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Story 丨 My Superstar

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He, cold and handsomeness, funny. He will bow at 90 degrees no matter whether you see it. He was determined to be the best Rap at the age of eight. He squatted silently in the background after the concert.
He, all kinds of high cold and handsome at the concert.

He was just a small child under the stage.
He didn't know how many people were scolded.
He, he kept walking strongly.
He will stay up late for fans.
He will get all kinds of hair for fans.
He, he has a lot of tattoos but does not mean that he is bad. He, his tattoo has a lot of meaning.
He was framed without fans.
However, you have never thought about it, a star, with a mobile phone against his face, very uncomfortable. Besides, he was talked about China to come to fish, but you thought about it, let a star come to a country with a black powder for, for VIP.
He, why not come to China often to start a concert. His answer is that there are many black powder in China. Every time he comes to China, he has carefully selected red clothing.
He served for the motherland, showing that he was patriotic. I didn't see any stars to serve during the Chinese war, even if he was not Chinese.
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He is a miracle.
He is distributed around the world with his fans.
Someone asked, what is happiness? -I answers, watching him laugh is happiness.
Some people ask, what is pain? -I answers, seeing him crying is pain.
Some people ask, what is happiness? -I answers, listening to his song is happy.
Some people ask, what is trouble? -I answers, he is upset that I am troublesome.
Someone asked, who is your world? -I answers, he is my power world.
Someone asked, what is a lifetime? -I answers, he is my life.
Some people ask, what is angry? -I answers, he is angry when he sees someone hacking.
No one gives you the right to hack him. Maybe I can't go to all his concerts.
Maybe I am not the one who loves him the most. Maybe I am not the oldest person who loves him.
Maybe I can't laugh with him.
Maybe I can't cry with him.
Maybe I can't bring him comfort.
Maybe I am not the one who knows him most. Perhaps my concert has no chance to go at a time. However, I will love him forever, my superstar.
Those who are still hacking,
Do you know that he left his parents when he was 6 years old.
Do you know that he promises to be the best person in the world at the age of 8.

Do you know that he was officially debuted as a child group when he was 13 years old.
Do you know that he has done SM for two years and has been a six -year trainee in YG.
Do you know how much he wants to experience the life of school, want to go to spring tour with his classmates, and want to participate in graduation trip.
Do you know that he has a bamboo horse called Yongpei?
Do you know that he stayed in the cold practice room for a night in order to accompany Yongpei.
Do you know how happy and excited when the five of them form a combination, called BIGBANG.
Do you know how much he loves her mother, sister and father.
Do you know that he wrote a song "But I Love You" for his girlfriend after leaving
Do you know that he was a man who wrote "Lies" overnight.
Do you know how sad he was when Japan framed his drug abuse. He didn't know why everything happened to him, and he did anything wrong.
Do you know that he said, "Why is it related to my Quan Zhilong?" Dripping blood, those who criticized him were nothing more than jealous of him. He felt that he was young and shouldn't have so much, but what he had was obtained by his own strength.
Do you know how glorious he is in front of the stage, but he can bow 90 degrees of 90 degrees in front of the stage or behind the scenes.
Do you know that 2.6 billion people in the world love Quan Zhilong.
Do you know that the BIGBANG6 series sold 180,000 in Taiwan a day.
Do you know that when Quan Zhilong won the EMA European International Music Award in BIGBANG, he excitedly spoke the award speech in Korean.
Do you know that this child is in a bad mood and love chocolate, and in winter loves ice cream.
Do you know that when the YG light is extinguished, only Zhilong's studio light is still on.
Do you know how worried he was after Da Cheng suffered a car accident, just like he was passed on toxicity.
Do you know that no one can framed him without an unwillingness.
Do you know that no one can hurt him unscrupulously.
South Korea exploded in 1987, T.O.P was born
In 1988, the American dust explosion G-DRAGON, Taeyang was born
In 1989, the strongest battleship in the United States exploded, and Dacheng was born
In 1990, the Danish ferry exploded, and Seungri was born
Bigbang debuted in 2006, the universe exploded
This is accidental, or it is destined to
Your life is destined to be extraordinary
You are the Big Bang of the Universe
Having the strongest popularity
We have the most popular idol -Bigbang
Have the most beautiful name -VIP
We adhere to the promise
The world exploded again after seven years
Waiting for your strong return
We have a common belief
BIGBANG's encouragement
It is the most powerful driving force for Crown
In seven years, I would like to accompany Bigbang for a long time.
Zhilong is our idol, not only because of his appearance, but more that he taught us a lot of things, his talents, his efforts, his not giving up, his courtesy, his pride ...
He is very good to the fans. He has that charm that makes us like him for a long time.
Although we are not people in a country, the spirit does not distinguish between the borders, and the idol does not distinguish between the borders, and the music is even more so.
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G-Dragon Quan Zhilong,
You are the only courage I am in this hypocritical world.
You are the only light I am in this weak reality.

You are the obsession of always holding at the intersection of countless hovering.
Where you have you and the time you read, you are brave enough.
[I wish you in good faith in this world, My Superstar.
I hope you can meet someone who loves you, the person you love can have a happy life. ]
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From VIP ---Wu Fang TODAY

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