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Zhu Yin: Huang Guanzhong is the hero who marrys me in the colorful clouds

We all know Huang Guanzhong. He is a former member of the Beyond band. Although he is not so handsome, the charm when singing is unavoidable. The main thing is that his wife is our Zixia Fairy Zhu Yin. Zhu Yin plays the role of the Zixia Fairy in the Westward Journey to the public. inside.

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Huang Guanzhong and Zhu Yin have been married for many years and have a daughter named Huang Ying. Recently, Huang Guanzhong took his daughter to participate in the "Think about the way!" Dad "This show. Earlier, some netizens took pictures of their family of three at the airport. In the picture, Huang Guanzhong seemed to take Huang Ying to participate in the show, but Huang Ying was reluctant to embrace his mother and mother, and I have to say that netizens are still very loving. I look forward to the performance in their father and daughter show! It is said that Huang Ying is very loved during the shooting process, let's pay attention together!

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Let's talk about the marriage between Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong. They were married in 2012. After marriage, Zhu Yin slowly faded out of the film and television industry. At home, he was at home. It is said that Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong knew because they were neighbors. Once found a dog at the door of the house, thinking it was a stray dog, and then he hugged the home. Who knew the next day the community building again. I found a dog search for the dog, and then she sent the dog back again.

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In this way, they knew it. I usually say hello when I see it, but I am not familiar with it. After staying for a long time, I was slowly familiar, and then Huang Guanzhong began to chase her. Zhu Yin said that they thought they were enthusiastic and fierce, but Huang Guanzhong was the kind of thin water flow. I didn't expect it at all. It is this slow love that makes Zhu Yin feel that this is the relationship she wants.

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Once the show, Venus asked Zhu Yin, do you think Huang Guanzhong is the hero who marrys you in the colorful clouds? Zhu Yin answered without hesitation at the time: Yes! We all know that Zhu Yin's ex -boyfriend is Zhou Xingchi, but because the values are different from all kinds of recognition of the emotional concept. So it was not in the end. In a certain interview, Zhou Xingchi also said that the most memorable thing was Zhu Yin. If he could come back again, he would choose to return to the beginning. As Zhu Yin said, Huang Guanzhong was the kind of person who would put all his minds on me. He was just for me. Seeing this here, I think Huang Guanzhong is really a model of a good man. Whenever Zhu Yin mentioned that Huang Guanzhong was happy, maybe this is how he married love!