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Netizens shouted Xu Dongdong: Does it live beautifully? Amazing 嫂 大 大 大 大

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Xu Dongdong has always been one of the highly popular actresses in the entertainment industry. Everyone discusses her appearance and figure. It is precisely because of these two points that the audience and netizens have more words to Xu Dongdong.

Recently, some netizens asked Xu Dongdong's blog post: "Dongdong, do you think you live beautiful?" You can see that asking such a question must be Xu Dongdong's fans, and often pay attention to her Weibo dynamics. Wisdom answers, let everyone feel positive energy and warmth again. She replied: "Actually, the one is not long. Since it is here, I don't intend to go back alive, so I have to live myself and live beautiful!"

Seeing such a wonderful answer to their idols, netizens also responded to "support Dongbao, beautiful people, live beautiful", "Beautiful living in the wind and rain is yourself", "Beautiful and beautiful, and you are beautiful. Both are both ", fans' answers are very warm. Under Xu Dongdong's inspirational quotes, their fans are also positive. This is the power of idols.