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This group of post -90s let "Journey to the West" burst into the Internet again, watching everyone crying

Some time ago, Jun Jun has shared with you a Weibo -level video of a Weibo clicks.

A group of young people from China adapted "Journey to the West" in their own way, paying tribute to this eternal classic with exquisite dancing posture.

China's RMB dance tribe uses dance to pay tribute to "Journey to the West"

Whether it is the inexplicable "only you", the climax "The Lonely Shadow of the Heaven and the Earth", the resentment of "Life Love" ...

Each music sounds ripples in their hearts.

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The performance of the dancer's investment is even more every few seconds, and the audience in the audience screamed.

Because these truly memories not only belong to those dedicated dancers, but also the whole of tens of millions of Taiwan.

Sure enough, this RMB dance group named China has conquered the international competition and won the runner -up of the competition.

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You must not have thought that when you watch this video, Guan Jun has always kneeling.

As for you asking why Guan Jun gave up his knees, I can only tell you:

Everyone TM has the past, but this TM is youth!

Passing the youth more than us outside the screen.

The former Supreme Treasure suddenly realized that it was already a white head, and the Fairy Zixia had already been a mother, and Bai Jingjing finally married his first love.

Only the song "Love in Life" sang over and over again, as yesterday, never gone far ...

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White Shoufang Wu Zhou Xingchi

In the year of filming "Journey to the West", Zhou Xingchi was 32 years old.

Today, the 55 -year -old Xingye is still in a hurry, and his emotional life is rarely exposed, but controversy is constant.

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Xingye once said that if he came from scratch, he hoped that he would not be so busy.

The implication, because of his youngness, he had missed his life in a hurry.

Somehow, his expression at the time was like Sun Wukong who lost his lover in the movie, even though he was more powerful, but he was unable to return to heaven!

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Perhaps at the end of the film, Sun Wukong possessed a kiss on a girl like Zixia, which can be seen as a letting go.

When he picked up the iron rod and walked out of the dust without his head, he let go of her for the first time.

From the Flame Mountain to the water curtain hole, Goku has passed through for five hundred years to see the broken red face.

And Zhou Xingchi used most of his life and still couldn't see the love of this evil.

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In 2013, the movie "Journey to the West" directed by Xingye was released, and the theme was completely different from "Journey to the West".

However, he did not rewrite the theme song, but still used the previous "Life Love". When discussing the script, he also insisted on asking Tang Seng to say the line of Goku.

Some people say he will be willful, but Zhou Xingchi is alone.

If he asked Tang Seng to say more than ten years ago, Sun Wukong did not say anything to Zixia, and he had to finish the endless singing twenty years ago.

He deliberately instructed to add a sentence in the lyrics: "From before until now, love is still there."

Xingye movie mixed shear video

The answers between Zhou Xingchi and Chai Jing have been talked about by countless contemporary youths.

For the classic "I love you for ten thousand years", Chai Jing asked Zhou Xingchi: "Can I understand, it is an idea that I can't help telling. I just want to say what I want to say in my life at this time? "

Zhou Xingchi wants to use the mouth of the Tang monk to say what Goku has never finished saying that year

Zhou Xingchi didn't rush to answer, but asked, "Do you feel this?" Chai Jing smiled and admitted.

At this time, something that everyone couldn't think of.

Zhou Xingchi's eyes were suddenly bright, he said, "Thank you, thank you."

Thank you for a few consecutive sentences, but you can see a little sad ...

The color is color, but for thousands of years, several people can realize the emptiness ...

Twenty -three years of words Zixia

Twenty -three years, the life of Zixia Fairy Zhu Yin has embarked on the opposite path.

The story of her and Huang Guanzhong has been talked about by countless fans and fans.

One is the rock singer on the stage. One is a smiley Zixia fairy. Their love is not strong, but every small detail is full of happiness.

Later, the young rock youth became a warm dazzling wife and madness, watching the once aura Zixia fairy with a warm firework atmosphere.

It turns out that love can really change a person.

I have watched Zhu Yin in a program without concealing the love for Huang Guanzhong in the show.

She described her love like this: "No matter what the love you meet, you must love it once, falling to full body, the bones are broken, because it is dead!"

Huang Guanzhong once said a "fascinating" love words: "I'm so unlucky, I work harder than others, probably because all my luck is used to meet her."

And Zhu Yin also has a classic words that can be regarded as a response: "If you find that you are getting more and more beautiful in the mirror, then congratulations, you are looking for the right person!"

This is another version of the story of the Westward Journey. Five hundred years later, Zixia "died of death and then lived", and finally found her Supreme Treasure.

After life and death, the two finally became a pair of immortal relatives. The westward demon and the scripture have nothing to do with me!

I love my life

In a sense, "Journey to the West" is "Love in Life".

Xitian asked that it was to cut off the delusion, but in the end, he found that he couldn't sing his life for his life.

Last year, Lu Guanting, the original singing of "Love in Life", opened a singing concert with the theme of Beyond Imagination. At the age of 66, he sang this long -lost classic work with the guitar.

When the sound of the guitar of sadness came out, the classic clip of "Journey to the West" always jump into his mind unconsciously. Lu Lao's simple guitar accompaniment with vicissitudes of vicissitudes is intoxicating.

In the second half of the addition of erhu, the sad atmosphere immediately highlighted, listening to the completeness of the full emotion, but more moved!

Whether it is the dance version of "Journey to the West" or the singing version of "Life Love", in fact, it is the same story.

You have loved, painful, or good merit, or endless, but the taste of chewing is indeed unable to taste it for you.

This is why Lu Guanting, who is over the years, or a young dancer in his teens, chose to interpret the legend after another in his own way.

That's because every era has such stories.

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