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Why is there a problem with blood vessels? Beware of these parts of the blood vessels are not connected

The human blood vessels are like tap water pipes. The inner wall of the pipe will scalce and rust. It takes a long time, and it is even more so. As any development, it will gradually cause pipeline to be blocked and unable to supply water. The habit of smoking and drinking, or diseases such as diabetes and hypertension will accelerate the damage of the "water pipe" itself. Too much "scale" such as cholesterol and triglycerides will also increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaques. If the plaques fall off and where the blood flows, wherever the blood flows, it will cause the corresponding part of the embolism.

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Effects of vascular in different parts can cause different diseases.

1. It happens in the brain -stroke

Brain vascular stenosis or blockage of embolism can cause damage and dysfunction of brain cells in the blood supply area. The increase of blood vessels and increased blood pressure will also increase the risk of rupture of cerebral blood vessels.

2. It happens in the heart -myocardial infarction

If the blockage is not serious, it may affect the blood of the heart pump or cause angina pectoris. And severe myocardial infarction is fatal.

3. It occurs in the lung -pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary stomach embolism is mostly due to deep venous thrombosis in the legs, and the thrombosis falls back and blocks the blood vessels of the lungs, causing danger.

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4. It occurs in the limbs -arteriosclerosis, venous thrombosis

When the arteries are severe, the legs and feet can bechemia and necrosis, and even amputated. If the venous thrombosis falls off, it will cause embolism.

How to clean up blood vessels?

1. Drink fire hemp tea.Fireen kernels are sweet, flat, and returned to the spleen, stomach meridians, and nourishing qi, moisturizing the intestines, and a cup of fire hemp kernel tea in the morning and evening, which can reduce the viscosity of blood, reduce platelets on the blood vessel wall, avoid thrombosis form.

In addition to the hemp kernel tea contains the hemp kernel, it also contains excellent materials for cleaning blood vessels such as reasons, mulberry, and black fungus. Drink it often, which can excrete excess fat particles and cholesterol in the body. The effect of elasticity can accelerate the body's metabolism, reduce the stay of toxins in the blood, and make the blood vessels healthier. Drinking fire hemp tea can also have a good conditioning effect on hyperlipidemia and hypertension, avoid diseases such as obesity and hyperlipidemia, and protect blood vessels from the other side.

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2. Part of patientEssence Of course, good living habits such as reasonable diet and suitable exercise are also necessary for the maintenance of blood vessel health.