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The goddess Zhu Yin takes a selfie with a short hair and laughs like a flower is still the appearance of Zixia Fairy

The goddess Zhu Yin took a selfie. On March 15th, Hong Kong actress Zhu Yin showed a set of selfies on Weibo and posted: "I love to laugh, control his wrinkles and not wrinkles!"

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In the photo, the goddess Zhu Yin has a short hair, facing the shot and laughing like a flower, it is already like the former Zixia fairy. Netizens have also said, "How can you have wrinkles in Zhu Yin, or the appearance of a girl."

Zhu Yin and Beyond member Huang Guanzhong married in 2012. In the same year, she gave birth to her daughter Huang Ying. Now, the little yellow warbler is 5 years old. Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong often exposed their daughters generously on social networking sites.

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Zhu Yin's appearance closing the red carpet Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xin

Character introduction

Zhu Yin, born in Hong Kong on October 25, 1971, is a Chinese film and television actress and singer, graduated from the Department of Drama Department of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

In 1991, he participated in his first film "Escape from School of Escape 2" and officially debuted. In 1993, he won the Top Ten Most Popular Television Artist Award. In 1994, he entered the audience's attention with the martial arts drama "Heroes of the Condor Heroes". In 1995, he got more attention for playing the Zixia Fairy in the costume comedy "Journey to the West". In 1996, he released his first solo album "Earthquake" and starred in the fashion drama "Integrity Action Group" in the same year. In 1999, he was nominated for Best Actress in the 36th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award with the action film "Life Hawthrous Fit". In 2002, he starred in the martial arts drama "Xiao Shiro". In 2009, he played Zixia Fairy again in the costume film "Yueguang Treasure Box". In 2011, he starred in the costume drama "The Great Life of the Datong Shuanglong Biography". He married Huang Guanzhong in 2012 and faded out of the performing arts circle after marriage.

personal life

In 1992, Zhu Yin met Zhou Xingchi for the movie "Escape from School of Escape 2", and then the two fell in love. In 1995, Zhu Yin and Zhou Xingchi broke up.

In 1998, Zhu Yin found a stray dog at his doorstep. After seeing the dog owner's dog's notice, Zhu Yin sent the stray dog immediately and found that the dog's owner was the guitarist Huang Guanzhong. Love.

On October 23, 2012, Zhu Yin gave birth to a daughter; on October 25, Huang Guanzhong stated that and Zhu Yin had completed the marriage registration procedure. On January 28, 2013, Zhu Yin revealed that her daughter was named Huang Ying.