a feasible solution to the graded diagnosis and treatment, but this solution is also recognized as "difficult to execute". Wang Qian is quite proud, "Many places are doing in many places. The hardest part is how to operate effectively and how to ensure system protection. What we do is more realistic."

科 专: Zhujiang Specialty Medical Alliance badge

After the establishment of the "Pearl River Specialty Medical Alliance", a council was immediately established as a management agency for the specialized alliance. It has made specific institutional arrangements for how to achieve a win -win situation in the alliance. For example, how to refer to the two -way referral, how doctors from the Pearl River Hospital go to the grass -roots level, how to deepen cooperation, and how to introduce third -party for diagnosis and treatment technical level assessment and unsuccessful specialist exit mechanism. They have made arrangements and planning.

In order to form a closer cooperative relationship between the alliance college and smoothly communicate the channels, the "Pearl River Specialized Medical Alliance" promotes the collaboration model of "Internet+Medical", and innovates the remote collaboration of "departments to departments" and "doctors to doctors" platform. On December 16, 2017, the remote collaboration cloud platform of the "Pearl River Specialty Medical Alliance" was officially launched. This specialist remote collaboration cloud platform has functions such as remote consultation, two -way referral, remote education, remote conference, connecting HIS, PACS, ECG information cloud platform, emergency cloud platform and other collaborative platforms.

The model of the Pearl River Hospital Specialty Medical Alliance has been affirmed by domestic counterparts. The hospital summarized relevant experience, participated in the "Selection of Chinese Hospital Management Cases", and exchanged and shared at the China Medical Innovation Summit and the 2018 China Hospital Quality Conference.

The concept of "emergency" to "first aid" changes

In the integrated building of the New Medical District of Zhujiang Hospital, from the emergency department to the interventional treatment center, it may take 5 minutes to take a trip with the steps of ordinary people. However, when the emergency department admitted to patients with acute chest pain, after the diagnosis was myocardial infarction, it took only 90 seconds to take the green channel to send the patient into the interventional therapy center.

Once the patient is diagnosed with myocardial infarction, the green channel of the hospital's chest pain center is immediately opened. From entering the gate of the hospital, lying on the surgical table of the intervention therapy centers, to dredging the occlusion blood vessels, the patient is out of danger. The time window is less than 60 minutes.

"Emergency" is a strange phenomenon that exists in many hospitals. Compared with some hospitals, some people go to the emergency department to see the normal cold, some people go to the emergency department to see "acne", and some people can't sleep late at night. More like an emergency.

Feng Changsen, the deputy dean of the medical care, said that the re -positioning of the Pearl River Hospital's emergency function began in 2016. In order to strengthen the diagnosis and treatment of urgency and critical illnesses, the hospital has expanded the Ministry of Emergency Medicine and adjusted the beds, personnel, and functional positioning. Let the emergency department from seeing common diseases and fever to becoming a "green channel" for chest pain, stroke, multiple trauma, and critical emergency newborns.

大学 科: The emergency department of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University

In 2017, the Pearl River Hospital conducted many emergency assault drills to simulate cases such as severe traffic accidents, traumatic blood loss shocks and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies. With a order, the doctor duty doctor reported to the total medical duty class while quickly understanding the treatment of the condition, immediately launched the emergency "green channel", notifying that the doctor on duty in various departments rushed to the consultation. More than 10 departments on duty received the notice were able to immediately rush from various location of the hospital to the rescue site.

"Heart and brain problems, the heart and brain are the same". With the development of modern medicine, more and more studies have found that there are inextricable links between cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Research hotspots in related academic fields. The combination of heart and brain is another major feature of the emergency department of the Pearl River Hospital.

Wang Qian believes that the construction of the chest pain center and the stroke center is to integrate related disciplines. The rescue of patients with severe critical illnesses is a manifestation of the overall strength of the hospital. It requires multi -disciplinary and multi -departments to jointly participate in it. Taking chest pain centers as an example, the hospital established the heart center of Pearl River Hospital based on cardiac surgery, cardiovascular department and cardiac disease research room in the early stage. Since then, on the basis of the heart center, the emergency department, video department, laboratory department, intervention, intervention, and intervention The functions of related departments such as the treatment department and thoracic surgery are integrated, forming a composition of the chest pain center of the Pearl River Hospital.

Doctors and patients are the best guarantee for unblocked "emergency high -speed roads"

The hesitation and waiting caused by the lack of trust is precisely the taboos of rescue of patients with severe critical illness.

On September 19, 2017, a super -long thanks of a long -time maternal thanks to the WeChat circle of friends. In the letter, the mother told her thrilling childbirth experience. It is the rare abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormal abnormality of maternal fetal heart monitoring in time -sine waves in the gynecology and gynecology department of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Pearl River Hospital — sine waves. When the maternal does not go through the procedures for entering the hospital nor the family, the hospital decisively opens the "green color The channel "quickly implemented rescue, and the mother and son were safe.

This incident was less than a month before the "8.31 Yulin Maternal Jumping Incident", and the discussion of the communication between doctors and patients was in full swing. The thrilling and warm first aid story of the positive energy of the doctor -patient relationship quickly attracted the attention of the central and provincial and municipal media at all levels. CCTV's "Face -to -face", "Oriental Time", "Evening News", "Comment" and "China News" have followed up to make special reports, setting up a positive image of doctor -patient relationships.

Doctors make a timely judgment. Patients' trust cooperation, social and media reported communication in time, and make positive energy publicity ... Each case of rescue of patients with severe critical illness, hospitals and medical staff will do their best, but may not be successful in every case of rescue. Essence

大学 科: The Department of Emergency Department of Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University

Feng Changsen lamented that during the operation of the chest pain center, "the biggest problem is education patients and family members. For emergency scrambles, patients or family members often cannot make decisions. smoothly."

Professor Xie Huifang, deputy director of the Department of Neurology of Zhujiang Hospital, told us that the hospital set up a "green channel" for the establishment of chest pain centers and stroke centers, not only to let medical staff know, but more importantly, let the public know. To strengthen the public's health knowledge education, this is what social and medical staff must work together. "There must be a sense of urgency. If you do not make a timely decision, many critical and critical gold rescue time windows will soon pass."

In the formulation of the certification standard of the China chest pain center, on the basis of strengthening the construction of the "green channel" in the hospital, it emphasizes the cooperation with 120 and grass -roots hospitals with acute chest pain ability, and the functions of community crowd. In the authentication standard of the chest pain center that the US SCPC has just updated, it also attaches more importance to regional coordination efficiency and educational functions for communities and the public.

Through the construction of close clinical specialty medical alliances, a "high -speed road" for the treatment of patients with urgency and critical illness in the region is precisely, in order to implement the government's current medical reform situation, Dean Wang Qian A new requirement of actively playing a role, and a new measure for the construction and development of the Pearl River Hospital. This is also an important reason for the strong treatment centers such as chest pain centers, atrial fibrillation centers, and stroke centers.

"Let patients with urgent critical illnesses be treated in a timely and reasonable treatment, and they have heard the masses and society's affirmation and praise of the efforts and progress of the Pearl River Hospital. Feelings and happiness are unparalleled. "

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