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Provincial experts 丨 Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital and Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital Chen Wenwei came to our hospital for consultation

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In order to allow patients to obtain more authoritative and professional treatment, Xuzhou Third People's Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital have launched counterpart cooperation, and every Friday will invite the provincial medical experts to the citizens. This Friday, Chen Wenwei, an obstetric expert from Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital and Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, came to our hospital for a visit.

Expert introduction

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Chen Wenwei Chief physician

Master Instructor

He has been engaged in obstetrics and obstetrics for more than 30 years, has a relatively comprehensive professional theory and professional skills, has accumulated rich clinical experience, and has the ability to deal with critical condition and difficulty and complex problems. Research on pregnancy monitoring and prediction, extensively absorb international advanced concepts and technologies, and is applied to the clinic, benefiting from the majority of women. The diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases and pregnancy complications of obstetrics and gynecology, and the prevention and treatment of complications have been established to establish an individualized solution to meet the needs of various patients. Participated in the research of the National Natural Science Foundation fund project and the research of the Ministry of Health, and was awarded special funding for the returning personnel of Jiangsu Province and the 333 Engineering Training Object of Jiangsu Province. More than 20 popular science books.

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During the treatment of Director Chen, Director Chen checked the latest examination reports of each patient in detail, carefully check the medical records, understand the patient's eating habits, and gives a scientific and reasonable diagnosis and treatment plan for different patients. Director Chen patiently answered the patient's consultation and doubts, and popularized related medical knowledge and health knowledge, so that patients deeply felt the high -quality medical service level of experts from Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital Hospital. Experts were serious and meticulous. Consecrated praise.

The doctor's heart is benevolent, love is unique, experts are always interpreting the truth of the great doctor, and also enjoy the joy of the patient's recovery.

In the future, Xuzhou Third People's Hospital will continue to cooperate with Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital to invite more authoritative experts into the hospital to facilitate the people to seek medical treatment and help the healthy Chinese dream as soon as possible. Provincial medical appointment phone number: 0516-61239999.

Strategic cooperation

At the beginning of 2015, the unveiling ceremony of the Xuzhou Branch of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital was successfully held at the Third People's Hospital of Xuzhou City, which marked the formal strategic partnership in Xuzhou Third People's Hospital and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital. As the largest public hospital in Jiangsu, the Provincial People's Hospital owns talent, technology, equipment, brand, management and other high -quality resources. This strategic cooperation will be a new platform that injected new vitality and motivation into the development of Xuzhou's medical care.

The Third People's Hospital of Xuzhou City and Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital formed a strategic cooperation alliance to carry out long -term counterpart cooperation. Every Friday in the future, provincial medical medicine will regularly dispatch experts in the outpatient clinic of the city's third hospital and conduct relevant technical guidance work, including teaching, including teaching Insurance rooms, surgery guidance, special lectures, etc., can truly realize that "can enjoy the consultation service of big coffee in the province without leaving Xuzhou."

How much is the Provincial People's Hospital?

Being able to be the goal of pairing of the third house of the city, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital is not a general generation. In our Jiangsu Province, and even the whole country, its name is loud enough.

The Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital, which has a history of more than 70 years, is currently the most integrated three -level hospital in Jiangsu Province. It is responsible for the four central tasks of medical care, teaching, scientific research, and public welfare in the province. The hospital has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 1 foreign academician of the American Medical College; 1 national key discipline; 18 national key specialist construction units; 1 national key laboratory; 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Health; main scientific research indicators and 1 The comprehensive innovation strength has been among the first square of the national medical institution.

In the TOP100 of the "2015 China Hospital Science and Technology Influence Evaluation Ranking" hosted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the China Science News Agency, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital ranks 11th in the country. Enter the top 20.

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Introduction to obstetrics experts from Xuzhou Third Hospital

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Jia Zhengwei Chief physician

Deputy Chairman of Xuzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Major

Deputy Chairman of Xuzhou Metapaya Professional Director

Deputy Chairman of Xuzhou Genetic Professional Director

Deputy Chairman of Xuzhou Gongsheng Youyi

Members of Xuzhou Medical Accident Appraisal Expert Group

Proficient in gynecological malignant tumor surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. The diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and dangerous mothers of obstetrics, and have rich clinical experience in high -risk pregnancy, pregnancy complications, complications, and difficulty in cesarean section and postoperative treatment.

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Korean Chief Physician/Master of Medicine

Member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Society of the Chinese Medical Association Xuzhou Medical Association

Member of the Xuzhou Medical Association Society

Part -time associate professor at Jiangsu University

Member of the Chinese Medical Promotion Association Perinity Branch

He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology. Good at the diagnosis and treatment of obstetric complications, complications, and rescue of hazardous production, as well as prenatal consulting and prenatal diagnosis. In recent years, he has presided over 3 provincial and municipal scientific research topics and published more than 10 provincial academic papers.

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Miao Yumei Chief physician

Member of the Xuzhou Medical Society's Obstetrics and Gynecology Committee

Member of the Equipment and Education Society

The diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and multiple diseases in obstetrics and gynecology has rich experience in rescue therapy and gynecological laparoscopic surgery for patients with acute illness.