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Home Appliances: Crossing the country to seek new growth space overseas

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Hao Bo // Writing

With a high -speed train that has developed China's economic development, China's home appliance manufacturing industry also shows huge capabilities and vitality. With the shift of the global manufacturing industry, after many years of introduction, learning, absorption, and digestion costs, China ’s home appliance manufacturing industry has embarked on the road of independent research and development, growing and growing. Today, China is already the world's largest home appliance manufacturing base.

As the Chinese home appliance industry has become a global manufacturing base, the production capacity and scale of manufacturing have continued to expand, and it is obviously that it has not been able to adapt to the continued development of the industry around the domestic market, and it is urgent to find new growth space. After more than 30 years of careful cultivation, it has already touched the development ceiling. Only by looking for new growth space can we meet the vigorous development of China's home appliance manufacturing industry.

Internationalization: The step of exploration has already taken off

Chinese home appliance companies seeking development in overseas markets did not start from now. In fact, while domestic appliances are popularized, many companies have considered the development direction of internationalization. It was just that the home appliance industry in Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries was at its peak, and the challenges faced were huge and difficult to break through at the time.

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The initial facing the international market was at the beginning of the rise of the domestic appliance industry. On the one hand, it was the newly rising Chinese home appliance company. The brutal knockout competition is found in overseas markets and specifically intends to do it for foreign brands.OEM or ODM.

TCL is the pioneer of early internationalization. As early as 2003, he acquired French Thomson TV, and also collected the mobile phone giant Alcatel. Although it looks like a piece of fragrant meat, it is a difficult bone that swallow. It is considered a way for Chinese home appliance companies to explore once, and harvest is more experience and lesson.

Similar lessons are not justThe TCL family, many companies have experienced the experience of going out to their legs. It turned out that internationalization was by no means a way of internationalization, but the hardship of thorns. However, if there is no company like TCL, maybe going out today is still confused.

Battle Overseas: Time and Terminus already possessed

However, the current situation has changed day by day more than ten years ago. On the one hand, the Chinese home appliance industry is nearThe accumulation of 30 years of development has not only made great progress in volume, but also from scratch in core technologies, and the ability to get out of itself is already available; on the other hand Going downhill, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Chinese home appliance companies.

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In fact, the ability of Chinese companies to seize opportunities is also what foreign brands have not imagined. When Chinese companies move towards the global market again, they are no longer a follower of weaker Wenwen, but a challenger of strong. Chinese home appliance companies go out not only products, but even the standards of some industries.

Haier is the most typical representative of going abroad. In recent years, acquisitions have not stopped overseas. I first acquired the New Zealand national treasure brand Fixue Parker and then acquired the United StatesGE A entered the North American market and included Japan's assets in South Asia into its own. At present, Haier already has Haier, Casa Di, commander, GE A, Feixue Parker,JapanWaterWaitThe 6 major brands are fighting overseas. Many markets of Haier products are in high -end regions and are the most expensive brands sold.

Looking at the beauty, it is also a good player in the internationalization of the home appliance industry. It also started overseas layout for Italy for a long time.In 2007, Midea's first overseas base was completed and put into operation in Vietnam. In 2010, the overseas wholly -owned subsidiaries acquired Egypt Miraco Company to deploy Africa; in 2011, the acquisition of Brazil and Argentina production bases were acquired Midea has occupied the fastest market for home appliances and has gained generous returns. In the semi -annual report of 2017, Midea's almost general income came from overseas. Of course, this includes the income of Kuka Robot.

Borrowing Dongfeng: Belt and Road Initiative

At present, the biggest driving force for Chinese home appliance companies to overseas is the support of the entire national industrial policy. The Belt and Road policy is not only the implementation of the country's promotion of infrastructure projects. In fact, the home appliance industry has also benefited a lot. As long as the Belt and Road project is advanced, there is a need for home appliances.

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existUnder the "Belt and Road" policy, the export opportunities of Chinese home appliance companies have come. This is different from the previous companies to fight alone. Many third -world countries have not even had electricity in the past. Once the power stations built by the Belt and Road Initiative are completed, the demand for home appliances will be implemented. Including the Belt and Road projects, there are also many opportunities for home appliances such as commercial air conditioners and large -screen stitching.

Of course, the opportunity is based on the advantages of core technology research and development."Made in China", technically, Chinese home appliance companies should be unambiguous. Not only do they have the "craftsmanship spirit", but they also have the ultimate pursuit of products. It belongs to Chinese home appliance companies.

According to relevant data statistics, borrowing forceThe "Belt and Road" development strategy, the home appliance export market space has been opened. In recent years, the growth rate of my country's home appliance exports in the area of ​​the Belt and Road Initiative has reached 9%. Since the second half of this year, the signs of the global economic recovery are even more obvious, which is a long -term benefit for my country's home appliance companies.

Not to be missed. Now the opportunity for home appliance companies to go global is coming. Seizing the opportunity is the biggest strategic consideration of home appliance companies!


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