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Zhou Xingchi is more than half of the year, why is it "her" because of the delay in marrying the inside story?

Zhou Xingchi did not marry the inside story for life, and the truth was waiting for her. There are many actresses who have passed the relationship with Zhou Xingchi, including Mo Wenwei, Zhu Yin, Lan Jieying, etc., but now most of them have found a good destination, but Xingye is full of body. Zhou Xingchi is now 53 years old. Why isn't he married yet? Is he hidden marriage or is waiting for someone?Zhou XingchiMiss Zhu Yin for lifeMisplyingInside story

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Women, career and money, Zhou Xingchi is not lacking, why do you not marry for life? Some people say that he missed someone, so he would not marry a second woman; some people said that he did not want to get married and like a person's life; What is the reason that causes Zhou Xingchi not to marry? Xiaobian believes that the first one may be more credible!

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The real reason for Zhou Xingchi to not get married can be found in his movie works. He actually did not marry because he missed the person worthy of his cherish life, and the girl he missed was most likely Zhu Yin.

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And senior filmmakers have broke the news that Xingye has been unforgettable Zhu Yin after breaking up. In order to rebuild the old good at the door of a hotel elevator in Taiwan, he took Fan Ye's youthful biological mask to wait for Zhu Yin, but Zhu Yin avoided the side door and left the side door. Essence

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Earlier, a segment of Zhou Xingchi was circulated on the Internet. The only unforgettable "Xingye" explosion was the old love Zhu Yin, and he praised Zhu Yin's acting skills than himself. " Xingye word beads, sentence curves. It can't help but remind people of Zhou Xingchi in "Journey to the West" of the classic confession of Zixia Fairy and the love that has passed.