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What? Adolescent obesity = can't that?

The Chinese have a habit. When I go out and meet relatives holding their children, they all like to say, "Oh, your doll is so good ~~ Fat and cute!" Where is the two bowls of rice ?~ The stew made today, come, come, eat more, too thin! The male doll will be fattened! "Is it a high -end equipment that adults can own? of course not! The trend of obesity in Chinese children is already out of control!

According to the "China Children's Obesity Report" released by the Ministry of Medicine of Peking University in 2017, since 2000, the superb obesity rate of children in my country has continued to rise like climbing. In 2014, the detection rate of men and girls aged 7 to 18 in the age of aged 7 to 18 has reached 28.2%and 16.4%, respectively.There are almost 3 people in almost 10 teenagers who are overweight/obesity, and two of them are still men!

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Let's look at children under the age of 7:

According to the "Survey of Popularity Obesity Popularity in Children of Children in the Nine Cities in 2016", male and children under the age of 7 also reached 8.5%, and the obesity rate reached 4.9%.

simply put:Whether it is children or adolescents, there are more and more boys with chubby pier ~~

Do you want to say again: male doll, young, get fat! If you grow up, you will naturally be thin! As long as it does not affect reading! Intersection

ha? Intersection Let's not say: Children's obesity may easily lead to psychological diseases, such as inferiority, depression, and social obstacles; more importantly, children's obesity may also occur in children's hypertension or even type II diabetes, which also affects intelligence ~

Here I want to tell you: Parents! Intersection IntersectionNever ignore the obesity during children and adolescents!especiallyboy!!(Dare not speed up, afraid of turning over), just do you still remember whether you are faintly remembered. The previous article- "" Short "soldiers meet! The most unexpected harm to obesity! 》, Interested friends can look at it again. No matter how young, the boy is a man. He always wants to sing a song "Keep the Root".

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Children's obesity will increase the risk of dysplasia for male adolescent organs

The reason is:

  • Excessive fat will increase the estrogen content in male serum and reduce the ketone content.

  • Excessive abdominal fat will "swallow" a part of the genitals to reduce the actual available length.

So a man with severe obesity in adolescencechild**developmentAt onceWill it be a little worse?

The answer is yes!

Men's sexual development evaluation is generally according to two important indicators:"Length" and "size" are hair.

These are data that can be observed or measured, which can be very quantified to compare the development difference between obese children and normal weight children.

Let's take a look at what the researchers have discovered:

  • Zhengzhou Children's Hospital investigated the current status of sexual development of 3,779 years old in Zhengzhou area and found that:The length of the overweight/obesity group is significantly smaller than the normal group, Pay attention to the impact of obesity on sexual development.

  • The Ministry of Medicine of Suzhou University extracted 5059 boys with 6 primary schools and 9 middle schools in Suzhou, and found:Ultra -weight/obese boys are younger than normal reorganization for the first time (that is, the obesity group is delayed)And the larger the BMI of the 11-15-year-old group, the worse the exterior genital development and the degree of pubic hair development ~

  • And more domestic and foreign studies have also confirmed that among obese children, excessive adipose tissue can promote the transformation ofrogens into estrogen, leading to an increase in estrogen levels in the blood, which affects the development of second sex.

Speaking of which, I can't help but think of a "experience" that has been circulated by the people - "Ten Thin and Eight Congress".

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Although this sentence is full of prejudice against obese people, it cannot be said that the people's observation experience is completely unreasonable. Of course, writing this article is not to intensify the prejudice to obesity, but to twist the wrong concept of everyone in Chinese society:Children should be fat in vain, there is nothing to do with adolescents, and they will naturally lose weight when they grow up!The wrong concept may cause you to ignore the attention of your child's weight, so that the child's normal development is affected!

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The correct eating habits and a healthy lifestyle should be developed from the beginning of the child and implemented it for life, so that we can get the greatest benefit from it! If you are very obsessed with the length, I can only tell you that the length of 7cm is enough!

If your child is now 7 ~ 16 years old, you must not let him gain weight at this time. At the age of 11, it is the peak of the second sex development development. He should restore his normal weight through a healthy diet and reasonable exercise before the age of 11! If you have n’t had a child after you get married, I also have to advise you: Do n’t think that the child is fat and blessed, be careful to delay the maturity, causing poor development!

If you are still an ignorant girl, I can only remind you: Don't be overly obsessed with male stars who are super obese in adolescence ~ Fine ~

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