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Does the Lakers still actively pursue the previous control of 4.3 million to sign him?

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On July 12, Beijing time, according to the Wo Shen report, after reaching a contract with the non-limited free free player KCP, the Los Angeles Lakers are still trying to sign the free player defender La Jane.

The Lakers got the list of the Langzo Ball at the Draft this year, and Ball will become the launch guard of the Lakers' new season.

At the same time, the Lakers are still working hard to strengthen the backcourt lineup. They have reached a $ 18 million contract with non -limited free free player KCP.

Although the joining of KCP has enhanced the Lakers' wing position and outside shot, the Lakers still need to find an experienced veteran substitute for the ball brother.

According to Wo Shen, it is revealed on Twitter: "Although the KCP is signed with $ 18 million, the Lakers are still finding a way to sign Rondo. The Lakers now also have a special case of $ 4.3 million in space."

Rondo is one of the only best guards in the free player market. Yesterday, he met in Los Angeles and the CEO of the Lakers' basketball affairs, "Magician".