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How miserable is the true confusion in the entertainment industry?

Recently, Haiqing did not step down after the award of the FIRST Film Festival. He stayed in Zhou Dongyu. CUE came to the stage of Song Jia, Yao Chen, and Liang Jing to talk about the difficulties of middle -aged actresses and called on the director to produce the opportunities for middle school actresses.

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These words were temporarily came up, not discussing with others, not meticulous enough. Some people question that she supports her private life with others.

"Yao Chen had to make the producer in person to have the opportunity of" Shangqingyun ". Song Jia has not got married so far, and asked everyone to call her Xiaohua.While investing in, Liang Jing asked her husband if she had a good role ... saying that she was not afraid to miss.

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At the scene, Song Jia was not very happy.

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The expression process is imperfect, but the starting point is good. The dilemma of the actress is a naked reality. Yao Chen, Liang Jing, Liu Ruoying and other stars forwarded to support Haiqing.

When it comes to the predicament of middle -aged actresses, those actresses who "disappear" can experience the suffering.

Remember the "Wushuang" in Wulin Wai Biography?

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Actor Ni Hongjie is already acting as a mother. In the new drama, she played Niu Meili. She grew up watching Fuko, played by Ma Sichun, and Fuko called her "Niu Mom" kindly.

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Watching Fuzi called "Niu Ma", feeling the difficulty of the middle -aged actress.

Ma Sichun was born in 1988. Ni Hongjie was born in 1978. The gap between the age of ten is a mother and daughter file. It is still common in domestic dramas.

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According to the current progress, Niu Meili's CP actor may be born in Han Tong, who is 23 years older than her.

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"Guo Furong", one year younger than Ni Hongjie, can also make emotional dramas with Yang Youning without any comparison and harm.

So, if the opportunity is missed. The corner of "Wushuang" helped Ni Hongjie to lay a certain degree of nationality. The conditions were not bad. Many people were a little impressed with her underwear advertisements and their figures were superior.

The appearance can be sweet, but the appearance does not restrict the drama.

Many audiences are also puzzled why she didn't get angry? Baidu searched a Ni Hongjie, and the popular related words were "why Ni Hongjie didn't fire."

Dahong depends on life, and it is easy to "confused". Unconsciously, when you reach middle age, there are too few characters that can be selected in the environment.

In the entertainment industry, "confusion" is the original sin, and the right to choose to hand over others.

There is a group that is as small as the living space of middle -aged actresses -draft artists, which are easy to confused. They have a new codenamed "doll machine artist".

The draft artist is like waiting for the captured dolls. There is a moment of pleasure when they are selected. After three minutes of heat, they are abandoned and waited endlessly. Although I look forward to being picked up again, there will always be more more Good -looking dolls appear.

Take the three hundred draft boys on the entire network this year, aside from the successful debut, the proportion of real circles is so small.

The following experiences can be applied to many of the landscape artists.

In her teenage, she participated in the draft and brushed her face, thinking that she would have a future.

Handsome, powerful, and miserable, countless star chasing girls crying overnight, "Beautiful Miserable Man" is the most popular.

Most draft artists can't escape the fate of "debut", the worse and worse.

To the agent strike, it is to tell the truth: "It's better to turn around, get married and have children."

In Ni Hongjie's new drama "Come on, you are the best", Hao Zeyu played by Deng Lun is a "doll machine" artist. He drifted in the north for ten years. It can only form a team with the "Cao Ting team" agent Niu Mei and assistant Fuko.

The masculine artist changed her career as an Internet celebrity and made a broadcast. The tyrant said, "If you drink a bucket of peanut oil, I will brush you a team." Hao Zeyu picked up a bottle of oil.

As soon as the camera turned, acute pancreatitis entered the hospital.

Hao Zeyu reminded you not to overeat at the cost of blood. Last month, a guy was sent to ICU for rescue because of acute pancreatitis.

How miserable is the coffee artist?

For a small character, gain 20 pounds. Hao Zeyu's fatter constitution became tortured. In addition, Niu Ma's funding is limited, he can only give him a pork trotter, drink catfish soup, and drink milk.

Twenty pounds of fattening were only the director's reason to send him and let him lose weight quickly.

It is difficult to get extravagance from extravagance. As soon as you open your appetite, you need to diet to lose weight.

I am most afraid of encountering barbecue stalls at night, it must be done first!

After finally receiving a charity advertisement, dog food can be used to get the role. Make cats and dogs, don't make coffee, and make pets at least cute and charming.

Watching the drama "Come on, you are the best", I thought it was the route of dreaming the entertainment industry. I didn't expect it to be a cruel realistic teaching.

The entertainment industry version of "The truth in the world", the line of lines is a big truth

Let Sister Fuzi say that he is educating to gain weight.

Hao Zeyu: "Are you all instinct?"

"I am the draft. We like a person like leeks, which can be cut every year."

Niu Meili is also a wonderful person. Although the role is a little older than Ni Hongjie, the women in the workplace are pretty good.

As early as 2014, Ni Hongjie began to act as a mother, and Wang Yuan, the daughter, was only 6 years younger than her. Wearing a big red and green tacky clothing, raised old -fashioned hair, forcibly dressing up.

In contrast, the "Niu Ma" is very good, independent, knowing how to use "welcoming men up" to adjust the porcelain. The young and beautiful boys paid in the past instead of indulging in the plot of the mother -in -law and mother.

The word cow beautifully describes many middle -aged and elderly men who love to watch family regulation programs.

This drama has become the new "happy source". "Come on, you are the best." The name of such inspirational chicken soup is analyzed from a magical perspective.

When watching, we will associate the popular stars we usually pay attention to, but the one on the tip of the pyramid. There are countless "Hao Zeyu" in the entertainment industry in the corner. How would they fight against "confused"?