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Helping Health Health Er Eye to carry out real -life CS parent -child activities

During the May Day, a unique event organized a unique event by Nanning Er Eye Hospital. Dozens of parents and children played a live CS competition game in Shimen Forest Park. Eye protection knowledge.

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As we all know, physical and mental health is crucial to the growth of children. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate the physical quality of young people and ensure the visual health of adolescents. Taking advantage of the May Day holiday, Nanning Aier Eye Hospital prepared a live -action CS parent -child mobilization activity for the majority of young people and parents. Such activities will help young people participate in sports activities and accelerate blood circulation to adapt to muscle activity required for growth. Need needs to strengthen the physical fitness of the children. At the same time, such parent -child activities can enhance the emotions between parent -child, promote children's social ability, and help young people grow up throughout the way they cooperate with each other and fight side by side.

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Event site. Diagram of hospitals

Dean Liu Weimin, Dean of Nanning Er Eye Hospital, said: Organizing such activities can help young people to participate in outdoor activities more, and help prevent the occurrence of myopia or deeper. Studies have shown that outdoor activities of 2 hours and more than 10 hours a week can reduce the incidence of myopia by adolescents by more than 10%. Today, the youth's schoolwork is heavy, and the popularity of electronic equipment is getting higher and higher, and the number of outdoor activities for adolescents will be less and less. This will cause children to not be relaxed by children's eyes, which will make teenagers more likely to suffer from myopia. Dean Liu reminded parents and friends that parents should supervise and ensure their children's outdoor activities, and use electronic products to avoid early occurrence of myopia. If you find that your child has blurred vision and cannot see the blackboard, he should take the child to a regular ophthalmology hospital for a medical treatment in time, and professional ophthalmologists give professional diagnosis.

It is understood that at present, Aier Eye Hospital has established a scientific and perfect "adolescent myopia prevention and control system", which can provide professional medical optometry mirror services for young people. It is worth mentioning that although wearing ordinary myopia can correct myopia, it does not prevent the number of myopia from growing. According to Dean Liu, adolescents over the age of 8 are wearing corneal shaping mirrors while sleeping at night. During the day, they can maintain good vision without wearing any glasses. If you want to better control your child's myopia rapidly, you can choose to match the MCT corneal shaping mirror. (Zhou Yunzhi)

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