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Experts teach you to distinguish pharyngitis. With these symptoms, it is a criminal of pharyngitis! Chinese medicine teaches you to effectively treat pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a very common pharyngitis. When you have pharyngitis, you will feel that you feel a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. What are the specific? Let's take a look at it.

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Experts say that the throat is an important channel for the human body and the outside world. It is also the first barrier to resist external bacteria and virus prevention of respiratory diseases. At the same time, the throat also acts as important functions such as breathing, swallowing, and sound. Pharyngitis is a diffuse inflammation of the mucosa of the pharynx, which not only causes the obstacles of the local function of the throat, but also affects the surrounding organs and tissues, and even causes systemic diseases and affects health.

What are the symptoms of pharyngitis?

1. There is a foreign body sensation:The throat feeling is that there is something stuck, sticky, and sticking in the throat. What is it? Many patients are unclear and unknown. Some people say that like "sputum sticky", like "ant climbing", like "fire burning", there are "hot gas rushing", like "spicy pepper", and other feelings, etc. Essence The more you notice this feeling, the more obvious it is.

Second, sore throat:In most cases, the pain is obvious during acute attacks, and the pain is not mild during acute attacks. Some people prefer sore throat, some people are painful in a certain part, and some people only say that they feel sore throat and cannot point out the specific parts. However, doctors often check more comprehensive and careful patients to eliminate other diseases for patients with pain in a fixed area to exclude other diseases.

Three, itching throat:The feeling of itching of the throat is also a kind of "throat feeling", which is like the feeling of "ant climbing", which can easily cause cough. Cough is a self -protection instinctual movement of the human body, that is, to cough out uncomfortable things in the lung, trachea, and throat; because of this, coughing becomes the symptoms of lung or trachea or throat.

Fourth, throat dryness:According to the different feelings of each person, some feel very dry, but most people only feel slightly dry. This situation is related to the dysfunction (hypertrophy of the nerve) in the pharynx.

Fifth, often "clear your throat" or "half -cough":Due to foreign body sensations, or formed a bad habit. Cleaning the throat means that when the patient feels uncomfortable with his throat, he consciously or consciously and consciously "吭 吭" has a sound and wants to make his throat comfortable; half -cough means "Coughing", did not take the initiative to cough.

Nowadays, there are countless patients with pharyngitis. Many patients are even more sick. Some patients with pharyngitis choose western medicine treatment. However, the treatment of western medicine is easy to recur and expensive. It will affect the five internal organs, so many patients with pharyngitis now choose our folk recipes and traditional Chinese medicine methods. Generally, Chinese medicine pays attention to "specimen and treatment". At present, the most widely used method for treating diseases such as pharyngitis is Chinese medicine.

Among them, the most widely used ointment is (see the picture below, which is passed down from the past. It can treat pharyngitis on the basis of completely killing fungi, and the proportion of patients is more than 90 %, especially for stubborn pharyngitis. The role has a history of nearly a century so far, so it can be found on the official website or shopping platform.

Prevention of pharyngitis

Experts remind that prevention of pharyngitis is the key. Pharmalitis patients should maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity in the room. Fresh air should be an effective measure to prevent chronic pharyngitis. The air in the living room can affect the defense function of the pharynx mucosa, causing dysfunction, abnormal pharyngeal sensation, and chronic pharyngitis lesions. Morning, after meals, and rinse and brush your teeth before going to bed, you can keep your mouth clean. At the same time, the prevention and treatment of nose disease, eliminating inflammatory lesions, and preventing pharyngitis cannot be ignored.