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Mom's cry: I just want the child to be 5cm too long!

real case scenario

Because listening to others say that little girls are particularly easy to develop early. Although they grow early, they may not be tall in the future. Mother Tongtong is worried that her daughter will develop early and hurriedly take Tongtong to the hospital for examination.

Xiaoya is 12 years old this year. Compared with the standard height of her peers (female 152.4cm, male 151.9cm), her height is only 142.4cm. Although she is not as high as her peers, her academic performance has always been proud of her. Her academic performance has always been the first place in the class.

Although Mom and Dad are very happy with Xiaoya's academic performance, but compared with academic performance, parents always hope she can grow taller. Because my parents are not high (my father 162cm, my mother 150cm), I am worried that Xiaoya will not grow in the future. When Xiaoya went to kindergarten, her mother took her to the hospital for examination. At that time, the doctor made a bone age film for Xiaoya. After watching it, he said that bone age is younger than age, so don't worry too much.

When you hear the doctor, your parents are relieved. But from April this year, her mother found that Xiaoya's height has grown slowly in the past 8 months, and she has almost never grown. So her mother quickly took her to the hospital to consult the child what was going on.

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After the examination, the doctor found that because Xiaoya's study pressure and less sleep time, the secretion of hormone growth at night was reduced, which affected her height growth; and Xiaoya still developed early, her bone age was nearly 2 years older than her age. age. At this stage, there is very little growth space for height. Even through a series of interventions, Xiaoya's lifelong height is up to 155cm, which cannot grow to 160cm. The child has missed time.

At the same time, the doctor also warned Xiaoya's mother to judge that the child's growth and development should not only rely on bone -shooting films, but to do a comprehensive check.

After listening to the doctor's explanation, my mother cried and said, "I don't understand these, what let me do now, I would rather not test the first place, and I want her to 5cm long, to 160cm."

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Scientific knowledge

Height prediction cannot be only shooting bone -old films

The growth of children's height is affected by various factors, including innate genetic factors and acquired nutrition, exercise, sleep, psychology, and disease. Judging that the child's lifelong height cannot rely only on simple bone age films to predict, and it is necessary to comprehensively consider many factors that affect height. Parents have only understood the relationship between children's bone age and age for their children, and they cannot accurately predict the child's lifelong high.

Height management should be early

Human height is only 60%of the height of the height, and the remaining 40%are affected by the acquired factors. During growth and development, especially children aged 3-12, scientifically managed the acquired factors that affect height in a timely manner, which can make children grow taller. Parents are tall and have good genetic factors, but the acquired factors are not well managed, and they are not high. Parents are not tall and their genetic factors are not good. If the acquired factors are well managed, they can grow higher.

I am Dr. Zhao (BEG0531). I have worked at the Children's Physical Physical Statistics Center for 5 years and a child height management expert.