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The countdown 丨 Luo Zhixiang crazy world Beijing Station, the ultimate carnival is waiting for you to come! Intersection Intersection

#This is hip -hop#In the hip -hop, he danced and danced to explosion

A series of professional comments handsome fans

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##101#He is a active atmosphere, a little capable

Intimate warm small details make the young ladies in Class F instantly moved to tears


The humor still exudes an unstoppable cool handsomeness ~

From host -singer -actor -variety show coffee

Have so many ways

I've seen so many scenery

I have been on so many fire shows

Wuli piglet is still the one



Flowering flower opening

Humor and cuteLuo! Blood! Xiangxiang!

Following the "Crazy World" concert

Welcome to the ultimate madage immediately

Just in Greater Beijing

Countdown 321 ...

The reason why it is called "Ultimate Madage" is because the Beijing Station is the last stop after the "Crazy World" after running for more than 2 years! As the last game, Piggy also hopes to give themselves a unique, full of Surprise, and experience the more exciting and crazy scene than the previous round:

NO.1: New Breakthrough--Director Luo! Intersection Intersection

In 2016, Luo Zhixiang took the 11th personal album "Reality Show" to shock the singing scene; the image of the variety show "Extreme Challenge", one of the "Extreme Three Essentials", is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the ratings continue to rise; the film "Mermaid" created Chinese Box office record. Music, film and television, and variety circles have developed in many habitats, blooming everywhere.

Perhaps because of the influence of making movies with Xingye, Luo Zhixiang got a lot of inspiration and inspiration from Xingye, and was determined to use Xingye to watch it and implant his director's dream into the favorite "Crazy World" music tour. And in this concert, I personally played the position of deputy director to integrate the love expressed by the relative fans into every link. Remember to go to the scene to feel it ~

NO.2: Return to the original heart -Jingwu Gate! Intersection Intersection

Dance has always been the highly anticipated part of Luo Zhixiang's concert. After playing the "Asian Dance King" displayed in the 18 -like dance art series, Luo Zhixiang returned to his original heart and will reproduce the well -received "Jing Dance Gate in the concert. ", Giving back fans have always loved him.

(Pen core ~~~~)

NO.3: Power Powder--Fancy show Surprise! Intersection Intersection

To be a "pet fan", Luo Zhixiang can be described as a piece of golden signboard for more than 20 years. Luo Zhixiang's fans are called "Wife", and they love fans at the concert as they treat their wives. When the domestic tour was restarted, Luo Zhixiang let go of: Be a warm man to treat the "wife" and design all the fansThe whole process of Surprise

(Looking forward to ing)

NO.4: Play Variety Show -High comes out of a new height

In this concert, Luo Zhixiang and the production team will also bring a series of shocking surprises to fans. He will also try to play a sense of variety and make every effort to lead the audience "wife" to a new height together. And Luo Zhixiang will also release all the funny skills accumulated in "Extreme Challenge" and "Born to Be Yourself". The whole process of the audience laughs, assists fans to spend an extremely happy night.

2018.6.2 Beijing Cadillac Center

Enjoy Luo Zhixiang with multiple characters

All the flash points that come along

Cool and handsome charm that condenses on the stage

Burning Emperor Capital


Make it again for N years ~