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Good news! Four -price vaccines for women over 20 years old have arrived! The nine places in the park can be vaccinated ~

One of the hottest vaccines this year

Non -HPV vaccine is

But the binary vaccine introduced in the previous months

The vaccination target is only young people 9-25 years old

What about the 25+ girl!

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Now! finally!

Suitable for women 20 to 45

HPV quadruple vaccine is here


And the park has arrived


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Two -priceHpvThe vaccine has provided vaccination services for residents in the park for more than 3 months. In order to further meet the vaccination needs of women in more age groups in the jurisdiction, the Park Disease Control Center has timely organized a quadrimal HPV vaccine procurement in a timely manner.

Quartet HPV vaccine

Applicable to women 20-45 years old

The vaccination process is 0, 2 and June, each vaccination 1 dose

All 3 doses are completed within one year


  • Cervical cancer caused by high -risk HPV16/18

  • Grade 2 and 3 cervical epithelial tumors (CIN2/3)

  • Glandular cancer

  • Class 1 cervical epithelial tumor -like lesions (CIN1)

These 9 places in the park can be vaccinated!

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The above public prevention outpatient clinics implement a certain price of a certain park, and other private prevention outpatient clinics implement independent pricing.

Residents of parks with vaccination needs to bring their ID cards and original residence permits or original residence permits in the park or park in the park. You can make appointments in the above public vaccination clinic. Specific matters can be called for consultation.

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In my country, cervical cancer is second only to breast cancer is the second largest high incidence of cancer among women aged 15-44. The HPV vaccine specializes in cervical cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer, also known as cervical cancer, is the most common gynecological malignant tumor. The age of high incidence of cancer is 30 to 35 years old, and the infiltration of cancer is 45 to 55 years old. In recent years, it has a trend of youth. Early cervical cancer may have no symptoms at all, and possible manifestations include vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding, and even mass. The symptoms of cervical cancer in the later period vary from invasive or diffusion organs.

Cervical cancer etiology may be related to the following factors:

1. Virus infection

High -risk human papilloma virus (HPV) continuous infection is the main risk factor for cervical cancer. More than 90%of cervical cancer is accompanied by high -risk HPV infections.

2. Sexual behavior and number of delivery times

Multi -personal partners, first -time life <16 years old, young age, and more pregnancy and multiple births are closely related to cervical cancer.

3. Other biological factors

The infections of the pathogen of the deodonic chlamydia, the herpes zoster virus II, and the trichomoniasis have a synergistic effect during the incidence of cervical cancer caused by high -risk HPV infections.

4. Other behavioral factors

As a synergy of HPV infection, smoking can increase the risk of cervical cancer. In addition, poor malnutrition and poor sanitary conditions can also affect the occurrence of diseases.

Will cervical cancer be infected with HPV?

It is not infected with HPV and it will definitely develop into cervical cancer. HPV has more than 100 sub -types, divided into low -risk and high -risk types, 50 % to 90 % of HPV infections can be immunized in the months to 2 years after infection. The system clearance will not cause long -term harm. Only the continuous infection of high -risk HPV will progress as a malignant lesion.

What else do you need to do after vaccination?

At present, the HPV vaccine does not prevent all high -risk HPVs, and there are other reasons for the incidence of cervical cancer. The protection of the vaccine cannot reach 100%. Therefore, after the vaccine is vaccinated, a regular physical examination and cervical screening should be performed. HPV vaccine is a preventive vaccine and only provides preventive effects rather than treatment.

Can I vaccinate the HPV vaccine when I am pregnant?

Sorry, not suitable for vaccination! If you are preparing to get pregnant, you should consider whether you can complete the HPV vaccine before pregnancy.

Four -valent vaccine that is about to arrive

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