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With face value, it can also be monitored 24 hours of health: DIDO G28S Pro smart watch experience

In the digital age, many things can be quantified. Now everyone pays more and more attention to health. For some important physical indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate, it needs to be monitored. If you do n’t meet the requirements, it will be better if you can have a micro -device with you to do these things. Recently, I saw such a device in the three eye test: Dido G28S Pro smart watch. It is simple and generous. In addition to being able to record daily exercise data, the key is to monitor ECG blood pressure 24 hours. Isn't this what I need?

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Speaking of DIDO, maybe some friends are not very familiar with this brand. In fact, he was earlier than Xiaomi and Huawei. He released the first heart rate detection smart sports bracelet, and then released the world's first blood oxygen detection bracelet. In recent years He has continuously launched blood glucose watches and hypertension watches leading in the industry.

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On the back of the box, the main features of this DIDO G28S Pro smart watch are detailed, including 1.4 inch square screen, rich dial, ultra -long battery life, heart rate detection, IP67 waterproof, multiple sports mode, body surface temperature, ECG ECG ECG , Physiological cycle management, etc., can be regarded as a masterpiece.

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The Dido G28S Pro smart watch has a variety of colors to choose from. I want a white model. I feel that this light color is more suitable for girls, and it is not obtrusive with various clothes.

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This is the family portrait of the Dido G28S Pro. It can be said to be very concise. In addition to the watch body, it is mainly a USB charging cable, and there are also manuals and warranty cards.

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The USB charging line is the only accessory of this watch. It uses a magnetic design. When charging, you only need to close the interface of the metal contact near the back of the watch, which can be automatically adsorbed, which is very convenient.

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Dido G28S Pro's dial adopts a square design, which looks particularly stylish and more suitable for urban style.

The appearance design of the Dido G28S Pro uses a minimalist style. From the front, it is a whole screen, which is quite apple. The size of this screen is 1.4 inches, which can be fully touching the screen operation.

The strap of Dido G28S Pro is made of silicone. Although it looks pretty ordinary, it has a delicate touch like baby skin. There are many reserved holes on the strap, which can ensure that all kinds of thick wrists can be worn.

The strap of the DIDO G28S Pro uses a quick -disassembly design. You can see a buckle at the axis. You can remove it with your fingers. Therefore, if you change the strap, you can get it. Essence

The two sides of the watch are the control area, where the left side is the power button, the main function is to open, shut down, bright screens and return to the main interface, and the right side is the electrode box for this watch's unique ECG monitoring.

The back of the watch is mainly the charging interface and health detection device. This is also the core technology of Dido G28S Pro. It can monitor multiple health indicators such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, body temperature, breathing, and even capture cardiovascular data in all directions.

Watches need to be worn for a long time, so comfort is essential except for functions. The strap of the DIDO G28S Pro uses the "inner buckle" method, so that the growing part does not need to be fixed without additional buckles, it is pretty good.

Where the dial is combined with the strap, there is a natural arc, which is comfortable to wear, and it will not feel like it.

The appearance of the DIDO G28S Pro smart watch is relatively urban style, which is very fashionable, so there are many scenes suitable for wearing. Whether it is daily leisure, sports or office commuting, it does not seem to have any sense of disobedience, so compared to those professional sports watches, it, it, it The higher the usage rate.

DIDO G28S Pro, as a smart watch, has a very rich built -in function, so the control is particularly important. Its main operation method is a combination of touch screen and physical buttons. Among them, the touch screen is of course the most used. It can be clicked or slid, and the smoothness is very good without any jerky feeling.

The Dido G28S Pro is equipped with a 1.4 -inch color touch screen. The contrast is relatively high. The brightness can be set freely. In the case of highlighting the sun, the screen can be easily seen in the sun. Of course, the effect in the night is even more beautiful.

DIDO G28S Pro comes with three dials. You can also download richer dials through the APP. Both pointer and digital categories can be selected according to your preferences.

Raising the wrist bright screen is generally the function of sports watches. The key is to see if it is sensitive and easy to use. During the use process, I think that the Dido G28S Pro is still doing well. There is no response.

Dido G28S Pro provides exclusive records of 10 indoor and outdoor sports mode, covering most of the type of sports, and the data records are also very comprehensive, such as the average speed of running, the calories consumed, and even the map trajectory of the map. Record.

DIDO G28S Pro is the core function in health. The monitoring data it provides includes heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, body temperature, breathing, sleep, and female physiological cycle. Lorenz's scattered point is relatively rare, which allows us to better understand our health data.

The Dido G28S Pro uses a new ECG+PPG monitoring technology to collect cardiac biological electrical signals, which requires the electrode film on the right side of the watch.

Whether you are at home, office, or outdoors, you can monitor the rate of ⼼ anytime, anywhere, and can also form an ECG. In my opinion, it is really a very practical function.

When I go out, I will bring a blood pressure meter by my side. With the DIDO G28S Pro smart watch, I can save a device. I compare it. It is small and the result of the measurement of the home sphygmomanometer is very small. It is used to determine There is no problem with blood pressure.

The key is that the DIDO G28S Pro can conduct 24 hours of detection of these health data. In the APP, the detailed curve of various data such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, body temperature, and sleep can be made according to the data obtained. It is indeed a healthy assistant who brought around.

DIDO G28S Pro supports IP67 level waterproof. It is no problem to cope with the water splashing scene in life, or the sweat and rainwater outdoor sweat and rainwater.

Finally, I want to talk about the battery life of the watch. DIDO G28S Pro has adopted advanced frequency fixed -frequency technology. If it is only standby, it can be used for a maximum of two weeks. There is no problem in the case of electricity for about four consecutive days. I am still very satisfied with such battery life.

The Dido G28S Pro experience is about to come to an end. In my opinion, its simple and stylish square dial is more suitable for urban style. In terms of control, the touch screen is very smooth and smooth, coupled with the cooperation of the physical buttons, it can also be freely cope with the functional menu. Besides, it has a new ECG+PPG monitoring technology that can collect cardiac biological electrical signals, which increases by 160%accuracy. In addition, there are many data such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing, and sleep. Coupled with a powerful APP, you can check the detailed data change curve at any time, which is simply a healthy assistant around you.

If there is any regret for this watch, I think the main texture of the dial is still to be strengthened, and it is not resistant to it. I hope that I want to align with Apple as much as possible to create a domestic smart watch boutique.