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2022 Tianjin Binhai New Area Hangu New Area Hangu College Entrance Examination Social Candidates should be tested


Candidates epidemic prevention requirements

(1) Candidates who can flow freely within 14 days before the test must be within 48 hours before the exam (sampling time is June 5th and after) Tianjin nucleic acid test negative certificate can be taken to take the exam.

(2) In the first 14 days before the test, it is in the city's closed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas, or close contact with those who are positive infected with new crown lung inflammatory infections, closely connected, or are in concentrated isolation, home isolation, home medical observation, and observation of home medical observations, and observation of home medical observations, and observation of home medical observations. Candidates in the streets and towns where the city is located in the high -risk area where the city is located in the city where the city is located, the Tianjin nucleic acid negative certificate within 72 hours before the test (once 24 hours before the test, and the two intervals must exceed 24 hours) before it can be presented before) Take the test. June 4th, June 6th

(3) Candidates who have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, fatigue, sore throat, smell (taste), diarrhea and other symptoms within 14 days before the test. Tianjin nucleic acid negative certificate (once 24 hours before the test, and two intervals of more than 24 hours) before the exam can be taken.

(4) Due to special reasons, after the candidate's own application, after the registration unit strictly approved, candidates who returned from foreign provinces within 14 days before the exam must hold two Tianjin nucleic acid negative certificates within 72 hours before the exam (before the exam 24 before the exam, 24 before the exam (24 before the exam 24 (24 before the exam, 24 before the exam (24 before the exam, 24 before the exam (24 before the exam, 24) Once once, and twice the interval must exceed 24 hours), the exam can be taken.

(5) All candidates on the day of the last exam, on the 3rd day, and the 5th on the 5th, and the nucleic acid detection negative proof was uploaded to a healthy monitoring mini program.

In 2022, the college entrance examination and high school academic level grade examination arrangement form


Examination requirements

Examination training: test room rules and test basic procedures

(1) Inquiries on May 31, and the printed examination test on June 4.

Note: Use a4 white paper printing for a 4 -without handwriting.

(2) Candidates entered the examination room 40 minutes before the test.

Note: On the morning of the 9th and 10th, the exam was started at 8:30, and the 7:50 was admitted at 7:50. Don't be late.

(3) After 15 minutes of the test, you are not allowed to enter the test site to take the test (Japanese subject: 15 minutes before the test prohibited admission).

(4) The time of submission shall not be at the end of each subject, 30 minutes before the end of each subject, and the examination shall not enter the examination after the submission; it is recommended that candidates not easily submit the papers in advance.

(5) After the signal of the exam is issued, stop the writing immediately, and arrange the answering card, test paper, and draft paper on the test table; wait for the supervisor to receive the papers, and leave the game in order according to the instructions of the supervisor.

(6) Before starting the exam, candidates receive the answer card, test papers and draft paper distributed by the proctor teacher. Check whether the page number is complete and the printing is unclear; then accurately fill in the relevant information and paste the barcode in the specified location.

(7) The college entrance examination implements all the online evaluation papers on the subject. Specify the answer.

Requirement of the pen: Fill in 2B pencils for the answer to the questions. Non -selection questions are answered with a pen or signature pen with a black handwriting.

Answer area: Candidates should answer the questions in the area specified by the corresponding question number of the answer card. The answer that must not exceed the black border and the answer that exceeds the black border is invalid. The answer must be painted in the specified area of the answering card, and the answer to the non -prescribed area of the test paper, draft paper, and the answering card is invalid.

Products prompt:

Certificate: ID card, admission ticket, test bar code, health card, nucleic acid negative certificate, Tianjin health code, itinerary card. Prepare the stationery. Test supplies: pen (2B pencil, ink pen with black handwriting), no sealing sleeve rubber (prohibited to carry large rubber, prohibit answers), and ruler (prohibited from carrying different ruler). It is forbidden to bring unspeakable items such as mobile phones, watches, smart bracelets, calculators, modification liquids, correction bands, draft paper and other non -specified items to enter the examination room. Candidates can bring the water by themselves, and tear off the bottle water packaging, and put the water bottle or kettle under their feet.

Special Note:

In principle, mobile phones, watches, and intelligent wearable devices must not be brought into the test site; if they are carried, after reaching the test site, the test sites are concentrated and uniformly managed and placed outside the test room.


Integrity education

(1) Candidates must abide by the discipline of the examination and maintain the fairness and justice of the exam.

(2) According to the requirements of strict governance and law, the Ministry of Education to further strengthen the construction of the integrity system, candidates will be recorded in the "National Education Examination Integrity File System". part.

(3) Candidates with severe cheating plots, cancel the results of the college entrance examinations at all stages of the college entrance examination, and give the college entrance examination or various national education examinations for 1 to 3 years.

(4) Candidates signed the "Integrity Examination Promise", and the promise letter was reserved.

(5) Tips on mobile phone problems

The mobile phone was brought into the test room, and the test was discovered during the exam. The score of the subject was canceled:

The mobile phone is brought into the test room. During the test period, there is no sound or information receiving situation (whether or not to answer or receiving) to cancel the results of various subjects at all stages of the test:

The mobile phone was brought into the test room. During the examination, the answer was found to receive or send the questions. The results of each stage of the test were canceled, and the examination was suspended by the education administrative department as depending on the situation.


Discipline education

Strengthen respect, the monitor is the manager first, obeying the supervisor's command and management;

To strengthen the rules, to give candidates a sense of rules, and obeying the rules of the examination room is the obligation of candidates;

Strengthening discipline and affecting the answers of others is also violating the rules and discipline, and to prevent campus bullying.



1. On the day before the exam (June 6), 8: 30-11: 30 am, hold nucleic acid reports, admission tickets, ID cards, Tianjin Health Code itinerary code to the examination center to receive the test bar code.

2. When receiving barcodes on June 6, the physical examination form is signed and confirmed at the same time. Candidates and parents are required to sign for double signing, and candidates and parents are requested to go together.

3. Print the admission ticket should be printed with a clean and tidy A4 white paper. It is strictly forbidden to write any handwriting in the admission ticket. At the end of the exam and the exam, the proctor teacher should check.

4. Do not bring valuables to take the exam during the exam. If you bring the test site, the financial loss is personally responsible for the candidate.

5. Candidates should pay attention to physical health and safety, avoid sickness or accidental damage before the exam, and affect the test normally. If there are abnormalities, go to the district recruitment in time.

Binhai New District Admissions Examination Center First Branch Center


Hangu No. 1 Middle School, Nankai Binhai Test Point Flat Map

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