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The girl is sick and the mother is unwilling to pay, just because she wants to build a building for her brother.

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"The girl now requires high, I have to cheer for my wife."

"Don't worry, I will love you well with my family in the future. Although my parents are rural people, they are very avant -garde, and people I like will naturally like it."

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"Mom, your son is so attractive. Of course, I found my girlfriend. So, I will bring it back to see you after a while."

"Our family Zheng Qiang is good and can do. I do n’t need me to take him to blind dates. I heard that the girl was very good. After a while, I came back to see us with him."

"This girl is good. She speaks and is polite, and she knows that it hurts your dad and me before marrying. I am afraid that we are tired and help this.

"Mom, we want to be better to Xiaoya, she is actually very hard." So he told Han Ya's experience to his mother.

"Girlfriend, you have told me that your children are the heart of the parents. I really don't know what your parents think. Rest assured. We will never treat you in my family. You are both my daughter -in -law and me. Daughter, Qiangzi dare not bully you in the future! "When he heard this, Han Ya was crying, and his heart was full of movement.

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"Stupid girl, you don’t know if you have no money, you do n’t know if you want to find your wife. Anyway, you are the people of their family anyway, and you have to give me a gift. I now have this money in my hand. The house has not been repaired these years, which girl is willing to marry him. "

"Mom, is it my life important, or is my brother who practice the house is important? Did you not treat me as his own family!" Han Ya's mother still insisted on letting her go to the future in -laws, Han Ya was cool to the bottom.

"Oh my god, there are such parents in the world.

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"Girl, don't see it that, anyway, you will be my daughter -in -law in the future, I will be a gift. Your parents will not hurt you, and we will be your parents. ! ""

"This child is suffering, but he is good, and meets such a good in -law."

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