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Mo forgotten during the May Day holiday, you must keep in mind this tip!

Can I go out to travel this year?

Do I need to do nucleic acid?

What are the regulations of Rong Rong?

Let's take a look at this portion together

May Day Epidemic Tips

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Whether you are at home, visiting friends, or traveling, you should also pay attention to compliance with the prevention and control of the epidemic while enjoying the holidays and do personal protection.

Reasonable planning to go out to reduce gathering activities

The current situation of the epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complicated. During the holidays, the personnel flow is large and the gathering activities are large.

Promote everyone to plan the itinerary reasonably, and try to travel in the province and surrounding.

Li Rong's personnel must hold a 48 -hour kernel test negative certificate. Please actively show the health code to the staff of the airport, railway station, bus station and other places, and do personal protection at the same time.

Promoting (back) the person who did not dinner and went to the crowd -intensive places within 7 days after the Rong Rong arrived.

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Come (return) Sichuan must sweep "into the Sichuan code"

All come (back) Sichuan personnel, except for48 -hour kernel acid detection negative proof, check health code and communication itinerary card, You must also scan through the "Sichuan Tianfu Health" at each inspection point"Special Places Code in Sichuan" (referred to as "Sichuan Code")

After scanning "Sichuan Code", the mobile phone will appear24 -hour temporary pop -up windowAfter receiving the temporary pop -up information, it must beWithin 24 hours, Sichuan completes 1 nucleic acid testing(Can be near the destination with temporary pop -ups and ID cardsTest 1 nucleic acid for free), Nucleic acid detection results arefeminineof,Automatically lift the temporary pop -up window after 24 hoursEssence Otherwise, the health code of "Sichuan Tianfu Health" will becomeYellow codeAffect travel,The test results will be restored to a green code.

Kind tips

Non -provincial (back) Sichuan personnel should pay attention not to sweep the "entering Sichuan code" by mistake. Lift the temporary pop -up window.

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Class AB area to come to Rong must control

Based on the risks, our province divides the local cities (including prefecture -level cities, provincial capitals, and municipalities directly under the Central Government) based on risks.Class A area(Enter the presence of the province's high risk),Class B area(Except for category A area, there are other cities outside the province that occurred in a local epidemic). Classification control is implemented.

Class A area

rightThere are Class A areas within 7 daysCome (back) Sichuan personnel who live in the history of living,Implementation isolation isolation until the whole 7 days after arriving in SichuanOn the 1st, 3rd, and 7th day, the throat swab nucleic acid test is performed.

Class B area

rightThere are Class B areas within 7 daysThe person who lives in (back) Sichuan personnel shall implement the classification management in the following ways:

The person who lives (back) of Sichuan person who lives in counties (cities, districts, flags) with local epidemics will implement home isolation until it will be over 7 days after arriving in Sichuan.On the 1st, 3rd, and 7th day, the throat wound nucleic acid test is performed. The last double adoption double test is negative and the isolation is lifted. If the home isolation conditions are not available, the centralized isolation is implemented.

For those who have the history of living in other counties (cities, districts, flags), the Sichuan personnel who live in Sichuan will be implemented in 3 days and 2 days (24 hours) throat wound nucleic acid test after entering Sichuan.Before the test results are not released, it is not necessary to go out or gather.

Early and actively complete community newspapers

Pay close attentionOfficially released epidemic information, take the initiative to check whether it has arrived within 7 daysClass B areaWhether there is a intersection with the activities of the case, whether to receive a reminder newsletter, or the health code becomes "red code" and "yellow code".If there is the above situation, please do a good job of personal protection, immediately report to the community (village), unit or staying in the hotel, and take the initiative to perform nucleic acid testing.Promote you to complete community reports in advance at the airport, railway station, hotel, important transportation nodes, etc., and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures.

Strictly implement the "one bright, one check and sweep a core" investigation process

All personnel entering the community (courtyard) include residents of residents in the community."Liang" health code measure, Strictly implement the "one -code pass".

Health code abnormal (red and yellow code or pop -up window) and new (back) personnel outside the province should also execute"Check" communication stroke card, "sweep" community report code, and "nuclear" nucleic acid detection negative proof.

——There is a history of living in class ABImmediately take classification control measures

——I did not report to the community in advanceScan the code immediately

——The kernel acidic acid detection of negative certificates of kernel none after the unattended RongGo to the nearest nucleic acid detection point to detect immediately

Kind tips

Community investigators should immediately report to the land headquarters while performing the above -mentioned investigation process, but they must not refuse them to enter the residential community (courtyard) on the grounds of pop -up window.

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Be the first responsible person for personal health

Develop a hygiene habit of wearing masks, hard -working hands, and ventilation, less gathering, maintaining the "one -meter line", and using the habit of using public chopsticks. Symptoms to take the initiative to seek medical treatment in time.

The epidemic prevention and control, everyone is responsible, let us keep in mind the relevant regulations of the epidemic prevention and control, do a good job of personal protection, and spend a healthy civilization, happy and peaceful "May Day" holiday!